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Sept. 17, 1946.
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Filed Oct. 15,1943
Albert Meyer'
‘Sept, 17, 1946.
Filed Oct. 13, 1945
2 Sheets-Shea; 2
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
Albert Meyer, Albuquerque, N. Mex.
Application October 13, 1943, Serial No. 506,111
2 Claims.
This invention has for its object the provision
of a practical, compact, sturdy and durable navi
gational calculating instrument for use in re
stricted and con?ned areas such as the cockpit
(Cl. 33—,-1)
A similar transparent disc 2 with correspond
ing central circular hole for mounting upon in
strument and immediately under disc I is gradu
ated circumferentially at its outer edge from 0
of the ordinary plane.
5 to 100 and perpendicular lines are provided upon
Another object of this invention is to provide
its face longitudinally and transversely to form
a calculating instrument that will readily solve
blocks approximately one inch square. A disc
any or all known navigation problems incident
4 of ?bre and of thickness sufficient to afford
to cross country ?ying under all conditions of
complete rigidity containing a circular central
10 opening for mounting below and under discs l
Another object of this invention is to provide
and 2 is provided as a base upon which is to be
a calculating instrument affording an erasable
pasted or otherwise attached standard dimenl
surface which can be used repeatedly for the
sioned working air charts as found in common
purpose of plotting any number of consecutive
daily use.
courses, bearings, etc., without detracting from 15
Discs l, 2 and 4 are secured together, 2 being
its original usefulness.
superimposed over 4 and I being placed above
Another object of this invention is to elimi~
the others forming the top or plotting face of
nate the use of a number of separate tools, in
the instrument and all are secured together by
struments, charts etc., by solving any and all
means of stud 6 passing thru the central openings
problems known to navigation with the use of
of the discs from the bottom and loosely secured
this compact, self-computing instrument, solely
by thumb nut 5 at the top. Stud 6 is retained
by its adaptation for use with standard Govern
within the ?bre disc by means of contact with a
ment charts as issued for this purpose.
pre-inserted spring 1 within the section of the
In the accompanying drawings, which form a
?bre disc 4 as shown in contact with milled groove
part of this speci?cation the invention is illus 25 at the bottom end of stud.
traded as follows:
What is claimed is:
Figure 1 is a top plan view of the assembled
1. In a navigation calculating instrument one
invention showing the upper circular transparent
transparent washable disc of pyralin or other
discs superimposed over a standard, dimensioned
suitable material graduated circumferentially
to scale, navigation charts.
30 around its outer edge and having a circular hole
Figure 2 is plan view of top disc of circular .
or opening at its center for mounting upon its
transparent material graduated circumferen~
companion disc, a companion disc of like trans
tially along its outer edge.
parent material arranged for mounting through a
Figure 3 is a plan view of a circular disc of
central opening below the upper disc and being.
transparent material graduated circumferential
35 graduated circumferentially along its outer edge
ly along its outer edge and etched with longi
and having lines approximately 1 inch square
tudinal and transverse lines spaced to form one
etched upon its face, a disc of ?bre or other ma
inch squares upon its surface.
terial of the same circular dimensions as its
Figure 4 is a plan view of a standard dimen
companion transparent discs and having a cir
sioned chart, or portion thereof as commonly 40 cular hole at its center containing a retaining
accepted for air navigation purposes, mounted on
spring for the purpose of holding and retaining
a circular plate of ?bre or other suitable material.
a central mounting stud upon which companion
Figure 5 is a side elevation of the assembled _
transparent discs are mounted, a stud or bolt
retained in ?bre disc and extending thru central
In the foregoing drawings l is a circular trans 45 openings of transparent super-imposed discs said
parent disc of pyralin or other transparent ma
discs being retained in position on stud by a
terial having a somewhat roughened surface to
thumb nut screwed to stud from top.
facilitate legible plotting and drawing upon its
2. In a navigation calculating instrument,
surface and lending itself to erasures thereon
comprising two transparent graduated discs su
either by an eraser or by wiping with a damp 50 perimposed upon a base disc of ?bre, a stud
cloth. The disc is perforated at its exact center
mounted centrally of said base disc, a spring for
with a circular hole of any predetermined di
retaining said stud in said base disc, and said
mension to allow fastening to and upon the
?rst mentioned discs being retained thereon by
lower sections of the instrument. The said disc
said stud, a thumb nut secured loosely in con
is graduated circumferentially along its outer 55 tact with the outer disc on the top of the stud,
edge with equally dimensioned graduations from
said base disc constructed for securing a section
0 to 36 representing a circle of 360°. Another
of map thereto, the outer transparent disc rough
circular graduation is etched on the face of the
ened whereby it may be written upon and erased.
disc just within and adjacent to the outer grad
uation with indicating scales of temperature, air
speed, etc.
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