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Sept. 17, 1946.
V K. 'r., BUT-TE'RY ‘
Filed Oct. 8, 1945'
— 12 J
_ -. 1
' , 5717.1
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
_ v. 2,401,919
Kenneth T..Buttery, Kalamazoo, Mich., assignor
to Sutherland Paper Company, Kalamazoo,
. l Mich., a corporation of Michigan
Application October 8, 1945, Serial No. 621,003
2 Claims. (01. 206-—57)
This invention relates to improvements in dis
pensing box or container.
The main objects of this invention are:
First, to provide a dispensing box or carton
members within the side and end members when
the carton is erected. This provides closed joints
at the corners.
which effectively protects the contents when the
The top I is provided with a‘ fracturing line
designated generally by the numeral I3 and in
carton is closed and at the same time -may be
the preferred embodiment illustrated comprises
readily opened to afford access to the contents,
the relatively long alined slits I 4 and the rela
permitting the withdrawal thereof without com
tively short fracturing. slits I5 alined therewith.
plete opening of the box or distortion thereof.
Relatively long slits I6 extend from the ends of
Second, to provide a carton having these ad
the fracturing slits into the end walls or, stated
vantages which provides an effective closure‘ for
otherwise, the end walls are provided with ver-'
the dispensing opening of the carton.
tical slits I6 alined with the fracturing line of
Third, to provide a carton of this character
the top. The top is also provided with weakened
which is simple and economical in structure.
lines, either in the form of scores or Spaced slits
Objects relating to details and economies of 15 providing hinges 20 for the sections I‘! between
the invention will de?nitely appear from the de
the fracturing line and these hinges.
scription to follow. The invention is de?ned in
The end walls have diagonal fracturing lines .
the claims.
I8 extending from the ends of the hinges to the
A carton which embodies the features of the
lower ends of the slits I6. In opening, pressure
invention is clearly illustrated in the accompany 20 may be applied to the triangular end portions I9
ing drawing, in which:
of the closure which causes fracture along the
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the closed car
fracturing lines I8. The top may then be read
ton of my invention.
ily fractured along the fracturing line I3. This
Fig. 2 is a transverse section with the dispens
enables the closure sections to be opened to per
ing closure open to dispensing position, a sheet 25 mit grasping of the ?rst sheet of the stack. Pull
of material being partially withdrawn.
on the sheet will withdraw that sheet and also
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary plan view of the blank
lift the interfolded sheet to grasping position.
from which the carton is formed.
After the sheet is withdrawn the closure mem
Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective
bers may be pressed down to substantially closed
view showing further details of the structure.
30 position with the end of the next sheet to be
The embodiment of the invention illustrated is
formed of an integral blank and comprises a top
withdrawn projecting between their adjacent
wall I having end walls 2 joined thereto by fold
The closure members serve to provide substan
ing scores 3 and side walls 4 joined to the top
tial protection for the contents after the car
wall by the folding scores 5. The side walls have 35 ton has been opened.
complementary bottom members 6 while the end
I have illustrated and described my invention
walls have bottom members 1, these bottom
in a practical embodiment thereof. It will be
members being joined to their respective side
understood that the terms “top” and “ends” are
and end walls by means of the hinge scores 8.
used mainly for convenience in description as
The bottom members are sealed together after 40 cartons or containers of this type are sometimes
the contents are placed in the carton. The de
supported in an inverted position, or in sidewise
tails of this sealing is not illustrated but will be . or endwise in suitable holders as may be desired.
understood by those skilled in the art.
Having thus described my invention what I
The contents 9 are desirably arranged in the
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
container in interfolded relation‘ to facilitate 45 Patent is:
withdrawal so that when one sheet of material
l. A dispensing carton comprising a top wall,
is withdrawn the end of the next sheet is par
and end walls integral therewith, the top wall
tially withdrawn to grasping position. These in
having a central fracturing line extending‘ from
terfolded stacks of sheet material are well known
end to end thereof and comprising spaced rela
in the art.
50 tively long slits and relatively short strips be
The side and end members are provided with
tween said long slits, the end walls having slits
integral bellows fold corner members I 0 hing
of substantial length alined with and joining the
edly connected to the ends ‘of the side and end
fracturing line of the top, the top wall also hav
members by the scores I I and having diagonal
ing weakened hinge lines parallel to and spaced
scores I2 which permit the folding of the corner 55 from said fracturing line, the end walls having
diagonally disposed fracturing lines extending
from said hinge lines to the outer ends of said
slots in said end walls, the top wall sections be
line of the top, the top wall also having weak
ened hinge lines parallel to and spaced from
its fracturing line, the end walls having diag
tween said hinge lines when the Walls are frac
onally disposed fracturing lines extending from
tured along said fracturing lines constituting
said hinge lines to the outer ends of the frac
turing lines of said end walls, the wall sections
between said hinge lines when the walls are
closure members swingable to oppositely inclined
positions and from between which the contents
of the carton may be withdrawn.
~ ‘
fractured along said fracturing lines constitut
ing closure members swingable oppositely and
2. A dispensing carton comprising a top wall,
and end walls integral therewith, the top Wall 110‘ from between which the contents of the carton’
having a fracturing line extending from end to__
7 end thereof, the end walls havingfracturi-ng
lines extending from the ends of the fracturing
_ maybe withdrawn.
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