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sep1.l24, 1946.
. Filed Feb. 20,' 1943 `
Patented- Sept. 24, 1946
'y 2,408,117 L
f Q ` v,2,408,117
Norman H. Young. .Ir.,-Jackscn«Heights, N. Y.,v as- I
signor to kFederal YTelephone’ and’ Radio Corpo
ration, Newark, N. J., a corporation of Dela
Y Application February 20, 1943,.- SerialNo.Y 476,604
10y claims. (c1. 17e-»7.3)
This invention relates. to~ method and means for
the` reproducti'on of intelligence; and more- par.
ticularly'to a communicating system which is vdif
ñcuit of interference by jamming;
into signa‘isby the> pick-up coil 2U. This is con
nectedjth’rough a suitable rectifier 2.2 to produce,
foreach signal component, an unblocking poten
gencefrom transmitted and received signals. ,
' minedtime interval be picked up` and reconverted
a novel; system for the reproduction of intelli
Another object' is to provideV such a system
the art. The magnetization of the Wheel I6' will,
upon rotation of. the latter and-,after a> predeter
An object of this invention is'the provision'o'f
which is difficult to‘jam.4
and'in a ,mannerV which is. per se Well-known in
- tialiappli'edto the normally blocked amplifier lli.
A suitable reproducer 24,` which may be a cath
' A further, morespecific object of this` invention 10 ode ray tube is fed from the block amplifier Iâ.
is tovprovide- a' communicating 'system wherein' ~ After the signals have loteeifipickedV up by the coil
the successful reproduction of‘intelligence de
pends upon vthev repetition cfaV signal at’a con
> 26, the magnetization vof the wheel producing such
isignals is erased-bysuitable magnet 26.
i It vvillïbe clear from'the foregoing description
stant, variable, or'continuallyîvarying predeter=' `
minedv interval.
y ‘
of ‘the’ illustratedv apparatus that when va signal
Other objects and advantages of the present
inventionvvill:become- apparent fromn the follow
ing'description of a preferredfembodiment, to
gether with afm'odiñcation thereoñillustrate‘d in
is'derived from thereceiver lll it will be impressed
upon the magnetizable Wheel 'through the coil !2,.
but cannot pass through the reproducer 2f?. since
vthe amplifier Ill` isnormally'blocked. However,
20 ifV this-signal is‘ repeated at an interval such that
Fig. lis a block circuit diagram of a communi
cating system in accordance with the present in
the amplifier `Avvill be unblocked by the first signal
the accompanying drawing, in which: '
vention, schematically showing certain novel
Fig. 2 diagrammatically shows examples of re
ceived intelligence; `
Fig.»3 diagrammaticalfly shows examplesof sig
nalscorresponding tothe examples of'reproduced`
intelligence shoWninFig. 2; ~.
Fig. .4 illustrates a modification of; theN appa
at the same time. that the second signal is re
ceived, this. second signal willpass through the
amplifier to the reproducer. It is accordingly
25 contemplated-by the present system that each
signallt'o be reproduced as intelligence must vbe
repeateoi‘at a time interval which will be the
equivalentïoi‘ the: time which it takes' for the
Wheel I6 to move from beneath the coil i2 to
30 beneath' the -coil- 2B. Accordingly, unless the jam
ming- signals are' timed synchronously with theV
interval* between duplicated signals the jamming
effect thereof will be> lost. Thus, essentially, in
ratus illustrated in Fig. 1.
The system of the present invention- isf particu
larly- directed to the> reproduction'oi intelligence
in the form of letters or correspondingk indicia
the form of invention illustrated in Fig. l, I have
upon the screen of a cathode ray tube. The me
. provided a system vvhichY can only be jammed if
chanics of such reproduction are in themselves
well-known and the inventionv contemplates using
present methods in the step of reproduction per
se. However, the method of transferring the re
ceived signals to the intelligence reproducer ‘pro
vides, in accordance with the present invention,
thejammingsignals are in synchronism with the
a new system which, as will becomey apparent as
duplication of Ysignals to be jammed.
