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Sept. 24, 1946.
'R È, CAgL-sog,
Filed June 23, 1’944
. ` 2,408,196
Patented Sept. 24,1946
Rudolph E. Carlson, Jacksonville, Fla.
Application June 23, 1944, Serial No. 541,796
z anims.
(C1. 299-67)
This invention relates to sprinkler heads especially designed for use with underground lawn
sprinkling systems, and' it consists in the constructions, arrangements and combinations
vertically and axially' of the head I5 but stoppin
short ofthe upper open end of the sprinkler body
I3. Inwardly of the upper end of the stud I8 a
longitudinal reduced portion I9 is formed, pro
herein described and claimed.
It is a particular object »of the invention to
5 viding a shoulder I9’ and a head 20.
A bell-shaped rotor or turbine 2| is employed, '
provide a sprinkler constructed in such manner
formed of rubber or other suitable material, the
that there is little danger of injuries to persons
reduced portion 22 thereof having an axial bore
or damage to the sprinkler head or a lawn mower
23 within which a iianged Sleeve 24 is embedded,
when the latter is moved across a lawn equipped 10 the sleeve being of a length terminating slightly
with my sprinkler devices.
above the head 20 of the stud. Upon the interior
Y It is a still further and important object of ' ,of the sleeve an annular groove 25 is formed,y
the invention to provide a sprinkler of the charadapted to receive a split rmg 2li.r `The ring 26
acter indicated in which a rotor is employed, 7 normally rests upon the shoulder |9’ of the stud
actuated by the out-flow of Water, effecting a r1_5 |3,as shown in Figure 5„_leaving ample clearance
more uniform distribution of water.
for vertical movement of the rotorv2| to afford
It is also an object of the invention to provide a sprinkler head in which the rotor mem-
passage of water between the rotor and the body
I3. To assemble the rotor upon the stud, the split ~
ber' is longitudinauy movable to an unseated
ring 26 being held compressed about the reduced
position with respect to the head proper during 20 DOrti0n,’tl1e Stud and Spring are presented into
operation and movable under action of gravity to
the sleeve 24 and moved longitudinally therein
a seated position to a horizontal point below the ‘
level ordinarily traversed 'by the cutting reel of
a lawn mower.
until the Spring eXpendS into the grOOVe 25 0f the
The rotor 2| is formed with a plurality of lon
Additional objects, advantages and features oi ,25 gitudinally extending VaneS 2l upOnfthe Outerl
invention will be apparent from the- following de-
periphery thei'eOf, the VaneS being 0f a length
scription considered in conjunction with the ac- '
extending from a point adjacent the reduced end
companying drawing, wherein
ofthe rotor to a point slightly below the open
Figure lisafragmentary vertical sectional view
end I4 of the body I3, when the rotor is
of the sprinkler constructed in accordance with 30 seated engagement. The vanes are directed 1n
my invention.
a common direction.
Figure 2 is a partial cross section on the line
In use, >water discharged from the conduit |0
2-2 of Figurel.
will pass through the openings I6, the pressure
Figure 3 is a cross section on the line 3-3 of
of the water ,raising the rotor 2| along the stud
Figure 1.
35 I8 until the split ring 26 engages the head 20 of
Figure 4 is an venlarged cross section illustratthe stud. At the same time water will be forcibly
ing the mounting of the sprinkler head.
Figure 5 is an enlarged sectional view illustrating the mounting of the rotor.
There is illustrated a conduit |0 which may be
impacted against the vanes 21 thereby eiïecting
rapid rotation of the rotor, with uniform circum
ferential distribution of water around the sprin
40 kler.
connected to an underground water line (not
shown) in the usual manner. The terminal end
While I have shown and specifically described
my invention, this is by way of illustration only,>
|| of the conduit is threaded as at I2, and receives a sprinkler head body I3, preferably sub- y
and I consider as my own all such modiñcations
in construction as fairly fallwithin the scope of
stantially bell-shaped in side elevation, the open 45 the appended claims.
end I4 being presented upwardly, projecting but
1 claim;
a short distance above ground level.
1. A sprinkler head for use with underground
The loody i3 has a transversely extending Weill
lawn sprinkling systems comprising a hollow sub
|5 integrally formed With the body and extendstantially bell-shaped Ybody member, having a
ing across the port of the conduit l0, and spaced 50 threaded opening at the reduced end thereof, a
eireulnfel‘entially about the Wall l5 a plurality
transverse wall inwardly of said threaded'open
0f Openings I6 are formed, located closely adjaing, said wall having a plurality of openings in
cent the inner wall of the body I3. Medially of
communication with said threaded opening, an
the wall |5 there is formed a threaded bore I1
axially disposed stud on said wall, said stud hav
adapted to receive a threaded stud |8 extended 55 ing a portion of reduced diameter and a head
thereabove, a substantially bell-shaped turbine of
stud, and said turbine having a plurality of vane
members on the exterior surface disposed in the
path of water discharged through the openings of
dimensions to ñt within the open end of said
body member and having an outer circumference
normally adapted to rest upon the open end of the
hollow body member, said turbine having an axial
sleeve slidabiy receiving said stud, said sleeve
the Wall.
2. The structure of claim 1 in which the turbine
is` constructed of rubber.
having an interior groove, a ring within the groove
positioned to encircle said reduced portion of the
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