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Sepf. 24, 1946. ‘
Filed March 25, 1944
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
I {ii'fjf'ijvuNrrao " STATES
Joseph Muros, Cambridge, Mass., assignor to Gil
lette Safety Razor Company, Boston, Mass, at
- corporation of Delaware
Application March 25,
3 Claims.
1944, Serial No. 528,102 Y
(01. 206-46)
closed blades in position in the package with
“ r;This invention relates to the packaging of ?ne
their sharp ' edges maintained out of contact
fedged" blades for sale and ‘distribution and is
with any part of the package. For example, in
the case of the “Gillette” type blade, the trough
herein illustrated as embodied in a novel package
of safety razor blades.
< In handling. safetyrazor blades under com
portions of the depression receive and engage
the elongated unsharpened end portions of the
merical conditions of transportation and :dis
stacked blades, thus securely holding them in
place with their sharpened edges located in the
free unobstructed enclosure of the package. Such
?ne keen edge of the blade is likely to become
dulled by. being brought into contact with its 10 package may be completely formed and sealed by
the blade manufacturer, the blades being mean
wrapping or with other objects before it can be
while handled mechanically and entirely without
actually clamped in shaving position’ in the
danger of damage. The completely ‘sealed pack
razor. On this account the best and most skill
age will preserve its integrity inde?nitely. The
ful, efforts of the manufacturer in sharpening
blades are often brought to naught because of the 15 opening of the package may be facilitated
by setting off in the package a’ portion of the
damage done to the very fragile and delicate
sealed area by a line of perforations so that the
structure of the blade edge after it has been
user may easily tear off a sealed marginal por
brought to the keenest possible shaving condi
tion of the package and have ready access to
tion and before the shaving operation is actually
'tribution and in the more or less casual treat
,ment of such-blades by the user, the extremely
With these conditions in‘view, an important ob
~ject of the present invention is to provide an ef
fective and inexpensive blade package which
may be readily assembled and sealed by the blade
manufacturer, while safeguarding at all times 25
the keen'edge of the blade, and which will then ‘
age may be formed by employing package covers
be best understood and appreciated from the fol
lowing description of a preferred embodiment
thereof selected for purposes of illustration and
shown in the accompanying drawing in which:
Fig. 1 is a view in perspective of the cover blank
Fig. 2 is a view in perspective of a stack of
blades ready for packaging;
the time when it is actually introduced into the I
of sheet material molded or embossed to present
between theman enclosure for a stack of blades
These and other features of the invention will
in ?at condition;
be effective fully to protect the blade or a supply
of blades during distribution and sale and up to
razorby the user preparatory to shaving.
_I have discovered that a satisfactory blade pack
its contents.
Fig. 3 is a plan view showing the blade stack
in position in the flat blank; and
Fig. 4 is a view in perspective of the completed
The invention is herein shown in its applica
with surrounding ?at areas in the covers that may 35 tion to the packaging of double-edged blades of
the well-known “Gillette” type, but it is not lim
be sealed together in face-to-‘face contact outside
the outline ,of. the blade stack. ' I may employ
ited in its application to this or to any par
ticular type of blade but with suitable modifica
?berboard, cardboard, plastic sheet material, or
may be adapted to the packaging of blades
the like, for the material of the package cover
and mold cooperating or supplementary pieces of 40 of any other shape, all within the scope of the
this sheet material to provide similar recesses or
As will be vapparent from Figs. 2 and 3, the blade
depressions of an outline best adapted to contain
I0 isv substantially rectangular in shape, sharp
the particular blade to be packaged. For exam
ened at both longitudinal edges and provided
ple, in dealing with a double-edge blade of the
“Gillette” type, the depression may consist of a 45 with a medial longitudinal slot H having a cen
tral circular enlargement and other intermediate
main rectangular portionslightly wider than the '
enlargements shaped to lit the blade-locating
blades to be enclosedand merging at each of its
projections of the various safety razors in which
ends into an outwardly extending troughshaped
_ to receive the elongated, unsharpened end por
tions of the blade. Surrounding this depression
inv each element of the package cover are formed
flat areas which may be brought into face-to-face
contact and sealed together.
By employing
the blade may be used. The blade has a reentrant
50 recess in each corner and these de?ne elongated, '
unsharpened end portions l2 in both ends of the
blade. As herein shown, but not necessarily, each
blade may be protected by a cover l3 of thin
waxed paper or the like. The cover is shaped to
waterproof material for the body of the package
cover or by providing it with a waterproof coat 55 provide a tongue I4 projecting beyond one end
of the blade and is divided and folded over the
ing, the resulting package may be made thor
oughly waterproof and the blades thus Protected ‘ shoulders of the blade at the same end. .At the
other end of the blade the cover is formed into a
for an inde?nite time against rusting,
projecting collar l5. The collar I5 is formed part
The enclosure formed in the package cover
preferably is of such a shape as to hold the en
60 1y by ears in the cover which are folded later
ally over the elongated end of the blade as shown
in U. S. Patent No. 2,194,281., March 19, 1940,
?guration of the package.
