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Sept. 24, 1946.
- 1g, “LQBQH
Filed March a, 1944
2v She'ets-Sheet 1 -
7?, . 50/7,
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
George W. VBoh, Chattanooga, Tenn, assignor to
0. B. Andrews Company, Chattanooga, Tenn.,
a corporation of Tennessee
Application March 6, 1944, Serial No. 525,238
1 Claim. (Cl. 206-46)
This invention relates to packing wrappers for
use in shipping and storing merchandise, such as
yarn packages, which are designed to hold and
rial from which the wrapperis formed made in
protect the yarn packages from damage while in
tainer, carton or the like showing several of the
yarn package wrappers packed therein,
Figure 3‘is an enlarged vertical sectional‘ view
taken approximately midway through one of the
storage or in transit.
accordance with the invention. 7
. Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view of'a con
It is an object of the invention to provide a
wrapper formed from?breboard or similar ?exi
wrappers with the yarn carrying cones ?tted
blematerial adapted to be folded to form a rec
tangular structure for holding a group of yarn
package's, so that each package will be held in 10 ' Figure 4 is a top plan view of one of the wrap
, pers showing the locking tongue for holding the
spacedrelation to the others of the group.
wrapper in folded relation,
A further object. of the invention resides in
Figure 5 is a sectional view taken‘ on line 5—5
providing a wrapper for packing the yarn pack
of Figure 4 looking in the direction of the arrows,
ages in a cartonor other suitable packing case,
the wrappers being stacked in vertical tiers with
interlocking engagement with each other when I‘
in a partly'folded condition.
Similar reference characters indicate corre
in stacked relation whereby the wrappers are held
displacement . during
Figure 6 is av perspective view of the wrapper
.in the packing case, with each wrapper having
sponding parts throughout the several views in the
A, still further object of the invention resides
Referring to the drawings in detail A desig
in providing a wrapper formed of ?breboard
adapted to be folded about one or any selected
number of yarn packages, the wrapper being pro
.vided with means to receive andhold the ends of
‘the ' yarn carrying cones to prevent sidewise
nates generally each of the wrappers constitut
ing the present invention, patterned and cut in
any selected manner, as hereinafter set forth.
Each wrapper A comprises a normally flat
sheet-like or board-like body I 0, preferably made
movement of each package of yarn to prevent
from ?breboard or any other'?brous material
having the required sti?ness and strength, yet
contact of the yarn package with ‘any part of the ,
"carton or the adjacent yarn packages. “
being light in weight to give a certain inherent
A still further object of the, invention resides
.30 amount of ?exibility, without tearing or break
yarn packages which may be easily stacked in
ing. This body [0 is anelongated or rectangular
sheet having spaced parallel transversely disposed
a carton or shipping case and which will secure
crease lines H created therein at vproper dis
ly hold the yarn packages against contact with
tances apart to‘ permit the body to be folded to
in providing a wrapper for holding a group of
one another, each wrapper constituting a separate 35 build a wrapper having a bottom wall l2, end
walls l3, and overlapped interlocking dual top
?aps l4 and I5, respectively, the latter being the
unit permitting easy removal of the merchan
dise from the carton.
Another object of the invention resides in pro
viding a structure of the above mentioned char
extremities of the sheet forming the body. The
?aps l4 and I5 are approximately of the same
size with respect to each other for full over
‘ acter which is simple to assemble, e?icient in use 40 lapping relationship to one another when in this
and inexpensive to manufacture.
position. The ?ap M underlies the ?ap I5, and
With these and other objects in view, the in
each flap 1 4 has die cut therein at selected spaced
vention consists in the features of construction,
intervals holes or openings l6, while the bottom
combination and arrangement of parts as will be 45 wall l2 has die cut therein in centered vertical
hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the
alignment with the holes l6, larger holes or open
accompanying drawings, and pointed out in the
ings H, the latter, together with the holes l6 are
gauged in sizes with respect. to companion ends
claim hereunto appended. It is of course under
of cones l8 carrying yarn to be stored or shipped
stood that changes, variations and modi?cations
in the invention can be resorted to, as fall prop
erly within the scope of the claim hereto an
50 in a container, carton or the like generally de
nexed, without departing from the spirit of the
In the accompanying drawings:
Figure 1 is a plan view of the sheet of mate 55
noted at B, of a determined given size for accom
modating one or more of the wrappers herein be
fore set forth. These wrappers each in its hori
zontal all-over dimensions is such as to snugly
fit within the container, carton or the like B to
have the inside surfaces of its wall make close
contact with such wrapper for the removable ?t
ting therein.
