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Sept- 24, "19.46-
' 2,403,058
fFiledvFeb. 14, 1944 I _
William.‘ F; Gallagher‘
5%., cawdxam
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
William F. Gallagher, Spring?eld, Mass.
Application February 14, 1944, Serial No. 522,294
1 Claim.
(Cl. 222—211)
‘(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 370 0. G. 757)
The invention described herein may be manu
with numerous perforations 9 of suflicient size to
factured and used by or for the Government for
permit the granular material which is to be
governmental purposes without the payment to
dispensed by the device to pass into the tube 6
me of any royalty thereon.
without di?iculty. The granular material Ill may
This invention relates to a dispensing container
be inserted within the container by removal of
for granular materials and particularly to those
the cap 4.
types of granular materials such as salt which
In use, the pressure within the container I
are hygroscopic and tend to cake by absorption
is increased by depressing the ?exible cap 4 either
of moisture.
manually or by suitable mechanical means.
Both in the home and industry considerable 10 This produces a movement of air thru the per
di?iculty has been experienced in dispensing of
forations 9 and out the end 1 of tubing 6. Such
smal1 amounts of hygroscopic material. A dis
air movement carries along a portion of the gran
pensing container for such material should, from
ular material 10 into the tubing 6 and such por
the standpoint of convenience, be ready for inp
tion is forcibly ejected out of the container l
mediate use without removing any type of cover. 15 thru the end portion 7 of the tubing 6.
Under such conditions the dispenser must neces
With the construction as disclosed however the
sarily have at least one opening exposed to the
provision of at least one full turn 8 in the tubing
air and accordingly caking of the hygroscopic
‘5 forms a trap for any water vapor that may
material within the dispenser occurs due to the
attempt to enter within the container l thru
absorption of the water vapor from the air with
the open end portion 1 of the tubing 6. It is
which it is in contact through such openings.
a Well-known fact that water vapor, being lighter
Accordingly, it is an object of this invention
than air, will tend to collect in the top regions
to provide an improved dispenser for granular
of any enclosed space which is free of air cur
material which is always ready for use.
Thus when the container is not in use,
A particular object of this invention is the pro 25 rents.
any vapor that penetrates into tube 5 through
vision of a dispenser for hygroscopic materials
the open end ‘i will tend to collect in the upper
which prevents the absorption of moisture in the
:bend portions of the coil 8 and remain there,
air by the hygroscopic material and yet is always
out of contact with the granular material, since
ready for use.
there will be little air movement within the con
The speci?c nature of the invention as well
tainer. Thus the amount Of moisture entering
as other objects and advantages thereof will
the interior of the container over long periods
clearly appear from a description of a preferred
of non-use will be greatly reduced and the
embodiment as shown in the accompanying
granular material It] is effectively kept free of
drawing wherein the hygroscopic material dis
contact vwith water vapor. Hence, if the material
penser is illustrated in longitudinal section.
35 I6 is hygroscopic, the tendency for it to cake
In the accompanying drawing there is shown
or harden will be substantially eliminated.
in assembled relation a preferred embodiment
I claim:
of this improved dispenser. The dispenser com
granulated material dispenser comprising a
prises a hollow container shell I having a large
open end 2 and a restricted open end 3. A dia
phragm cap 4 of rubber or other suitable ?ex
ible moisture proof material is tightly secured
container arranged to receive said granulated
material therein, a ?exible cap secured across
one end of said container, a discharge opening
formed in the opposite end of said container, a
to the large end 2 of the dispenser by means
piece of tubing having one end connected to said
of the threads 5 or any other conventional fast
ening means. The end 1 of a piece of hollow 45 discharge opening and the other end thereof
extending substantially through the length of
tubing 6 is secured in air sealing relation to the
container and perforated to permit passage
small end 3 of the container I. The hollow
of the granulated material into said tubing, said
tubing 6 projects within the container I and is
tubing being formed into at least one complete
coiled about within the container,‘ having at
least one full turn portion 8. The portion of 50 loop intermediate its said perforated end and
discharge end to form a vapor trap.
tubing 6 beyond the full turn coil 8 is provided
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