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Patented Sept. 17, 1946
Ralph D. Terhune, Ridgewood, N. .L, assignor to
The Bryant Heater Company, Cleveland, Ohio,
a corporation of Ohio
Application April 13, 1945, Serial No. 588,082
1 Claim.
(Cl. 122-225)
This invention relates to boilers employed for
heating buildings or the like by serving hot water
or steam radiators therein; and more particularly
the invention relates to such boilers of sectional
construction, and to the location therein of a
heat exchanger for the purpose of serving a do
mestic hot water line by obtaining heat from the
water within the boiler.
The object of the invention is to improve the
efficiency of the boiler in its domestic water heat 10
heat exchanger here shown is in the form of a
number of return-bend tubes I4 mounted on
plate l5 which in turn covers an opening on the
chamber and just below the water line.
right side of the intermediate boiler section 3, the
tubing extending from the plate to a position ad
jacent the far nipples ‘i of the section. It will
be appreciated that the size and nature of the
heat exchanger I4 will depend upon the demands
of the installation.
In operation, whenever there is no demand
upon the heat exchanger 14, the contents of which
disposition of the parts that the boiler will have
therefore will be substantially at the tempera
improved internal circulation.
ture of the surrounding water in the boiler, cir
Further objects and advantages will be ap
parent from the following description, taken in 15 culation of the water will be substantially un
ing capacity, and to that end, to provide such
affected by. the heat exchanger, the latter, how
connection with the accompanying drawing,
ever, being located above the combustion cham
which illustrates a boiler casting assembly, Figs.
ber, where the boiler water is at maximum tem
1, 2 and 3 being respectively front elevation, top
perature. v
and right side views.
In steam service the rate of liberation will be
With reference now to the drawing, in the as 20
maximum just above the heat exchanger and in
sembly illustrated there are three sections,
hot water service there will be ?ow, at maximum
namely, front I, back 2, and intermediate sec—
temperature upwardly past the heat exchanger
tion 3 disposed therebetween, it being under
and from the boiler through the top outlet 6. In
stood that, as is usual in the art, the assembly
may include other sections located between the 25 either event, on domestic hot water demand, flow
through the heat exchanger will produce water
intermediate section and either the front or the
instantly at maximum temperature, whether the
back section, or both, so that a range of capac
heat exchanger be arranged to serve astorage
ities is available in production. The sections
tank or be connected directly to the domestic hot
shown are of cast iron, and of course hollow, as
30 water system.
In summer operation, ?ow through the boiler
The front and back sections are provided in the
to its radiators being cut off either by the usual
bottom left corner with return inlets 4 and near
suitable valves in a hot water installation, or by
the top with end outlets 5, and the intermediate
operation below steaming temperature, in a steam
section is provided with a top outlet 6 adjacent
its right side. The sections are interconnected 35 installation the heat exchanger still is at the loca
tion of maximum boiler water temperature.
with communication between their cavities by
the usual nipples I, located at the right side ad
Under such condition internal circulation will
generally be upwardly in the intermediate section
jacent top and bottom, and at the left side ad
jacent the water line, as indicated in dotted lines,
and downwardly in the end sections during pe
Fig. 1; wherein appears a mark 8, at the water
riods of no domestic water demand, and may be
in the reverse direction when the heat exchanger
The front section I has an opening 9 and the
output is maximum and the heat'exchanger is of
other sections are correspondingly formed, as in
suf?cient capacity as to materially effect thermo
dicated in dotted lines at [0 Fig. 3, to provide
syphonic ?ow.
the usual combustion chamber, the boiler illus 45
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
trated being adapted for gas fired operation.
In a sectional heating boiler including a pair
As illustrated the sections appear slightly spaced
of end sections and an intermediate section there
apart in order to show the nipples ‘l, but in prac
between arranged to provide a combustion cham
tice the sections will be pulled tight together by
ber with ?ue passages leading therefrom between
tie rods located in recesses H, as will be well 50 said sections, means interconnecting said sec
understood by one familiar with the art. Sim
tions at one side adjacent the waterline and at
ilarly, the castings are formed to provide ?ue pas
the other side adjacent the top and the bottom,
sages I2 therebetween, bosses preventing ?ue gas
said end sections having cold water inlets ad
egress except through those passages, a seat l3
jacent the bottom at said ?rst named side, and a
at the top for a ?ue collector, insulation, jacket, 55 domestic water heat exchanger disposed within
gauge glass, etc. being added to the assembly
said intermediate section above said combustion
before the boiler is complete.
chamber and below the waterline, said intermedi
According to this invention heat exchanger
means for domestic water is disposed within the
intermediate section, above the combustion 00
ate section having, at said other side, a top out
let and mounting means for said heat exchanger,
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