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Sept. 24, 1946.
Filed March 27, 1943
2 -Shee‘lzs-Sheei'. l
Sept. A24, 1946.
Filed March 27, 1945
_ 2 Sheets-Sheet 2
-lÍfzUe/u‘ar " `
_ I @T @9W
Patented sept. 24, 1946
¿ »
A’ ï. . ` vArgyle Campbell, Chicago, Illij»assignór'toEnter"A ,ï
prise Railway Equipment Company, Chicago, .
Ill.„a corporation of Illinois
` »
Applieation March 21,1943, sferiaiNe. 480,738
` 'z claims. (o1. 21a-s2)
which the buiîfingv and
` ,My invention relates to improvements in draft
mechanism for railway cars.
„Within the center -sills areprovid'ed ‘the usual ~
forward and rear draft vor stop lugs 5 vand 6 re
' ' One of the objects of the invention is to im
prove the efficiency of the draft mechanism in its
spectively, and'bearing against these stops are l'
the forward and y'rear follower plates 1 and'ß re'-~
abilityto respond to the shocks' of buff and draft
action by providing improved support and guid-`
spectively. TheL draft' mechanism Ais Rlocat'ed
ance for the draft gear at front and‘rear ends
sothat the yoke and draft gear will move as
within the spaced center sills'andv the shock
absorbing mechanisms which form a part of the
»A further object isthecprovisionof a floating
unit including the yoke or beam and draft _gear
arranged :for` better ycushioning of the rebound
of the draft gear when subjected to severe ¿shocks
infbuiiing or pulling the car, and particularly for
»better absorption of the “jolt” and ‘fjerk” shocks
, 10.
The yoke orbeam yB ' is "preferably,u
y cast‘ffior-
formed as a one-piece integralstructure Vand.
comprises longitudinal. parallelly» disposed top `
and'bottom membersâfand I0 respectively', which I
' are connected at their endv portions >by the verti'-.
cal walls vI I'--I2lwhich form the yoke ends and`
engine ¿to first hit vand then quickly reverse and
unit are carried by vthe yoke or beam B and are
located lengthwise between the 'two follower
delivered to thedraft mechanism of a train of
cars hard Ato' start by thek engineer in causing theV
draft shocks _are _transf
mitted to the draft mechanism.
a unit and in proper alignment.
which areÍ spaced apart laterally to bring them.4r
» Another object is to provide al unitary struc 20V relatively close to the vertical walls of ’the center
>sills butwithzsuflicient clearance, however, to
ture in which the shock absorbing mechanism
permit the beam to move freely longitudinally.V
for buiiing'shocks is separate from and inde
At the forward end, vthe shank of the coupler
pendent of the Vshock absorbing mechanism forV
in between these yokeend walls and
draft shocks, so that each functions independ- ' , extends
is provided with a transverse or horizontal key
ently of theotlier.` "
l _
I3’ which is insertedvthrough a suitable slot’ I4
Other objects of the invention will appear from
in the shank.A This'key'extends through regis
'thegdescription' and the combination and ar
rangements of parts shown in theV accompany-1 tering slots in the yoke end walls and when in .
place locks'the beam oryoke to the coupler so
ing drawings which illustrate one embodiment of
30 'that the ybeam moves longitudinally in both di
,the invention, _» and in vwhich
rections with the coupler. The key-likewise ex»` .Y
Fig. 1 is a plan section of a draft> gear mecha
tends through registering slots I5 in 'the verti
nism inV relation to the center sills.v and coupler
cal walls ofthe centersills and thus supports
of- a railway car andvillustrating the unitary
and» guidesvthe coupler and the forward endof`
structure including the floating yoke and inde
the beam. 4The slots I5 are elongated suiiiciently
pendently acting shock absorbing» mechanism;`
to allow forv the ‘longitudinal movement ofv they
Eig." 2 is a view in side elevation of the draft >
beam inv both'directions in response tothe cor
mechanism unit shown in Fig. 1, the center sills
responding movement of the coupler.
