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Sept.‘ 17, 1945.
2,407,921 r
Filed Feb. 19, ‘1944
m W
Jw0mWm0m km
Patented Sept. 17,_l946
2,407,921 >
John Deliso, Worcester. Mass.
' Application February 19, 1944,‘Serial No. 523,010 ’
4 Claims.
(01. 29-951)
This invention relates to a rotary broach and
Between every pair of elements I6 there is dis
the objects of the invention include the provision
posed a member 20 of similar shape, the mem
of a rotary breach particularly adapted to pro
bers 20 alternating about the shaft with elements
gressively broach out excess material between
l6 as shown. Each member 20 is radially mov
the tangs of a wrench, or similar broaching work.
able on the circular plate I4 and is provided with
However, the invention is not limited to the type
a bolt 22 actuable from the wider end of the
of work to be done but depends for its scope on
member and threaded into hub I 2 radially there
the appended claims.
of. By this means the spaces between the ele
Further objects of the invention reside in the
ments l6 and members 20 is transversely varied
provision of an insertable tool or tooth broach 10 to provide circumferential clamps for the tool
wherein the latter comprises a generally circular
bits to be described. It is to be particularly noted
plate or body provided with ?xed radially ar
that each movable clamping member 20 will
ranged triangular or pie-shaped elements ar
clamp two separate tools, one at each side thereof
ranged in spaced relation on a face thereof, there
to the two next adjacent elements H3.
being a radially movable clamping member sim
ilar in shape to said elements between each ele
ment, said clamping members securing remov~
able tools to the said elements; and the provi
The tool bits or teeth 24 are straight sided and '
may be made from straight bar stock. Each bit
may be of the same length, or they may be of
different lengths, but all bits are ground as at 26
sion of a breach as aforesaid wherein adjacent.
to provide a relieved cutting edge 28, the oppo
side edges of the clamping elements and movable 20 site ends of the bits being square. A cover plate
members are parallel and thereby accommodate
29 may be used to complete the wheel.
tool bits having straight parallel sides.
An adjusting device is provided to radially
Another object of the invention resides in the
locate each tool bit in the desired position radi
provision of a circular plate having peripheral
ally of the circular plate. Such device may as
teeth extending generally radially beyond the
25 sume many different aspects and may be of any
periphery of the plate in a series wherein the
initial cutting tooth is extended to a minimum
degree and the following teeth project to pro
desired or convenient construction, but as here
shown each adjusting means comprises a screw
threaded rod 39 threaded into hub l2 between
gressively greater degrees to the last tooth, there
each element l6 and member 20. A look nut 32
then being a gap between the last and ?rst teeth 30 is provided to hold the adjustment, ‘and a head
to provide for removal of the ?nished work piece
34 may be utilized to seat the square ends of
and insertion of the next blank to be broached.
the tool bits. By this or other means for the
Other objects and advantages of the invention
same purpose the tool bits 26 are individually ad
will appear hereinafter.
justable so that varying degrees of depth of out
Reference is to be had to the accompanying 35 for each tool may be achieved depending on the
drawing in which:
type of metal to be worked. In any case the
Fig. 1 is a view in elevation with parts re
initial cutter 34' extends outwardly of the wheel
moved to show the details of the broach; and
to a desired predetermined degree and each fol
Fig. 2 is an edge view of a complete broach ac
lowing tool is set a little further out until the
cording to the invention.
40 last tool 36 of the series is reached, One rota
The present broach is adapted to be rotated
tion of the wheel ?nishes the broaching cut, and
by a center shaft H) to Which it is secured by
a gap between the last tool 36 and ?rst tool 34'
any desired or convenient means. A huh I:
is provided so that the work may be removed
forms a part of a circular plate body or wheel l4,
and a new blank inserted prior to the next revo
or may be separate therefrom but secured there
lution of the tool bits. In other Words the broach
to as by bolts or other means.
completes its work on a single pass, and does not
A series of spaced triangular elements l6 are
depend on any movement of the work relative
secured in mutually spaced relation to a face of
to the axis of the wheel. Hence .a Work piece
the circular plate or wheel 14 as by bolts 18, or
may be positioned by the operator and left until
the elements [6 may be integral with the circu 50 the whee1 makes its revolution, and then merely
lar plate if desired. In any case, elements “5 are >
removed and replaced by the next blank during
radially arranged in ?xed position and have their
the rotative interval between the last tool 36 and
wider outer ends corresponding to the periphery
?rst tool 34'.
of the circular plate and their narrower inner
It is pointed out that the number of tool bits
ends closely approaching or abutting the hub I2. 55 and clamping elements is immaterial to the in
2. A rotary broach comprising a ?at circular
plate, a series of spaced generally triangular ele
ments secured to a face of the plate, generally
triangular clamping members movable outwardly
on the plate between the elements, said mem
bers and elements having parallel adjacent sides,
straight sided cutting tools clamped between the
located tools.
members and elements, and means for adjusting
Having thus described my invention and the
each tool for greater or lesser depthjof cut.
advantages thereof, I do not wish to be limited
3. A rotary broach as recited in claim 2 where
to the details herein disclosed, otherwise than 10
in the tools progressively extend farther radiallyv
as set forth in the claims, but what I claim is:
outwardly of the plate.
1. A rotary broach comprising a circular plate,
spaced generally triangular elements secured in‘ ' ' 4. A rotary broach as recited in claim 2 where
in the tools extend outwardly laterally from the
radial relation to a face of the plate, clamping
members interposed between the elements,’ cut 15 wheel.
ting tools clamped between the members and ele
vention, and in most applications a greater num
ber of tool bits will be used than here shown.
Also, the tools can extend from the wheels at
any angle to the faces thereof, i. e., laterally par
allel t0 the wheel axis, or at an angleto the axis,
and I do not limit myself to circumferentially
ments, and means to adjust the tools radially
of the plate.
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