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Sept. 24, 1946.,
‘ ‘ 2,408,041
Filed May 22, 1941.
BY. .
HEX/é 61'?V6/6W/55'
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
2,408,041 ‘
Henri G. Busignies, Forest Hills, N. Y., assignor to
Federal Telephone & Radio Corporation, a cor
poration of Delaware
Application May 22, 1941, Serial No. 394,645
2 Claims. (Cl. 250—11)
This invention relates to direct reading direc
tion finders, and more particularly to direction
?nders using cathode ray indicators.
In the past cathode ray direction ?nders have
been proposed in which a cathode ray beam is
rotated at a rate determined by the rotational
frequency of a directive receiving antenna and
a radial de?ection of the rotating beam is pro
duced by application of directive signals to an
accelerating electrode of the tube, by applica
arranged concentrically of electrode H and pref
erably is of a substantially pointed or conical
form. A two-phase generator At may be pro
vided, this generator being operated by a motor
M simultaneously with rotation of search coil Sc.
The output of generator At is applied over ?lters
Fa, Pb and switching device Ib to the four con
ventional electrodes Pa to Pd, so as to produce
a uniform rotation of the cathode ray beam gen
ill erated by electron gun Ill. The speed of rota
tion of directive signals to the conventional de
?ecting electrode system, or by a mechanical
commutator arrangement.
While such direction ?nder systems are satis
factory it is preferable to provide some other 15
positive means for causing radial de?ection of
the beam.
According to my invention a direction indi
tion of the beam is caused to be the same as
the effective rotation speed of the antenna
through the operation of search coil Sc. Ac
cordingly, the beam will trace a circle on the
screen of the cathode ray tube corresponding to
the angular directional effect of the antenna sys
The recti?ed signals from the output of re
cator is provided in which a pair of substantially
Re are caused to ?ow through a resistance
frusto-conical electrodes are used to produce the 20 R to produce
a potential difference. This poten
radial de?ection. Thus the de?ection of the
tial is then applied between electrodes II and I2
cathode ray may be accomplished independently
to cause radial de?ection of the rotating beam
of the accelerating supply potentials, the rotary
corresponding to signal energy received. Thus,
de?ection effects and without additional me
as the search coil is rotated indentations or ex
chanical means.
25 tensions in the circular pattern are produced in
A better understanding of my invention and
dicative of the angular rotation of sources of
the objects and features thereof will be had from
received energy.
a particular description thereof made with ref
It should be understood that the sense of de
erence to the accompanying drawing, the single
?ection produced by electrodes l I, I2, will depend
?gure of which illustrates a circuit embodying 30 upon
the polarity of the potential applied be
the features of my invention.
tween these electrodes. Furthermore, because of
The wave collector is shown as a pair of loops
the uniform annular arrangement of these elec
C1, C2 representing a crossed loop system. It is
the radial de?ection Will be the same in
clear that if desired other forms of directive an
any angular position of the beam depending only
tennae may be used, such as for example, an 35 upon the strength of signal potential developed
Adcock aerial. A generally non-directional an
across the resistance R. If the potential is suf
tenna A3 is provided to give sensing indication.
?ciently great the pattern traced on the screen
Crossed loops C1, C2 are connected to stator
may be in the form of a double pointed ?gure,
windings B1, B11, B2, B22, respectively, to provide
reducing nearly to the center of the screen for
the well known goniometer arrangement having 40 the
strongest or weakest point of the signal. Such
a search coil Sc. The search coil So is coupled
as produced by an alternate method
to coupling circuit S and over this coupling cir
has been disclosed for example in my copending
cuit to receiver R0. Receiver Re serves to rectify
application Ser. No. 380,759, ?led February 27,
the signal so that at the output thereof impulses
corresponding to the rotation of search coil So 45
It should be understood that rotation of the‘
are produced. Sensing antenna A3 is connected
cathode ray may be made by means of electro
over switching device Ia to coupling coil S
magnetic de?ecting elements or by a pair of de
so that its effect can be obtained whenever sens
elements rotated at the proper speed
ing indications are required. A tube forming an
oscillograph indicator is provided, this tube P 50 around the cathode ray tube. The particular
form of system used for developing the normal
having an electron gun I!) for conventional de
of the beam is not a feature of this in
?ector plates Pa, Pb, P0 and Pd, and a special
pair of de?ector electrodes H, I 2. Electrode H
When a sensing indication is desired, switch Ia
is made hollow and annular in form, and shaped
as a frusto-conical element, While electrode [2 is 55 is operated downward to couple antenna A3 to
coil S and switch ID is operated to connect the
wire normally connected to plate Pa to plate Pb,
the wire normally connected to plate Pb to plate
Po, the wire normally connected to plate P0 to
plate Pd, and the wire normally connected to
plate Pd to plate Pa. This change in connection
to the normal de?ecting plate is made in order
to secure a 90° rotation of the sensing pattern
on the screen so that it will properly align with
for producing a cathode ray beam, de?ecting
means for producing a rotation of said electron
beam, and a pair of radial de?ection electrodes
arranged in the path of said beam, one of said
electrodes being of hollow frusto-conical shape
and the other electrode being of substantially
conical shape so that the said cathode ray beam
while rotating passes through the annular space
between said electrodes receiver means includ
the normal direction ?nding pattern, A power
ing effectively rotating directional antenna means
supply circuit P20 is illustrated to supply all the’ 10' and means for detecting signals received by said
the oscillograph gun and ’
power for the receiver,
antenna means, and means for applying a poten
the driving motor.
The above given description applies to a par- 7
ticular embodiment of my invention but should
tial proportional to said detected signals between
said radial de?ection electrodes, whereby said
beam may be de?ected over the screen of said
not be considered as a limitation thereon. It is 15 cathode .ray tube to produce a relatively sharp
clear that if desired a rotatable loop could be
visual direction indication thereon.
used in place of the ?xed antenna and goniom
2. A direction indicator according to claim 1,
eter arrangement. Many other variations of my
said beam is rotated in timed relation
invention may be made without departing from
20 with effective rotation of said directive antenna
the scope thereof.
What is claimed is:
'1. A direction indicating arrangement includ
ing cathode ray tube, comprising an electron gun
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