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Sept» 24, 1946~
' ¿408,155
Filed Jan. 8, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet l
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Sept. 24, 1946.
Filled Jan. 8, 1_945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
Luther A. Harrawood, Broughton, Ill.
Application January 8, 1945, Serial No. 571,870
6 Claims.
My present invention, in its broad aspect, has to
do with starting means for fluorescent lighting
circuits, and the principle may be embodied in
any suitable switch construction whether of the
single, double or multiple pole type. I have found
that automatic starting devices now associated
with fluorescent lighting have a tendency to
cause considerable trouble, whereas my invention
(Cl. 20o-6)
tube, and numerals 2, 'à and 4, the usual three
wire circuit, including leads to the condenser 5
and coil S; this circuit being conventional from
the standpoint of starting and maintaining ie
fluorescent lighting system. In the circuit is in
terpolated a suitable snap switch mechanism gen
erally designated by 'I mounted in an insulating
casing 3 with a cover 9 held in place by screws I ll.
The snap switch ‘I comprises a triple-arm plate
sturdy assembly which is not likely to get out of 10
Il which is pivotally mounted on a pin I2 car
order or become broken,
is simple, positive, and is embodied in a compact
Brieliy described, the structure bringing forth
ried in the housing. Arms I3 and I 3a extend out
push lever for closing the switch to start the
is such that in its open position (Figure l) the
wardly at an obtuse angle to each other and are
my improved results, includes a simple, sturdy,
switch contact arms, for engagement with con
insulating casing in which is mounted a suitable
snap switch for a lluorescent lighting circuit. 15 tact elements It and I5 in the circuit 4. An op
erating arm I6 is located Ibetween arms I2 and I 3.
Associated with the snap switch-is a second switch
Referring to Figures 1, 3 and 4, it will be noted
device which is spring operated to be in a nor
that the are of pivotal movement of the switch ‘I
mally open position and which has a handle or
fluorescent lighting elements, and which remains
free end l1 of the arm I5 is on one side of the
20 axis or fulcrum I2 while in its closed position
closed only so long as pressure is applied, how
(Figures 3 and 4) the free end Il is on the other
ever, by spring means over-riding a center of
side of the axis of fulcrum I2.
rotation or the axis of movement of the snap
Pivoted on the pin I8 is an arcuate plate I9
switch, and connected with the snap switch, the
supported by frame 2e and having a depending
snap switch is thrown to a closed position at the
25 arm 2l engaged by a spring 2‘2 which is attached
same time the starter switch is operated.
as at 23 to the casing. At the end of plate I9
My device therefore combines in a simple and
is a, double contact element 24 engaging contacts
eiïective apparatus means for starting and oper
25 and 26 in circuits 2 and 3, and connected
ating a fluorescent lighting system, and is com
pact, readily applied to conventional switch struc 30 with the plate at a point 21 moving from one
side to the other of fulcrum point I2 of snap
tures, practical and sturdy and unlikely to give
switch 'I is a spring 28 connected with the end
trouble or to become broken or deranged.
Il of arm it. Spring 22 normally holds contact
Other and equally important objects and ad
element 24 out of engagement with the contacts
vantages of my invention will be apparent from
25 and 2'5 in the position shown in Figures 1 and
the following detailed description and drawings,
4. A linger lever or handle 29 on plate I 9 is
but changes may be made in form, size, shape,
engaged, as at A, to rotate the plate to engage
construction and arrangement of parts, provided
element 24 with elements 25 and 2S in which
same fall within my broad inventive concept and
the scope of the appended claims.
position spring 22 is moved from one side of
In the drawings wherein I have illustrated a
fulcrum I2 to the other carrying with it the arm
preferred form of my invention:
I6 thereby closing switch l. Contact between
Figure 1 is a longitudinal section;
element 2A and points 25 and 25 is sustained
Figure 2l is a transverse section taken on the
only so long as pressure is sustained at which
line 2_2 of Figure 1;
time all circuits are closed to start the iiuores
Figure 3 is a partially diagrammatic view of a 45 cent lighting systems, continuance of lighting
fluorescent lighting circuit in which my inven
tion is incorporated and shows the starting switch
mechanism in closed position with sustained fin
ger pressure applied thereto, and
being sustained by continued closure of snap
switch 'I thereby accomplishing both starting
and operation of the system in a single opera
tion. A stop 3U limits the movement of plate I9
and a standard 3| supports the end of pin IS.
From the foregoing, it is believed that the op
In the drawings wherein like characters of ref
advantages and construction of my in
erence are used to designate like or similar parts
vention will be apparent, but interpretation
throughout the several views:
thereof should only be conclusive when made in
The numeral I designates a fluorescent lighting 55 the
light of the subjoined claims.
Figure 4 is a View similar to Figure 3 with pres
sure on the starting mechanism released.
to shift the arm from a position on one side of
I claim:
the fulcrum to the other, contact points in cir
cuit with the lighting system to start the same,
and spring means normally urging and holding
ing an operating arm movable from one side to
said plate with its contacts in open position.
the other of the pivot point of the switch repre
3. The invention as defined in claim 2, Where
senting the fulcrum, contacts for the switch in
in a finger lever is provided to hold said plate
circuit with the lighting system, a pivoted plate,
manually with its contacts in open position.
a connection from the plate to the operating arm,
4. The invention as defined in claim 2, where»
said plate being movable to shift the arm from
10 in the point of attachment oi the spring with
a position on one side of the fulcrum to the other,
the plate and the operating arm shifts from one
contact points in circuit with the lighting system
side of the fulcrum to the other as the plate is
to start the same, said plate having points to
moved to open and close the circuit.
engage the contacts in one position, and spring
5. The invention as deiined in claim 2 where
means normally holding said plate with the con
in a housing is provided with pins supporting
tacts in open position.
said snap switch and said plate, and is provided
2. A fluorescent lighting system starter, com
with a. stop element `for the plate to limit its
prising a pivoted semi-circular snap switch hav
1. A fluorescent lighting system starter, com
prising a pivoted semi-circular snap switch hav
ing contact arms, an operating arm between the
contact arms and movable from one side to the
other of the pivot point of the switch represent~
ing the fulcrun'l, contacts for the switch in cir
cuit with the lighting system, an arcuate pivoted
plate having contact points, a spring connecting
the plate with the arm, said plate being movable
6. The invention as deiined in claim 2, where
in the housing has a cover through which the
operating handle of the plate extends, and where
in a standard is provided to support the pivoting
pin for the plate.
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