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Sept. 24, 1946. A
Filed Aug. 24, 1945 l
2,408,205 '
2 Sheets-Shes?l 1
g "27
Sept. 24,` 1946.-
’Filed Aug'. 24, 1945
mj. `,'
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patentecl Sept. 24, 1946
Robert N. rancher, springñeia, Mo.'
,Application Augustai, 1945, serial No. 612323
.6 Claims.
lThis invention relates to quilting frames and
more particularly to a quilting frame of thefold
ing type wherein the elements may -bereadily
detached from the frame for compact packaging
and storage thereof.
~ , '_
A main object of the invention is to' providev
anovel and improved frame of the character Ade
scribed which is readily adjustable for quilting
or embroidery operations thereon and whichmay
be readily taken apartr and packed in a >relatively
small space for transportation or storage.
A further object of Athe invention is to provide
(o1. 45-f24>
folded to half its extended length when not in
use, 'as shown in Figures 9 and 10.
' '
The top ends ofthe post members are formed
with vertical slots I8, I8 adapted to receive longi
tudinally projecting end studs I9, I9 carried by
a top’bar 20 'and secured thereto by wing nuts 2I,
2 I. Top .bar 20 is hinged centrally at 22 forfold
ing to half its length when not in use.y VIn its ex
tended position, top bar 20 is vrigidii-led by a top
plate member 23 secured to thebar at the face
thereof opposite the hinge v22 and bridging the
hinge joint, bolts 24 and wing nuts 25 being em
ployed to secure plate member 23 to said top bar.
an improved quilting frame of simple construc
The intermediate portions of post members II
tion and which is formed of very inexpensive
parts, said frame being provided with novel and 15 are formed with elongated vertical slots 2B, 26
adapted to receive bolt members 21, 21 carried
improved adjusting means for raising or lower
by a rectangular rack frame 28, said bolt mem
ing the quilting rack with respect to the remain
bers _21, 21 being secured by wing nuts 29,729.
ing supporting members of the frame and for
Rack frame 28 comprises a pair of side members
securing the rack in a desired tilted position.
49, 40 provided with endwise extending plate
Further objects and advantages of the inven
members 39 at each end. The opposed plate
tion will appear from the following description
3i! at each end of the side members 40,
‘and claims, and from the accompanying draw
40 are formed with lateral slots 3| adapted to be
ings wherein:
engaged with bolt members 32 carried by trans
Figure 1 is a top view of a quilting frame con
verse rack members 33 and projecting endwise
structed in accordance with this invention.
25 therefrom for releasable securement in slots 3|.
Figure 2 is a front elevational view of the frame
Transverse rack members 33 are each provided
of Figure l.
with spaced apertures 34 for lacing the quilt there
Figure 3 is a side elevational view of the frame
to. Said transverse rack members are centrally
of Figure l.
Figure 4 is a cross-sectional view taken on line 30 hinged at 35 and are braced by stiifening plates
4_4 of Figure 2. „
Figure 5 is a front elevational view of the side
nembers of the frame and rack structure of Fig
33 secured by bolts and wing nuts.
lThe side members 4I), 40 of the rack frame 28
are formed with a series of apertures 31 for re
ceiving bolt members 21 at desired pointsof se
Figure 6 is a view taken on line 6-6 of Figure5. 35 curement of the rack frame side members to the
post members II, II.
Figure 7 is a detail View of a transverse quilt
Secured to each'rack frame side member 40
ing rack member employed in the structure of
at an intermediate point thereof is a flexible tape
Figure 1.
member 38 .which extends upwardly and is coiled
_ Figure 8 is a detail view showing the quilting
on an appropriate drum element provided there
rack member of Figure’î in folded position.
for on top frame member 20, a guide ñange 39
Figure 9 is a detail view of a transverse frame
being formed on frame member 2D for each tape
member employed in the structure of Figure 1.
member 38 lto facilitate the coiling of the tape
Figure 10 is a detail view showing the frame
ure 1 in disassembled position.
member of Figure 9 in folded position.Y
Referring to the drawings, the structure com
prises a pair of vertical post members II, I I, each
post member being supported on a foot member
I2 detachably secured thereto by a bolt and wing
nut I5. The lower portion of each post member
II is formed with a vertical slot I3, and secured V50
transversely of the post members is a bottom
bar I4, said bar I4 having a stud projecting from
member on its drum as frame member 29 is ro
tated. When wing nuts 29, 29 and 2|, 2| are
loosened, the rack frame 28 maybe raised or
lowered with respect to post members II, II by
rotating top frame member 20 in one direction
or the other. When the desired elevation of the
rack frame 33 is established, wing nuts 2I, 2|
and >29, 29 may be tightened to lock the rack
frame in desired elevation and angular inclina
each end thereof which passes through a slot I3
and is secured to the corresponding postl member
As can be Vseen from. Figures 5 to'10, the parts
by a wing nut IS engaged with the stud. Bottom
of thel quilting structure may be readily disas
bar I4 is centrally hinged at I1 so that it can be
sembled and compactly stacked together for ship
ment or storage.
When assembled, the structure may be read
ily adjusted to support the quilting rack at any
desired elevation, angular position or forwardly
projecting position with respect to the vertical
frame portion to thereby support the quilt in
the most convenient position for sewing or for
embroidering thereon.>
bar adapted to guide said ñexible member for
winding on said top bar.
3. The structure of claim 1 and wherein means
is provided for locking said top bar in adjusted
rotated position and other means for locking
said frame in adjusted elevation and angular
inclination with respect to said vertical posts.
4. The structure of claim 1, and wherein a
removable horizontal base member is secured to
While a specific embodiment of a quilting frame 10 the bottom end of each vertical post. ,
and supporting structure therefor has been dis
5. A ' quilting frame structure comprising a
closed in the foregoing description, it will be
pair of vertical posts, a bottom transverse bar
understood that Various modifications within the ' releasably connecting said posts, a top transverse
spirit of the invention may occur to those skilledl '
bar connecting said posts and adapted to be ro
in the art. Therefore, it is intended that no
tated therein, an elongated vertical slot formed
limitations be placed on the invention 'other'than
in the intermediate portion of each post, a rec
as defined by the scope of the appended claims:
tangular frame adjustably supported between said
What is claimed is:
posts by bolt members carried by the side mem
1. A quilting frame 4structure comprising a
bers of the frame and extending through said
pair of Vertical posts, a'- bottom transverse bar
slots, a ilexible tape member secured to each side
connecting said posts, a top transverse bar ro
member of the frame and wound over said top
tatably mounted in and connecting said posts,
transverse bar andV guide means on said top bar
elongated vertical slots formed in the intermedi
for each flexible tape member.
ate portions of said posts, a rectangular frame
6. The 'structure of claim 5, and wherein the
adjustably supported between said posts by bolt
transverse bars of the structure rare centrally
members secured to said frame and extending
hinged for folding to half length when the frame
through said slots, and a flexible member secured
structure is disassembled, and wherein the top
to said frame and wound over said top trans
transverse bar has means in association there
verse bar for raising or lowering said frame re
with for maintaining the same in its extended
sponsive to rotation of said top transverse bar.
position when the frame structure is assembled.
2. The structure of claim 1, and wherein a
guide ilange is provided on said top transverse
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