They manner in which the foregoing system
works may be made clearer in connection withy
the; examples illustrated in Figs. 2 and 3'. Using
for. example,]norrna1 and’ knownv scanning meth
ods _to produce visual intelligence from received
the description proceeds, provides an arrange-signals,„it willv be clear to those skilled in this art
ment which is extremely diflicult to jam.
thatif it‘isdesired to reproduce the letter ‘"lî',”k
AS illustrated in Fig. 1, my system utilizes a 45 Fig. 2'Y (A), the signal producing' this letter will
receiver l0 for demodulating the received sig
have. somewhat the form as» illustrated in Fig. 3
nals. The receiver Ill thus acts as a signal source,
the output of which is applied simultaneously to
(A)- ' When the first series of pulses such as
Y shown in Fig. 3' (A) c'omethrough the receiver
a Inagnetizingv coil I2 and a normally blocked
I0 theyV will not ‘passthe blocked amplifier id but
amplifier I d. The magnetizing coil I2 is placed 50 will be impressed. upon themagnetizable wheel
in juxtaposition to a magnetizable Wheel I 6 driven
I’B‘. When the magnetized impression’upon fthe
at constant speed by any suitable means such as
motor I8. The received signals operating through
the coil I2 will, accordingly,> magnetize the rim
of this Wheel IB in accordance with such" signals,
vvhe'elllìv pass beneath the pick-up 2€),Y the dupli
cation >`ofthe‘original signal, Fig. 3 (A) will come
`through the receiver III, but at this time the sig,
, nal„willi_.pass throughi the amplifier .i4 since- the
amplifier will be synchronously unblocked by the
link 34. It is specifically pointed out however,
pick-up 20 and the rectiñer 22 by an unblocking
potential which will be of a duration correspond
ing to the individual signal components simul
taneously applied from the pick-up device 20.
Thus, the second signal coming from the receiver
IB will be used to produce a letter while the ñrst
signal at a later time is used to unblock the
If, now, it is desired to send a second letter
such as the letter “E,” Fig. 2 (C) there may be
one period of overlap during which the second
signal for the letter “T” will be app-lied to unblock
the ampliñer I4, at the same time the'ñrst signal
that the means for particularly oscillating the
magnet 20 such as illustrated in Fig. 4 have only
been given by way of >example and that any one
of the many well-known linkages for transferring
rotary 'motion in'to oscillatory motionl could be
Attention is also directed to the fact that while
the reproduction of intelligence is, in the pre
ferred embodiment illustrated, controlled by the
blocking and unblocking o-f an ampliñer, this
control is, in eiîect, an electronic on oil“ switch
between the receiver and reproducer and it is
contemplated that other equivalent switching
for the letter “E” is coming from the receiver. 15 devices either electronic or electromagnetic could
be used.
This overlap will produce a signal on the screen
The invention has been particularly described
of the cathode ray tube such for example as shown
in connection with the reproduction of the ñrst
in Fig. 2 (B), but it will be immediately recog
of two signals upon a'magnetizable wheel to give
nized by the operator as having no meaning and
will not seriously interfere with the interpreta 20 the required time -delay between duplicated sig
nais in accordance with the principles of my in
tion of the intelligence to be conveyed. This
vention. It is contemplated, however, that other
false indication is caused by the unblocking of
equivalent and well-known means might be used
the amplifier i4 in accordance with the pulses
in place of a magnetizable wheel. For example,
shown in Fig. 3 (A) representing the letter “T,”
and the simultaneous application of the directly 25 a continuous magnetizable tape could be used in
the same manner as a magnetizable wheel. The
applied signal shown in Fig. 3 (B) representing
principles of the invention would, moreover still
the letter “EL” The amount of overlap is rep
apply if the first signal were applied to- a paper
resented by the short pulses shown in Fig. 3 (C).
or similar tape either 'by inking the signal therein
It will be recognized _that the amount of over
lap and consequent false signal will be greatest 30 or forming the signal by suitably perforating the
tape, in which' case thepickup 20 would be spaced
when the signals representing the least sequen
longitudinally along r`the tape in its direction of
tial letters or indicia follows the prior letter at
a time interval which is exactly the same as
movement, the typeof pick-up 20 depending upon
that between the duplicate signals of each letter». '
the type of recording> device used.
If however, the spacing between duplicated sig
tape system were used, the paper would prob
nals' for each letter is sufficiently great no inter
ably be discarded after use and no erasing device
If a paper
would be required. These possible applications
ference whatsoever will be produced, since by this
of my vinvention make use of well-known ar
time the second impression of the prior signal
rangements and since their use is believed to be
upon the magnetizable wheel will have already
passed the pick-up 2l), and probably the demag 40 obvious to those skilled in this art, no illustra
tion of these equivalents is deemed necessary.
netizing device 26 before the iirst signal for the
second letter has been received.
