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Sept, .24, >1946.
2,408,224 _
Filed Dec. 4, 1944
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R. R - E
J. Dg@
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e my@ @in
' 2,408,224
Patented Slept. 24, A1.946
John B.~Palmer, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application December 4, 1944, Serial No. 566,440
`Th'efront of the badge 5 may also have printed
matter IQ suitably displayed thereon by means
The present invention relates to new and use
of gurnrned strips or printing the same directly
ful improvements in campaign badges, buttons ~
and the like adapted to be worn and has for its
ì on the badge.
Accordingly, in the operation of the device the
primary object to provide a badge of Vthis char
acter having a window opening therein and a CT names I5 and I6 may designate different candi
slide mounted in >the badge and containing two
dates for election to an oñice and the wearer of
the badge may selectively move the panel I2 uso
or more names printed thereon adapted for selec
as to bring either of said names into registry with
tive registry with the window opening to inter
I0 in accordance with> his
changeably expose either of said names to View
X the window opening
It may be assumed that the panel inthe form
A further object of the invention is to pro
of my invention is maintained in adjusted posi
vide an article of this
which is neat and attrac
tion relative to the window by friction between
practical construction, relatively
inexpensive to,
the panel vand walled chamber.
tive in appearance,
By using the names of two or more opposing
manufacture and votherwise well adapted for the
j candidates in a single badge having an adjustable
purposes for which the same is intended.
Other objects and advantages reside inthe
panel therein it is obvious that the same badge
details of construction and operation as more
may be used by different political parties and
fully hereinafter .described and claimed, refer
therefore under ordinary circumstancesv only one
ence being had to the accompanying drawing 20 badge would be needed in stock.
In view of the fact that all of the principal ele
forming part hereof, wherein like numerals refer
to like parts throughout, andV in which:V
Figure‘l is a front elevational view.
Figure 2 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view
through the badge casing taken substantiallyon 25
a line 2-21of Figure 3.
ments or features
of my invention are substan
tially rectangular it appears that the invention
would readily lend itself to accurate quantity pro- ,
By the Vuse of adhesive labels which could be
readily removed the badge could be used in a
multiplicity of different or similar campaigns.
A label and its name could be applied to the panel
‘Figure 3 is a vertical transverse sectional view
taken substantially on a line 3--3 of Figure 1.
Referring now to the drawing in detail and
first with respectV to the form of the invention 30 through the window. It will thus be appreciated
illustrated in Figures' 1 to 3, inclusive, the nu- V that the parts of the walled chamber may be
permanentlypsecured together with the panel
meral 5 designates a badge which includes a
permanently captive therein.
front wall 6 and rear Vwall 1, secured in spaced
It is believed that. the details of construction
apart substantially parallel relation to each other
by intermediate spacing walls 8 to provide a~
and manner of use of the device will be readily
chamber 9 in the badge.
understood from
The front wall 6 is formed with a substantially
rectangular window opening Ill and the rear
wall l is formed with a vertically extending slot
or substantially rectangular opening Il.
the foregoing without further_
vdetailed explanation.
Having thus described the invention, what I
A badge of the class described comprising front
and rear walls maintained in spaced parallel re
lation by spacing strip walls, said walls deiining
a rectangular walled chamber, said front wall
A panel I2 is slidably mounted in the chamber
9 of the badge having upper and lower strips I3
and I4 cemented ina horizontal position on the
front surface of the panel I2, the strips having
having aÍcentrally located substantially rectangu
printed or otherwise displayed thereon suitable .45 lar _horizontal window, said rear wall having a
vcentrally located vertical substantially rectan
printed matter, Which'in the present embodiment
opening, in combination with a panel slid
ably fitted within the major portion of the walled
selectively exposed in the window Yopening lil 50 rectangular chamber, said panel having two labels
adhesively secured respectively on each siderof aA `
upon a vertical sliding movement of the panel
located horizontal line on said panel,
I2 in the chamber 9.
' Y
said labels having indicated thereon respectively
The Vback of the panel I2 is provided with a
boss or lug I1 slidably mounted in the opening
the names of opposing candidates for a certain
or slot I I and to the boss or lug is suitably secured
office, said labels and names thereon being indi
a Safety pin or other fastening device I8.
of the invention designate names of different per
sons I5 and I6, the upper and lower names being
vídually and selectively displayed through the
window of the front Wall, said panel having on its
rear side a centrally located vertical boss ex
tending through the rectangular opening in said
tively of said walled chamber and panel, whereby
the alignment of either label and its name for
display through the Window may be accomplished,
means on said boss whereby said badge may be
rear wall and slidably received therein, cooper
ating stops on said panel and on said walled 6 secured on a garment for display purposes.
chamber to provide for limited movement rela
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