and supporting keys being shown in section;
-Fig. 3 is a plan view of the improved floating
beam" member;
` moves withthe‘ yoke but which extends through
l registering slots I1 in the side walls of the sills Y
to support and guide the rear end of the yoke Ü
beam. These guide slots I'I` are-elongated sufli
f `_Fig. 5' isa detail transverse section >online 5-k-5 l
ciently to correspond to the longitudinl move
45 vment
of the ryoke beam in either direction. It
of Fig.Y 2,;` and
'Fig'. 6 is a .detail transverse section on ,line
B-j-B of Fig. 4.` '
40 are slotted to receive a transverse key I6 which ,
» g
'_li’i'g.- 4 is a View in side elevation of said beam member;V
Inglike mannenthe `rear yoke end walls I2
will thus be seen that the beam, and all the
I ¿In Figs. V1 and 2, the usuai center snrmem- `
parts carried thereby,-kis supported and guided
at both‘ends insuch manner that it constitutes
bers A A,are shown spaced apartand extending
lengthwise ofthe car.v Inwardly ofA the for-Y ,50. a,¿ ñoating unit capable of longitudinal .move
I and center
bolster sill
2, and
is shown
the usual
from ~
pler movements.
As before mentioned, >the shockabsorbing gear ‘ `
is positioned within `andcarried by the beam ¿
the'A forward or front end of the center sills is a
couplerl 3- of standard construction having a*
shankror butt 4 which is connectedto andby
ment inboth >directions'inresponse to the‘cou- .
@91S logaied; beiwegnfihg twoefollower _plates ï l
and 8. In the present structure, I provide two
a front key bar for passage through said front
shock absorbing units C and D which, although
slots, a slot of similar size in the coupler shank
integral with the yoke or beam, function inde
and through elongated slots in said center sills
pendently of each other in response to the buñing
which permit forward and rearward movement
and pulling shocks. These shock absorbing units 5 of the key bar, a rear key bar for passage through
comprise cylindrical shell portions I8 which are
said rear slot in the yoke member and through
formed integrally with the beam members 9 and
elongated slots in the center sills which extend
IU, and which-,contain the tapered'?f‘riction shçesf
I9 and the co'òperating'friction wedges 2il-~which~
rearwardly -Lto' permit; moyement
in both directions of the key bar, whereby the
The 10 weight of the movable yoke, shock cushioning
bear against the follower plates 'I and 8.
friction elements are assembled within the shells~by the bolts 2|, together with?theeflollowersrl‘ä( I
and the springs 23, so that -each vfriction shockA
absorbing unit can act independentlyy of.; .theL ,
devices and key bars is supported at both its front
andfrearfendsbyf-the walls of the center sills,
and the slots in the center sills guide and confine
>their_¿nfiovement in_„longitudinal alignment.