_While the aforedescribed system is, as pre
viously pointed out, difficult to jam, there is still
While the invention appears to be particularly
applicable to systems in which the signals are
reproduced as visual intelligence upon the screen
the possibility that a jamming station might dis 45 of a cathode ray tube, it is deemed obvious thatI
cover the periodicity between duplicated signals
other types of reproducers known in the art may
for each letter and if the jamming were in _Syn
be used. In all cases, however, the principle of
chronism with the interval such jamming would
requiring a duplication of signal before the same
be effective. It is therefore contemplated that
can be reproduced is to be considered as the basic
the position of either the coil I2 or the coil 20
novel feature.
be varied, either manually in accordance with
.Accordingly while I have described above the
some prearranged signal from the transmitting
principles of my invention in connection with cer
station, so that the time interval would be
tain specific apparatus, and have described one
changed from time to time, or the position of
one of these coils could be made to vary con 55 particular modiñcation thereof, it is to be clearly
understood that such description is made only by
tinuously in some predetermined manner which
way of example and not as a limitation on the
is synchronized in a corresponding change in
scope of my invention as set forth in the objects
sending interval at the transmitter. In Fig. 4,
andthe accompanying claims.
I have illustrated diagrammatically one arrange
I claim:
ment which permits a continuous controlled
1.> An intelligence reproducing system includ
shifting of the position of the pick-up coil 20.
In this case, the magnet 20 is mounted by any
ing, in combination, a receiver, a normally
suitable means upon a :block 30 whose motion is
blocked ampliñer connected to said receiver, an
intelligence reproducer connected to said `ampli
constrained about the periphery of the wheel I6
by a suitable lever 32 which may be mounted
ñer, movable signal-recording means, a recorder
connected to said means for impressing received
about the shaft of the wheel IB. The block 30
signals thereon, a pick-up device positioned ad
is connected by a link 3e to a gear 36 by an oiïset
jacent said means and spaced from said recorder
pivot 38. The gear 36 may be driven by a smaller
f in the direction of movement of said means for
gear 3l) which is connected by a shaft 42 with
the driving shaft of the wheel I6. Through this 70 reproducing the recorded signal, and mean@` ac
tivated by said pick-up device for unblocking
arrangement it will be clear to those Skilled in
said amplifier.
this art that upon rotation of the magnetizable
2. The combination according to claim l, in
wheel I6 an oscillatory circular motion will be
which said signal-recording means is a mag
applied to the block 30 thus the magnet 20 by
the gears 3B and 40 through the'pivot 38 and the 75 netizable wheel, said recorder is a magnetizing
device, and said pick-up is responsive to the mag
netization of said wheel.
3. The combination according to claim l, in
of a signal on said receiver, whereby said ampli
ñer is only unblocked to pass intelligence to said
` reproducer whenever the signal is duplicated at Y ,
which said signal-recording means is a mag
said amplifier at said predetermined time.
netizable wheel, said recorder is amagnetizing
8. The combination according to claim 7, in
combination with means for varying said time
device, and said pick-up is responsive to the
magnetization of said wheel„in combination with'
means intermediate said pick-up and said re
corder in the direction of rotation of said wheel
for demagnetizing the latter.
4. The combination according to claim 1,'in
combination with means *for longitudinally vary
ing the position of said pick-up relatively to said
signal-recording means.
delay means in accordance with the time interval .
between lduplicated signals.
9. An intelligence reproducing system includ
ing in combination, a signal source including a
recorder adapted: to repeat each signal at least
once at a predetermined time interval, means for
converting a signal into visual intelligence, a
normally blocked amplifier intermediate said sig
5. The combination according to claim 1, in
combination with means for periodically longi
nal source and said reproducer, and means re
tudinally varying the position of said pick-up
for unblocking said ampliñer after said prede
relatively to said signal-recording means.
6. An intelligence reproducing system com
prising a signal source including signal record
ing means for repeating the signals, an intelli
termined time interval, whereby the second of
said identical signals will be applied to said
gence reproducer, and control means intermedi
ate said signal source and said reproducer, said
control means including means solely responsive
to a predetermined periodic duplication of a sig
nal from said source for activating said repro
ducer to reproduce said signal.
7. An intelligence reproducing system includ
sponsive tothe ñrst of a pair of identical signals
10. An intelligence reproducing system, in-cluding in combination, a signal source including
a recorder adapted to provide at least one se
quential duplication of each desired signalat a
predetermined time interval, an intelligence- re
producer, normally blocked connecting means in
termediate said signal source and said repro
ducer, means for unblocking said connecting
ing, in combination a receiver, a normally blocked
means, and means for activating said unblock
amplifier >connected to said receiver, an intelli 30 ing means by the ñrst of each duplicated signal
gence reproducer connected to said ampliñer,
synchronously with the application of the sec
means for unblocking said ampliñer for periods
ond signal to said connecting means, whereby
corresponding to the duration of individual sig
the second of the two signals is converted into
nal components, and time delay means including
a signal recorder for energizing said unblocking
means a predetermined time after the reception
intelligence by said reproducer.
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