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SePt- 24, 1946.
Filed April 3, 1944
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
William H. English, Seattle, Wash.
Application April 3, 1944, Serial No. 529,306
2 Claims. (Cl. 33-50)
This invention relates to a mount for telescopic
sights and, more particularly, to a scope mount
that may be readily attached to and is readily
removed from a receiver of a ri?e or other ?re
temal of the base which may be manually swung
when and as desired. Mounted upon the slider
for lateral movement with respect thereto, are
clamp loops for engagement around the tube of a
telescope to secure the same in proper relation
and are often so bulky that they interfere with
to and overlying the barrel of a ?rearm.
The novel features that I consider character
istic of my invention are set forth with particu
the receiver of a ?rearm to one side thereof. This
to prevent misalignment during normal handling
Telescope mounts f or ?rearms which are known
in the prior art are usually large and complex,
larity in the appended claims. The invention
the handling and use of a weapon. It is a com
mon criticism that the prior art ’scope mounts 10 itself, however, both as to its organization and its
method of operation, together with additional
are dif?cult to adjust as well as to mount or dis
objects and advantages thereof, will best, be un
derstood from the following description of a
Having in mind the defects of the prior art,
speci?c embodiment when read in connection with
it is an object of this invention to provide a
mount for telescopic sights adapted for lateral 15 the accompanying drawing, in which:
Figure l is a side view of a portion of a ?rearm
and longitudinal adjustment of the telescope rela
having my mount for telescopic sights attached
tive the ?rearm to which it is attached.
Another object of my invention is to provide,
Figure 2 is an end view of the telescopic sight‘
in a mount of the type described, an arrangement
of parts which may be readily attached to the gun
Figure 3 is an enlarged side view of my mount
receiver of a great majority of the ?rearms now
for telescopic sights with portions of the mount
currently used.
broken away and shown in section for con
A still further object of the invention is the
venience of illustration;
' provision, in a mount as described, of rapid-action
Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view taken on
means between relatively movable parts for se 25
the line 4-4 of Figure 3; and
curing the same.
Figure 5 is a medial sectional view of a clamp
Still another and further object of this in
ing member for a telescopic sight and is taken
vention is to provide, in a ’scope mount, a cam
along the line 5-—5 of Figure 3.
lock between relatively movable adjacent parts
A mount for telescopic sights for ?rearms, to
which may be readily locked as well as unlocked 30
overcome the defects hereinbefore enumerated,
and will not be deleteriously affected by re
must have at least two totally distinct character
peated and hard usage.
istics; it must be capable of easy attachment to
The foregoing objects and others ancillary
and adjustment with respect to a ?rearm; and it
thereto I prefer to accomplish as follows:
According to a preferred embodiment of my 35 must provide a secure and rigid support for a
telescopic sight to hold the same in a manner
invention, I attach a base member ?xedly upon
member stands upwardly so that an upper por
of a ?rearm so equipped.
Accordingly, a pre
I form a longitudinal dovetail which extends
parallel to the axis of the ?rearm. Mounted
upon the dovetail by means of suitable ways co
acting with the dovetail, is a slider member
a mount base Ill that is drilled and counter-sunk
at II to receive screws I2, whereby it may be
attached to a receiver Id of a gun having a barrel
l6 and stock l8. The mount base is an elongated
?rearm. Between the slider and the base I mount
lock means comprising a tapered head member
which is mounted in the base for vertical move
attachment to the near side face of a gun re
ferred embodiment of my invention, referring to
tion lies ‘alongside the usual ejector opening of
the receiver. Upon the upper surface of this base 40 Figures 1 and 3 0f the drawing is constituted by
adapted for longitudinal movement relative the 45 member relatively thin in its lower portion for
Upon its upper face, member H] has a dove
tail slide 20 which extends parallel to the longi
ment. The tapered head, in the locking position,
engages the ways of the slider and clamps the 50 tudinal axis of the gun and receives the slider 22
that has ways 24 matching with the dovetail 20.
slider to the base. Vertical movement of the lock
In a suitable recess in the dovetail 2D is positioned
member is obtained by a rotatable pin having a
the inverted frusto-conical clamp head 26 which
crank thereon, which raises or lowers the locking
has, extending into recess 21, the lower pin 28.
member into clamping position. Swinging move
ment of the crank is provided by a lever arm ex 55 Pin 28 and the head 26 are adapted to move in
reciprocation along their common vertical axis.
At right angles to the axis of the pin 28 on an
axis intersecting thereto is the rotatable pin 30
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
1. In a mount for telescopic sights, compris
ing: a base plate adapted to be secured to ?rearm,
which has a crank pin 32 ?tted into a hole 34
a dovetail rib on said base plate, a slider having
that passes laterally through the pin 28 to move 5 a groove shaped to fit said dovetail rib and
the same downwardly in its recess to allow head
mounted thereon, means on said slider for secur
26 to grip the slides. Pin 30 is secured in place
ing a telescopic sight tube thereto,‘a section of
by means of the threaded sleeve 40 that is mount
said dovetail being depressible, crank means for
ed in a suitable longitudinal opening of the base
depressing said depressible section, and means
Ill. The pin 30 extends exteriorly of the base HIV
in said base plate extending through an end edge
and has a lever 42 pinned thereto to permit man
thereof for operating said crank means to de
ual grasping and turning of the pin 30 and its
press said section whereby the slider is locked to
crank 32.
the base plate,
In the upper face of the slider 22 I form lateral
‘ 2. In a mount for telescopic sights, a base plate
ways 44 in which the lateral dovetail 46 of the 15
adapted to be secured to a ?rearm, a dovetail
scope loop 48 is mounted to permit lateral ad
rib on said base plate, a slider having a groove
justment of a telescopic sight tube 50 relative
shaped to ?t said dovetail rib and mounted there
the gun barrel. The loop 48 is divided at 52 and
on, means on said slider for securing a telescopic
screw 54, between the parts on each side of the
sight tube thereto, a pin vertically movable in
dividing line, serves to draw the parts together 20 said base plate and having an inverted frusto
in order to clamp the loop about a telescope tube.
conical head dovetail, a shaft mounted in said
While I have shown and described particular
base plate longitudinally thereof at right angles
embodiments of my invention, it Will occur to
to said pin, means externally of the base plate
those skilled in the art that various changes and
for rotating said shaft, and a crank between said
modi?cations may be made without departing 25 shaft and said pin whereby the latter may be
from the invention, and I, therefore, aim in the
reciprocated in its vertical path.
appended claims to cover all such changes and
modi?cations as fall within the true spirit and
scope of my invention.
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