other. The intermediate portionL-Zll of.»-the¢beam„1.5¿¿. _ 2*.»~In\»a»draft mechanism for railway cars, the
is made integral with and wider than the top and@ " ‘ combination> ofthe vcenter sills of a car, draft
bottom members 9 and I0, ançlïisî madefpreferr
inechanisngïpasitioned within said center sills,
ably rectangular in section, as shown in Fig.' 6,
a coup- _rat the forward end of said draft mech
to provide space for a nest of springs Zâiwhi'ch,
at their ends, bear against the followers 22‘ of
thev shock absorbingA units , so ,that althoughA the,
shock absorbing unitstfunction _independently of
each other >theyfboth arelassisted by-fa common
setv of springs 25z >'I‘he_side„or vertical.walls215,v
ofethespring housing are provided with _windows
or._ openings 2l to*A permitthe insertion of the>
springs. 25 ¿in assembling `thernechanism, Y Atthe
realyof the beam,tthe inner. endsîiigof the-yoke
end- walls> I2; bear against the rear-Y follßweï,
transverse keys. extending `~through the .ends-cf
said ¿beam and .slctsrinl theiceniter.,v
sill-.wallsfcrtsupporting'.and'rguidingithe beamin-Y
longitudinal.: movement` in both-v. di-rections,. the.,l
slots >in the :.centersills - being extendedto ¿permit-V
movement of s the„keys,. in bothdirectionsÍ from»
normal and independent .-shockcabsorbing units;r
l carried ’ within ~. said « beam and comprising thous
It'. will thus be.v seen» that the, enti“
ings y¿integral with said beam @andf frictiornshoes-
mechanism forms, in a sense, an oscil
in. `responsa toVV the movements: ci; çt‘
anism-connected to said beam and adapted to
move the beam longitudinally in either direction,
forward andxeaiï stops withinv said: center. sills,
said draft mechanism. comprising ahollowrbeam,
movable ». ini. said housings» and .f bearing » against
said 1stops.-l
When -tthegcoupler Y. receives; a „bufiing shock, the,
3; Inadraft mechanism forarail'way»Y cara-the»n
butt of. `tlïieshank bears against >theffollowcr plate 35j combinationl of.- car centersills-Vspaced«apartlfandf
la:l but- since.l the l beam ,is locked; toví theßoupler
by thetbeamand
the key .13,1 this
the_» beam
isl transmitt
having. forwardand rear-draftlugson their innenJ
feces, follower»platessbearing '.against~said-:stops,» I
a shock absorbing `unit bearing yaga-inst the for
ward follower plate and responsive onlyetodraft'».
the coupler. No _relative moyementYoccurs-.ibef.,
tweenrthe. friction, elementstof, shock abscrbing.` ¿9Y shocks, an .independentll shock - absorbingru unit
unit ,0, and hencev this Y»unit doeshot-function on»
theloccasion of boiling shocks., The_rear shockw
the thereof
buffing shock.
move rearwardly
The rearfy‘okey
awîayí frcmthe
bearinglagainstsaidireanfollower plateand re-- v
sponsive. ,onlyV to >-bufñng shocks, a-- yokeÍ member»
positionedbetween-the centersillsafcrming a com- .
carriere forI »both of 1 said» shock'« absorbingY
units, and movable upon a draftß‘shocklto~«force~»
theY forwardunit againstt‘saidl forward» follower
plate .and upon-.a buff.l shockifto i' force '.th'e»l inde»
On >the occurrence-of .a-pullingl' or «draftshocka
pendent-unit against said ->rear followenplateffand -1
al coupler «, connected Itoßthe forward Afendt’offthe A
however?` the `yokel is moved»Y forward withy thev 0 yoke to move the yokeálong-itudinal-lïwitself in»
coupler-and'Ícarrieslthe -follower plate A¿Lai/id» the -
shock rabsò'rbiifigl -unit 'with'litf sov tlflat'therç.v isl no »
relativi?I :1e-vement between the shock~ absorbing
unit D_»and> the follower platea: Heweverf-the
shock absorbing‘unit `C~¢znovi?g `_forward withlthe
yoke compressesits friction elementsïagainst the '_
stops 5. -`fól1ower
Thus, önthedraft‘or"pull-ing"slapcks,Y
platefl`-~whi`chï-is Yagainst
tn_è’forwardfshock'absorbing unit @functions to
absorb this»sl'iock.v vSince there are two'inde
pendent shock absorbing; units; eac one func
tions a lesserfnumber of '-/tir'ndes rthan yifgaWsiii‘gle
4; In a Vdraftzmechanisn'l.for `railway~cars, the»
combinationu offcar .centers‘illsfv spacedßapart and#
having forward and rear draft lugs »ongtheir »inner-u
55 faces,L follower'> .plates bearingfagainst f saidV ’stops;~,
a _y frictionl shock absorbingV unit -. bearing- against
tb e.-_forward follower .plates an Vindependent »fric-y .l
t1 i shod
-- ,
