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Sept 24,1 1946.
> ‘1.. .G. BRUNNER
Filed July 17, '1944
0.1321212]: er
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
Leo G. Brunner, Milwaukee, Wis.
Application July 17, 1944, Serial No. 545,229’
(01. 273-4)
1 Claim.
7 2
desired. Each weight, is enclosed in a cover _3
formed of leather, canvas, or other suitable ma
terial, and while the covers have each been
This invention relatesvto an apparatus for play
ing games and exercising and it one object of
the invention to provide a ‘device consisting of .
weights mounted. at ends of a strip or band which
extends between the weights and is of such
length that it may be engaged across a person’s
shown formed of two companion sections of the
type used for the cover of av baseball, it is to be
understood that it is not intended to limit the
cover to this particular formation. A tongue 4
which is preferably formed integral with the cover
foot and the weights impelled through the air
by kicking motion. It will thus be seen that the
Weights may be used as a game in competition.
7 with others or as
- extends from the weight and ends of the strap
or band 2 are disposed in overlapping engagement
the 10
for exercising
with the tongues and ?rmly secured thereto by
stitches 5. Openings 6 and 1 may be formed
through the tongues and ends of the band 2 and
disposed in registration to receive the stitches or
weights are covered with close ?tting casings or
covers which may be formed of leather, canvas, 15 end portions of the band may be merely dis
posed in overlapping relation to the tongues with
or the like, and serve as shields 'for the weights
muscles of a person’s leg.
Another object of the invention is to provide
an apparatus of this character wherein the
as well as providing members to which ends of the
strip or band are secured. '
' their curved end edges 8 bearing against the cov—.
ers at inner ends of the tongues and the’ band '
stitched to the tongues by use of a'sewing ma?
Another object of the invention is to provide
the covers with tongues projecting therefrom and 20, chine. When the band is secured to the tongue,
it will be ?rmly connected with the covers of the
to which ends of the band are sewed.
weights and it should be noted that the length of
Another object of the invention is to provide
the band'is such that it may be engaged across
a game apparatus wherein the band may be
a person’s feet with its end portions depending
formed of metal and have its ends pivoted to an
choring straps or plates secured in the weights. 25 from opposite sides thereof and the weights rest
ing upon the ground. The weights may then be
Another object of the invention is to provide
impelled through the air by a‘kicking' motion
a game apparatus which is simple in construc
either for exercising muscles of the leg or as a
tion, and capable of use by children or adults.
game or sports event, the person who kicks the
The invention is illustrated in the accompany
ing drawing wherein:
Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the de
vice inuse.
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the device.
Figure 3 is a view showing one weight with its
cover partially broken away.
weights the greatest distance being the winner.
What isclaimed is:
An apparatus for games and exercising com
prising weights, leather covers for said weights,
tabs extending from said covers, a band of ?ex
35 ible material extending between said Weights'with
its ends anchored to the tabs on said covers, the
ends of said band having curved edges to conform
to the shape of said weights, said band being of
This improved game apparatus or exercising‘ '
a. length adapting it to be engaged across a 'per
device consists of companion weights which are '
indicated in general by the numeral I vand mount 40 son’s foot when the weights are at opposite sides
thereof whereby the weights may be impelled
ed .at ends of a strip or band 2. The weights
through the air by kicking movement of a ‘per
are formed of iron or other heavy material and
are preferably spherical, it being understood that
son’s leg.
the weights may be of other suitable shapes if so
Figure 4 is a view of the strip or band which
connects the weights.
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