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Sept. 17, 1946.
Filed 0G13. 18, 1943
/ “imm-w
2,407,951 q
Patented Sept. 17, 1946
Paul P. Daniel, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application OctoberlS, 1943, Serial No. 506,722
2 Claims. (Cl. 13S-44)
This invention relates to plate carriers, and
more particularly to plate carriers adapted to be
positioned within a conduit through which fluid
is passing under pressure.
In the ñrstembodiment of my invention as il
lustrated in the accompanying drawing, I have
indicated the plate carrier embodying my inven
tion as adapted in an orifice fitting of the type
utilized for determining` the flow of a fluid
through a conduit in which thecriñce fitting is
of the gears 8 the carrier 'I and the plate 5 are «»
adapted to be moved to and from position across
the path of fluid flowing through the fitting I and
translated through a valve member I0 into a
chamber II where the carrier may be withdrawn
for replacement, change or repair of the plate 5
as may be desired after the valve I 0 has been
closed to prevent escape of fluid .from the line
within which the fitting I is mounted.
In removable orifice fittings one of the principal
dif?culties encountered is in maintaining the
plate 5 in fluid-tight relation within the carrier
plate carrier or holder adapted to position a plate
"I, the fluid- within the ñtting I does not flow
or orifice disc within the line of flow of the fluid
around the edges of the said plate, or so that the
in a conduit.
carrier and the plate 5 may be easily removed
Another object of my invention is to provide a
from position across the line of flow. In order
plate carrier adapted for supporting a plate or
to overcome this diñiculty in accordance with the
’ oriñce disc in line of flow of fluid through a con
present invention, I mount the plate 5 at its
duit wherein there is provided a means for sup
peripheral edge I2 within a recess I3 formed in
porting and positioning the plate in the carrier 20 a ring I4, the ring being in turn loosely mounted
which also provides a means for sealing the plate
within the annulus of the carrier l with its outer
periphery I5 fitting within the inner periphery
so as to prevent flow of gas or fluid around the
I6 of the carrier 'I.
Other objects and advantages of this invention
The ring I4 freely floats within the carrier 'I.
it is believed will be apparent from the following 25 The ring I4 may be formed of rubber, “neo
detailed description of a preferred embodiment
prene,” or other synthetic rubber or other suitable
thereof as illustrated in the accompanying draw
flexible material, and is of a width slightly
greater than the width of the carrier l or the re
In the drawing:
cess formed in the fitting I into which it is car
Figure l is a sectional elevation of an orifice 30 ried by the carrier 'I. In order to permit the ring
fitting of the removable 'plate type in which my
I4 to be carried into such a narrow recess, its
It is an object of my invention to provide a
invention is incorporated.
outer edges are curved as indicated at I8 so that
it may be compressed in passing into the narrow
er recess. By so compressing the ring it forms a
in which the plate carrier embodying my inven 35 fluid-tight seal with the plate 5 on the interior of
tion is incorporated.
the recess I3, and also with both faces of the re
Figure 3 is a fragmental sectional detail of the
cess deiining the two opposed seats Il. This
plate and retaining ring.
mounts the disc in fluid-tight relation within 'the
fitting I irrespective of the direction of flow of
In the preferred embodiment of my invention
as illustrated in Figure 1, I have illustrated my 40 the ñuid therethrough.
invention as being incorporated within an orifice
In accordance with my invention, however, I
ñtting of the removable plate type as, for example,
am not limited to the use of rubber, “neoprene,”
illustrated in the Letters Patent granted to me,
or synthetic rubber, for forming the seal as other
No. 1,996,192, of April 2, 1935, for Valve.
flexible sealing mediums may be employed in pre
In this modification of my invention there is
cisely the same manner as, for example, impreg
provided a fitting I which is adapted to be se
nated fabrics, plastic rings, and the like, but my
cured in a pipe line by any suitable means as by
invention is particularly directed to the inner
Figure 2 is a side elevation principally in
vertical midsection of a modiñed form of fitting
the opposed flanges 2 and 3. Formed within this
iitting there is a transverse chamber 4 adapted
position between the peripheral edge I2 of such
to receive an oriñce plate 5 having an oriñce 6 50 a plate 5 as the carrier 'I of a flexible ring which
is freely mounted within the annulus of such a
formed therein. The orifice plate 5 is carried in
carrier so that it may freely move against a seat
a carrier 'I which is adapted to be moved to and
I‘I to effect a seal.
from position within 'the annular chamber by
In the modiñed form of my invention as illus
means of gears 8 which mesh with teeth 9 formed
on the opposed edges of the carrier 1. By means 55 trated in the accompanying drawing, similar
parts have Vloeen indicated with similar numerals
that this detail forms no part of my invention but
with the addition of an exponent a thereto.
In this modiñcation of my invention I have
indicated the invention as adapted to a perma
nent type of oriñce plate mounting where the
plate 5a is mounted between two flanged fittings
2a and 3a and where the carrier ‘la is preformed
to fit recesses 2| formed in the opposed flanges 2a
that the plate carrier may be moved or shifted
by any suitable means commonly employed in
this art.
Having fully described my invention, it is to
be understood that I do not wish to be limited
to the details herein set forth, but my invention
is of the full scope of the appended claims.
I claim:
l. `In a device of the class described, the combi
nation of a plate carrier adapted to be positioned
and 3a. In this type of structure the flanged 1’_it~
tings are secured together by means of securing
bolts 22 which act to clamp the carrier 'la within
the sealing recesses 2| .
As in the previous modi- Y
in a flow line, an orifice plate carried by the car
fìcation of my invention the plate 5a is mountedY
at its peripheral edge |2a within a recess [3aV
formed in the iiexible holding ring 14a which in
turn is mounted within the annular opening
formed in the carrier la. In this m'o'diñcati'o‘n'
of my invention the flexible ring Ma seats againstI
' ring being internally grooved to receive the
.peripheral edge of the orifice plate and of an eX
ternal diameter to freely ñt the said carrier open
the surface lla of one of the fittings depending "
ing, and the sealing ring being of thickness great
upon the direction of ilow of the iiuid there
through., :In many cases it is desirable to stop
er than lthe thickness oi the carrier.
2. In a device of the class described, the combi
nation of a plate 'carrier ring adapted to be’ re
movably positioned within a transverse chamber
formed in a fitting in a flow line, an oriñce' plate
positioned within the centrali opening of the
carrier ring, and a sealing’ ring interposed be
tween the carrier ring'- and the plate within the
flow of vfluid through a conduit, in which case' a
ñtting similar to that illustrated in Figure 2 may
be employed but instead of utilizing an apertured
orifice plate 5a as indicated, a solid plate is uti
lized having no oriñce opening therein. My in
vention contemplates' mounting of this type of
plate in either of Vthe types of iitting illustrated
and where it is desired tov obstruct or prevent flow
through the ñtting.
Y While I have illustrated the plate carrier em
bodying my invention as mounted in a particular
type of orifice meter ñtting wherein the plate is
shiftedthrough the use of gears,/itwillfbe obvious
rier within an opening formed therethrough, and
Va sealing. ring interposed between the carrier and
the plate within the said opening, said sealing
said opening', said sealing ring being internally
grooved to receive the peripheral. edge of the ori
30 fice plate, and of an- external diameter to freely
iit the said carrier ring opening, and the ring
having a thickness greater than the thickness of
the carrier ring.
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