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Sept- 17, 1946«_ ‘
c. H. BAssETT
, Filed lamb. 17,` 1944
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
Charles H. Bassett, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Crane
Co., Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Illinois
Application March 17, 1944, Serial No. 526,981
1 Claim. `(Cl. 116-125)
This invention relates to indicators for valves
and is more particularly concerned with indicat
ing means for use on valves or the like of the
non-rising stem type to disclose the position of
the valve closure member with respect to the
body seat in the valve housing, and has for an
object the provision of an indicating means which
is relatively inexpensive in construction, reliable
in operation, and which will not readily get out
of order.
This invention further contemplates the provi
2l. A stumng |box 28 anda gland 29 suitably en
close the stem.
In operation, rotational movement of the hand
wheel 9 causes axial movement of the pointer I2
between the full open position and the full closed
position marked at 3| `and 32, respectively, on the
indicator plate Il. Suitable intermediate grad
uated markings 33 are provided on the: plate
to indi-cate intermediate positions of the Valve
closure member (not shown).
In repacking a valve equipped with an indicator
device as shown, the handwheel is removed from
sleeve may be formed integral with or attachable
the stem to permit removal of the gland 29. After
to a handwheel to receive and actuate an inter
repacking of the stuffing :box it will be apparent
nally threaded pointer in order to permit repack 15 that the handwheel may again be mounted on
ing of a valve stufling box without disturbing the
the stem without disturbing the original setting
original setting of the indicator.
of the indicator device. With prior indicator de
T'his invention embodies other novel features,
vices the pointer is either threaded onto the stem
sion of an indicating means in which a threaded
details of construction and arrangement of parts
or on a bushing secured thereto and the removal
which are hereinafter set forth in the specifica 20 thereof necessitates the objectionable resetting of
tion and claim and illustrated in the accompany
the pointer with respect to the graduations of a
ing drawing, forming part thereof, wherein:
plate and to the valve closure member.
Fig. 1 is a front elevational view showing an
While this invention has been shown in but one
indicator embodying features of this invention
form it is obvious to those skilled in the art that
as mounted for use on a non-rising stem valve.
25 it is not so limited «but is susceptible of various
Fig, 2 is a sectional View taken along the line
changes and modifications without departing
2_2 of Fig. 1.
. from the spirit thereof or the appended claim.
Referring now to the drawing for a better un
I claim:
derstanding of this invention, I show a valve indi
An indicator device for a non-rising stem valve
cator device comprising a sleeve 6 which is ex 30 or the like having a closure member and an op
ternally threaded at 'l and secured to a hub por
erating stem, stem actuating means therefor pro
tion 8 of a handwheel 9 by means of set screws
vided with a lower depending hub portion, an ex
ll. If desired, the sleeve 6 may be formed inte
ternally threaded sleeve provided on and ñxed
gral with the handwheel. A pointer I2 is inter
to the external portion of the said hub portion
nally threaded for axial movement along the 35 of the said stem actuating means, an internally
sleeve 5 and is formed with a lug portion I3 for
threaded pointer mounted for relative rotation on
engagement between a pair of ñngers I4 deñning
and axial movement along said threaded sleeve,
a slot I6 in an indicator plate I'l. The plate
the said rotation and axial movement :being re
H is provided with an aperture i8 to receive a
sponsive to rotational movement of the said
stufling box bolt I9 and is held against displace
threaded sleeve, a graduated indicator plate co
ment therefrom by a nut 2|.
acting with the said pointer to prevent rotational
The upper portion of a non-rising stem valve
movement of the said pointer but to provide axial
22 has been shown to illustrate the application
movement and for indicating the position‘of the
of this invention and comprises a stem 23 having
said closure member at and between its open and
a square portion 24 to receive the handwheel 9 45 closed positions.
and a threaded end 26 to receive a locking nut
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