afsbrícefßushioninad vraagbe
60 tween and common to both friction;~unit
member positioned _betweehfthe centersifllszïforrn
ing a common carrier for said shock absorbing,
shock absorbing unitK wereremxployed, asis-the» units andI spring .cushioning device,vv and movable l
case with standard> draft gear.` The Vweary'onfthe,A _
upon a draft shock to force the forward [unitJI`
friction elements; therefore,
Said. forwardfollewerîplate' and u11>0r1»,-a'
and replacements Inade'less frequent. > `
" .ï’
1,-l Inra-‘railway car having-center sills, the Pcorr-I
buff shock to force the independent url__it_H_aghainstl
said n_i.”_e‘arT follower plate, Ya transverse keyî _ateach
@asi-„Qt Saidroke . extending, ,through ,elongateœ
longitudinal .SlQtSiìn VSaki Cen.te1fsi.l.1s:forsurmort-i f
ber positioned Vbetween the 'center' sills», shlockv` 70" ineen@
f guiding., the .-«Yoke Saidßh'neated. slots. ,
cushioning devices positioned `«wit-hin the yoke¿
beirsßsteededto'permìt.movementßf .the keys in`Ã`
front and Yrearr draft lugs ‘ñxedly _afttachedtqrthe ` beta direçtioasfrem n_QrmaLaad a. coupler. „con f'
binaaon _of a 'longitudinally mman@ y'okefmerina »
inner sides ofthecenteij sills,_ fesaid-rnoyable
nectedtathe fQrWardcnd of .theyoke by the transe,
yoke member‘havingY lat bothîits iront-5arígiirearl-` .verserkey
t0. mere, theyolie ,mnsitudinalw .of itself;4
endsfsl'ots'for theY passage of transverse kéy bars, 75` in both directions.
tion members in said shells bearing against said
follower plates, an intermediate spring shock ab
sorbing means carried by said yoke member com
a yoke member positioned between the centersills
mon to both shockl absorbing units and positioned
andina-ving integral forward and rear shock ab
therebetween, and means for rendering either
sorbing unit housings arranged inv alignment,> a '
one of said shock absorbing units effective depend
spring `pocket integral with the yoke intermediate
y ing upon the direction of movement of said yoke
said housings, spring means in said pocket corn»
5. In a draft mechanism for railway cars, the
combination of a pair of spaced car centersills,
mon to both shock absorbing units, each shock
absorbing unit housing having friction wedge
7 . In a draft mechanism for railway cars, t'ne
members at one end, forward and rear draft lugs
combination of car centersills spaced apart and
and follower plates in said centersills acting inde
pendently on the friction members of said units
in accordance with the direction of movement of
the yoke, a coupler co-nnected with the forward
havin-g forward and rear draft lugs on their inner
faces, follower plates bearing against said stops,
a yoke member positioned between said centersills
and supported by said centersills for movement
end of direction,
yoke to move
and, means
the yoke
at both-ends
of the
yoke engaging elongated slots in the center sill
in both directions, a coupler connected.. with the
forwardrend of said yoke member for moving the
yoke member in both direction in response to draft
walls for supporting and guiding the yoke.
and buff forces applied thereto, shock absorbing
units carried entirely by Said yoke member and
6. In a draft mechanism for railway cars, the
combination of car centersills spaced apart and 20 each comprising a shell portion integral with and
movable by said yoke and friction members in
having forward and rear draft lugs on their inner
faces, follower plates bearing against said stops,
said shells bearing against said follower plates,
an intermediate spring shock absorbing means
a yoke member positioned between said center
carried by said yoke member common to both
sills and supported by said centersills for move
ment in both directions, a coupler connected 25 shock absorbing units and positioned therebe-`
tween, and intermediate stops on said center
with the forward end ofl said yoke member for
sills for rendering either one of said shock ab
movingv the yoke member in both directions in
sorbing units ineffective depending upon the direc.. .
response to draft and buff forces applied thereto,
tion of movement of the yoke member.
shock absorbing units carried entirely by said yoke
member and each comprising a shell portion inte 30
gral with and movable by said yoke and fric
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