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Sept. 24, 1946.
|__ F, HOFER
Filed June 5, 1944 '
_ ‘2,408,168
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
{UNITED * IsjrATg'sE
f 2,408,168
orrice "
7 I.
' x ‘Laurence F.Hdfer, Oswego, Oreg. ,
' ' Application June‘ 5, 1944, Serial No. 538,752' ‘
3 Claims.
(01. 88-98)
the opposite end thereof a somewhat ‘tapered
This invention relates generally to the'auto
motive industry and particularly to a rear view ,
TheI4.arm I3
7 ~extends into
'> _' a tubular
I‘ body.
whose closed end I6 is provided with an elon
The main object of‘ this invention is to devise
gated slot H, which receives the tank I4 in a
a means for quickly and easily moving a rear view
mirror to and from a viewing position.
manner to permit'the arm I3 to have a limited
rocking motion in any direction. The body I5
may be supported in any desired manner, but as
temporarily moving a rear view mirror out of a
illustrated, is provided with a stud bolt I8. As
viewing position and back to the same viewing
position without interfering with its normally ad .10 illustrated, the bolt I8 is threaded into.’ the sup
The second object is to provide a ‘means for
justed setting.
The third object is to provide a' rear view mir
port I9 and locked thereto by means of a nut 20.
The open end U of the body I5 has a small re
duced external diameter for somewhat less than
' half its length. The portion '22, having the re
ror and bracket therefor which have substan
tially the same external appearance as do‘ those
standard forms now in common use, and which 15 duced diameter, is provided with a slot 23 which
extends transversely around a part of the body
permit the mirror to be moved into a rear view
portion 22.
ing position by manually overcoming ‘the resist
I provide a cap 24 which is rotatable on the
portion22 and has a closed end 25 for the arm
ance of a holding clamp, in addition to which I
provide a means for moving the mirror manually
without disturbing the frictionally ‘held setting. 20 I3. The opening 26 is somewhat eccentric with
relation to the axis of the cap 24. The arm. I3
Attention, is drawn to my former patent, No.
passes through the hole 25 and has placedthere
2,052,770, over which the device described herein
on a spring‘21 which is held in compression be-\
is an improvement.
the inner side 28 of the closed’end 25. and’
I accomplish these and further objects in the
manner set forth in the following speci?cation 25 the washer 29 which is placed on the arm I3 and
held in position by means of the pin 30, which
as illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in’ v“passes
through the arm I3. An operating lever
3I has a reduced threaded end 32, which is
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary front elevation of the
threaded into the cap '24 and tip 33 which is
mirror showing the operating lever in a'normal
slidable within the slot 23. The tip 33 holds the
' driving position.
cap 24 in place, acts as a stop for the movements
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of, the device, show
of the lever 3| and holds the entire device in as
ing the support cut away in section. '
sembled relationship.
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section through the
It will be seen upon inspection of Fig. 3 that
the spring 21 holds the parts in their proper re
Fig. 4 is an end elevation of Fig.‘ 3 with the
stud bolt removed.
lati'onship, prevents rattling and also provides the
necessary amount of friction to insure the proper
Fig. 5 is a transverse section taken along the
'line 5_5 invFig. 3.
operation of the device.
The operation of the device is as follows:
Fig. 6 is a transverse section taken along the
line B—6 in Fig. 3.
Fig. 7 is an end elevation of the device from the
mirror supporting end.
Similar numbers refer to similar parts through
; 40
‘ Assuming that the mirror has been placed in
the position shown in Fig. 2, which is the posi
tion for normal driving, in which the driver has
'a view through the rear window of the car, and
I that owing to a glare of natural or arti?cial lights
out the several views.
Referring in detail to the drawing, there is 45 shining through the rear window it is desired
shown a rear view mirror I0 having the usual en
closing frame I I, to which is attached the spher
to momentarily put the mirror I!) out of a re
,flecting position, all that'the driver needs to do ,
is to move the lever 3| ‘from the full line to the
dotted line position shown in Fig. 6, which action
describe. It will beunderstood that thecatch
causes the cap 24 to revolve and to 'move the
between the end I2 and the casing II is such as
eccentric journal for the arm l3 to a different
to permit the manual adjustment of the mirror I I!
position, that is, to swing the arm I3 on its pivot
with relation to the end I2 by merely overcoming
end. When the need for this change has passed,
the friction between the parts.
Integral with the end I2 is the arm' I3 which 65 it is only necessary to return the lever 3| to its
original position as shown in full line in Fig. 1.
is circular in cross section and has formed on
ical end I2 of the device which I am about to
The need for a device of this kind has been
answered in many different ways and I am there
fore not claiming such devices broadly, but I do
intend to cover all such forms and modi?cations
thereof as fall fairly within the appended claims:
arm projecting through the hole in said cap and
means for pivotally and non-rotatably mounting
one end thereof within the body, means for fric
I claim:
1. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a rigidly mounted cylindrical body, a
mirror supporting arm with said body having one
end pivotally and non-rotatably supported there-
tionally supporting a mirror on the projecting
end of said arm, and a lever for rotating said cap
for the purpose of varying the position of the
axis of said arm.
3. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a ?xed tubular body, an arm disposed
10 within said body having one end thereof pivotally
in, a rotatable cylindrical cap for said body hav
and non-rotatably mounted Within the body, a
ing a hole formed therein eccentric with rela
cylindrical cap for said body having an opening
tion to the axis of the body, said hole being ca
in the end thereof eccentric with relation to the
pable of supporting one end of said arm, means
axis of the cap and forming a journal for said
for limiting the rotation of said cap in one direc 15 arm means for limiting the rotation of said cap,
tion and a lever for rotating said cap on said
the ‘portion of said arm which projects through
body for the purpose of changing the inclina
said cap having a ball formed thereon, a mirror
tion of said arm.
mounted on the ball end of said arm, a means for
2. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a ?xed tubular body having a cylin
dric'al cap therefor having a limited rotatable
movement, said cap having a hole formed therein
spaced from the longitudinal axis of the cap, an
rotating said cap with relation to said body, and
a spring on said arm disposed to urge the ball
end of said arm toward said cap.
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