with each other, one of the closed ends l3 of one
wrapper is located at the fully open side of the
other wrapper next thereto, so that the closed
The underlying top flap M of the wrapper is
end wall I3 acts as a closure for the open side,
formed with an elongated slot 59, which opens
when the wrappers are placed within a container,
through the outer free edge 2t of the ?ap, while
the top flap 15 at the approximate center thereof
has cuttherein a latching tongue 2|, which reg
carton or the like B.
The tongue 2| is of a width to frictionally bind
against the opposite edges of the slot IQ for re
ceiving the same for holding it fast, and thus
isters with the slot I8 to be received therein and
‘prevents Weaving and causes the larger holes or
interlocks with the closed innermost end 22 of
openings to fall into proper position directly over
the latter when the flaps l4 and l5 are in over
the smaller holes or openings with relation to the
lapped superposed relation to each other with
‘ top ?aps of each wrapper.
the cones I3 nested therein with the ends of the
It will be seen that the yarn on the cones l8
cones inter?tting the holes or openings I6 and
when nested in the wrapper A will not touch any
I1, as has been before described.
part thereof, and the same practically ?oat with
The flap l5 has holes or openings 23 formed
in the wrapper, any side sway or shifting of the
therein, which are of the same size as' the holes
cones being impossible due to the ends of the
or openings H and vertically register ‘or align
cones being engaged with the openings l6 and I1.
with the latter and the holes or openings It, so
Each body I0 of the wrapper A is of a one piece
that when a plurality of Wrappers are stacked 20
sheet of material and such‘wrapper is'of a knock
in the container, carton or the like B the cones
l8 at their larger ends in the superposed wrapper
will engage these holes or openings 23 of the un
down or collapsible form, it being normally ?at
and when set-up for holding merchandise will be
derneath wrapper for the intercoupling of the
wrappers in their stacked relationship within the
stacked on one another in the shipping-container,
container, carton or the like. In this manner
the stacked wrappers will be held against dis
the bottom or lowermost end of ‘each cone in the
wrapper will ?t over the smaller end of the cone
in the wrapper beneath and engage in the open—
placement with relation to each other and thus
eliminate distortion of the Walls of the container,
carton or the like when the wrappers are stacked
carton Or the like, two, three or four high and
ing 23, thus interlocking the wrappers in stacked
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
A package of yarn cones comprising a sheet of
?brous material folded to form a rectangular
The opposite end Walls ‘13 of each wrapper ad
jacent the uppermost crease lines ll next to the
frame having top and bottom walls inclosing the
top ?aps l4 and I5 are provided with ?nger en
gaging apertures 24, so that the wrapper when 35 cones, the‘ ends of said sheet being secured in
overlapping relation to form a double layer top
set-up for holding the cones I'B therein can be
wall, said top and bottom walls having aligned
carried, inserted in and removed from the con
openings therein, the openings in the inner layer
tainer B in a ready and easy manner, these aper
tures being normally closed by displaceable hinge
acting tabs 25 cut from the body 50 in the forma
tion of the said apertures zdtherein.
The .number of holes or openings I8, I1’ and ‘23
will be varied according to the quantity of mer
chandise to be nested in each wrapper and are
of the top wall being relatively small and the
openings in the outer layer of the top ‘wall and
bottom wall being relatively large and substan
tially the same ‘size, the lower end of each cone
being snugly received in one of the bottom open
ings and projecting therethrough, the'upper end
spaced to hold the merchandise in spaced rela 45 of each cone being snugly received in the small
tion to each other to prevent contact therebe
opening of the top wall and the large opening in
tween'and with the walls of the ‘carton in which
the outer layer'of the top Wall being adapted to
they are packed.
snugly receive the projecting lower end of the
The sides of the wrappers ‘A'when setup, which
cone of an adjacent package When the packages
are’ at substantially right angles to‘ the end walls 50 are disposed in stacked relation and operating to
l3 are entirely open, excepting when in the place
interlock said packages together.
ment of two or more Wrappers in the same plane
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