Gustafson. The cover 13 is centrally slotted "to
expose the slot H of the blade so that a fully
the wax forms a water-tight and satisfactory seal
for the package. A staple 22 may now be in
protected covered blade may be presented in
serted through both sides of the closed package
adjacent to its folded end, thus reinforcing the
adhesive sealing of the package and fastening
shaving position to the razor before the cover is
The package herein shown is designed to ac
When the package
cover is wax-coated the instantaneous fusing of
the stack of blades in position.
commodate a stack of four or ?ve of the blades}
It willbe- noted that the troughs I‘! and I8 taper
above described and in the accompanying draw 10 outwardly in depth and thus merge into flat end
ing many features of the illustrated package are
areas that may be brought into sealing contact
adapted for the purpose of ?tting theblade just
at the end of the package opposite its folded
described, and may be varied for the accommoda
end. In the sealed package the ?nger recess 20
tion of blades of different shapes.
affords the user a convenient means for bending
The package may be formed from a flat elon
‘gated blank of pasteboard or other moldable
“sheet material, preferably saturated or coated
with wax to render it Waterproof. A pasteboard
blank of this character is shown in Fig. I being
somewhat more than twice the length of the "
down the end of the lower cover. leaf and so break
ing ‘the seal when it is desired to open the pack
age and extract ‘a blade therefrom. 1' Moreover
the arrangement is ‘such that ‘the bladesmay be
removed one by one from the ‘stack; all without
disturbance of those remainingvin» the package.
blade to be packaged and having molded therein a
Having thusv disclosed my invention andkde
pair of identical recesses or depressions each of
scribed in detail an illustrative embodiment
which includes a main rectangular ‘portion 'I‘B
thereof, I claim as new and desire to ‘secure by
shouldered and‘ merging into an outwardly taper
ing trough l1 and into an inwardly tapering com 25
1. An open container rorus'e in forming a'blade
men-connecting trough I8. These recesses or ‘de
package, comprising a straight/elongated‘blank
pressions may be conveniently molded or "eni
of pasteboard hav'ihg' therein a "pair of substanf
tossed into the package cover blank'without dan
tially identical rectangular recesses spaced apart
ger of breaking or weakening its material. The
and connected through a common trough of‘ less
areas of the embossed blank outside and sur 30 width than the recesses and intersected by V a
rounding'the recesses and troughs are ?at and lie
transverse scored line, the ‘said recesses and
in a single plane. Going more into detail, nar
trough being surrounded with complementaryflat
row‘ longitudinal areas are "pr'dvi‘dedv along both
areas whereby the vcontainer may be sealed when
sides of ‘the main portion 10 of the depression
folded on said scored line.
and across the ends of the troughs‘ and these 35 2. A package for razor blades of thetypehav
merge into ?at areas corresponding to the re
ing elongated uns'narpeiie‘d tantrums, a stack
entraht recesses at the blade‘ vcorners. The blank
of blades in the package, ‘said package includ
is divided equally by a transverse scored line H)
ing a pair of connected folding: cover _sh_eets_of
upon which it is to be later folded ahdwliich in
1n'oldable'_ material having walls forming'opposed
tersects the trough i8‘ that eX't'e'h‘ds‘betWeen- the 40 recesses ccnneetéu by a common trough inter
two recesses Hi. It is also provided at oneénd
sected by the fold line bf the covers and “sur
with a curved ?nger recess 20.
Having prepared the package cover'bla‘n‘kby
embossing or molding as suggested vin Fig. l, the
manufacturer may now conveniently place in 4-5
one of the recesses the stack of ‘covered blades
which are ready to be vpackaged and have been
secured together by a staple 2| inserted through
the ‘superposed tongues M‘ of the cbvers outside
or beyond the ends of the protected‘ blades. A The 50
stack positioned in this manner is'showri in Fig; 3
from which it Will be apparent that the troughs
l'l—-i8v receive the unsharpehed end portions l2
0f the blades with a snug ?t'while the‘ ni'aih por
tion it of the recesses receives the body of the
blades with distinct clearance. Thus the blades
are securely held by ?tting in the‘ troughs H‘ and
it with their keen cu'tti‘g edges‘ disposed in
the clear space of the recesses and ‘so'positiiiely
prevented" from making contact with any part 60
of the package.
The package is completed by'foldih‘gthe cover
portion over the‘ blade stack thus bringing- the
two recesses IE! and their contiguous troughs‘ l1
and it into exact registration
the'blade stack '
r'ounued b'y flat areas, the'réces'ses being shaped to
enclose with‘. clearance the’bo‘difesofthe blades in
the stack, the (?ver-sheets having 21st; walls
forming ‘separate ‘tfou‘gn's' leading ‘from, ‘said; re
cesses, which‘ troughs are shaped to cooperate
with, the folded sections ‘or the f's‘aid' seamen
the blades and hold‘ the blades‘ with their edges
trough to receive‘ the‘heleii'gated efidnpbrtionsg of
inthe open space" provided ty‘tiié‘bbbéséd re
3. A package for razor bla’des'ofthe meta’:
ingj elongated unsharpened end‘ pbrt'io'ris, a staek
of blades the package, said‘ package including
in its) structure a pair‘ of ‘similar cover sheets of
moldable‘ material having a; foldingconnection
and walls therein ‘farming re tahg‘?lar' ' reées‘ses
of substantially" equal; size" ccnn‘eété‘ct t’y a coin
mon't‘rough' which is‘ ‘tersected'by~ ‘thei’fol‘d line
of the covers and'surrtuna'ed b'y‘ ?at areas, the
recesses being shaped‘ to‘ é'neiosejvviui clearance
the bodies of the ‘blades in the "stack, die‘ edvjé'r
sheets having also walls forming naught leading
from ‘opposite ends or at least orre'or' said re‘
c‘ess'es', ‘which troughs aresha‘pe'd to :otérate
with the rowed‘ se'ctioris'of said cb‘riii'non trough
enclosed between‘ them. In this rowing oper
ation; the flat areas of both faces of the pack
and to' receive the’ elongated and iiirubii‘ 6f the’
age cover are brought into intimate and con
and hold the'bl'a‘des'with
by the saidv
‘ edges‘the
tinuous faoe-to-face contact and maybe con
veniently sealed together ‘by the application of 70 said cover sheets being united‘i'ii theirflat areas‘.
moderate heat and pressure distributedz'over the
?at areas without touching the embossed con‘
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