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Sept. 24, 1946.
Filed June‘ 24; 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
“h. 20
Jesse ,4. Famsqg
-Sept. 24, 1946.
. 2,408,227
Filed June 24, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet‘ 2
'56 2
~ BYQ/essé A. Famsqg ‘
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
Jesse A. Ramsey, Wenonah, N. J.
Application’ June 24, 1944, Serial No..541,951
rca'im. (01. 200-17)
. 1‘
concerned primarily’ with a holderdesigned to
accommodate a complete set of drills in orderly
A further object of the invention is the provi
sion, in, a drill holder of the type noted, of an
upright panel which is disposed in front of each
shelf. This, panel carries indicia for indicating
the size of the drill in each opening.
A further object in view is the provision‘ of a
drill holder made following the above noted pre
cepts and which is of a portable nature. In at
taining this end, the invention makes use of_a
. Tihs invention relates to drill holders “and is
Under present day working conditions it is nec
essary that a skilled mechanic, machinist, tool
maker or other workers "engaged in similar ac
tivitiesto have available a set of drills of di?er
ent sizes, In some instancesv'the number of drills
in a set may be comparatively small while. in 10 portablev casing comprising complemental sec
, tions, that are hinged together. Suitable means
other cases, a complete set extending over a wide
is provided for detachably, holding'these sec
range of sizes is required. Inany event, the user
' tions in closedposition. ‘ Each section contains a
of the drills ,must,;from time-to time select a
' particular, size drill'necessary. for any particular
drill holder ,unit' of the type :above described. 7
operation, -.When the drills are disposed in a 15 .An important object is the provision, in a port
able drill ,holderqof the type abovev noted, of
haphazard or disorderly arrangement, consider
able di?iculty and inconvenience .is experienced
means for movablyv positioning, each holding unit
in selecting. ,, Anattempt has been made to pro
in its, casing section. _ It is important that each
vide' holders which , will. ‘accommodate a set. of
of theseunits be movableinto a position from "
drills, but the results of theseknown efforts usu 20 which any drill, may be readily removed; Each
ally resultin a set of drills occupying so much
unitis, therefore, pivotably mounted on its lower
front edge which permits of the unit being tilted
space in the shop as to render their use undesir
forwardly. Means for limiting‘ this forward
able in manycases.
movement is also provided.
Moreover, mechanics are oftentimes called out
Yet another‘. object is the provision, in a port
on jobs and required to take their tools with 25
ableidrill holder of the character, aforesaid, of a
them. The usual practice has been for the me
holding unit which is completely removable from
chanic to place a bunch of drills in his bag» or
its casing section“ In attaining this end a de
kit, and when any particular drill is needed, it is
tachable type of, pivot is employed at the lower
selected from this group. Obviously this is a high
1y inconvenient arrangement forv the mechanic 30 front edge of the unit. The means for limiting
who is required to carry about the tools with him.
It- is these undesirable and unsatisfactory con
ditionswhich have prompted the .present inven
the tilting movement is also detachable. ,
Various other more detailed objects and ad
vantages such as arisein connection with carry
Accordingly, the invention has in ,view as its 35
ing out the above not'edthoughts in a practical
embodiment will in part become apparent and in
part be hereinafter stated as'the description of
foremost objective the provision of a drill holder
which accommodates a complete set of drills in
the invention proceeds.
The invention therefore comprises a portable
an orderly and compact arrangement, with each
drill holder consistingof acasing made of .two
drill held in a position from which it is readily
accessible, In carrying out this idea a plurality 40 complemental sections hingedtogether. Each of
these sections houses a, holder unit which is
of shelves are arranged in tiers one above and
mounted therein by: a detachable pivotal con-v
behind the other.‘ Each self is formed with a
nection, adjacent its lower front edge and de
plurality of openings each of which is designed
tachable means is provided for limiting the tilt
to receive a drill of a particular size, An impor
tant object of the invention lies in thelprovision 45 ing movement- Each unit comprises a series ,of.
shelves arranged in tiers and each shelf isformed
of means for properly supporting each drill'inits
opening. In many instancesithe. ?uted shank of ' with -a plurality of openings, each of which is
designed to receive a drill _.of certain size. vA
the drill is of greater diameter than the bit part
holding pin, is associated with the opening and
which is clamped in the chuck. Thus, the drill
might fall through a hole if the proper provision 50 extends thereinto wherebyit is adapted .to coop
erate with the ?ute of a drill tosupport, the same
were not made for supporting it.
in position. A panel is associated ‘with each
'»Accordingly,, a further object, is the'provision,
, shelf and carries-indicia designatingthev size of
in'a drill holder of the character aforesaid, of a
supporting pin which is‘ associated with each drill I ~. the drill in each opening.
opening and which is adapted to :?t into the ?ute 55
of a'drill to support thelatter in position."
For a full and more complete understanding
, of the invention, reference may be had to the fol
lowing description and accompanying drawings
and is shown per se in Figure 3. Each unit U
comprises a pair of end walls 21, a short front
Figure 1 is a perspective of a drill holder made
in accordance with this invention and shown in
wall 28 and at the back end the walls 21 are joined
by top strip 29 and a bottom strip 30. Each of the
end walls 21 is cut away to provide a stepped
formation. The steps in each of these end walls
are designated by the horizontal edges 3|, 32 and
the casing sections of Figure 1 showing the hold
33. Positioned below the stepedge 3| and prefer
ing unit in a tilted position; and
ably anchored‘ tov both. end walls 21 as by screw
Figure 3 is a vertical section through a holding
10 elements 34 (Figure 2) is a shelf number 35. This
unit showing the drill in position therein.
shelf number 35 is formed with a plurality of
Referring now to the drawings wherein like ref
openings 36, each of which is designed to receive
erence characters denote corresponding parts
the shank. of a drill. Such a drill is indicated at
and ?rst more particularly to Figure I,‘ a portable
D in Figure 3. The drill D will include a shank
casing is referred to in its entirety by. the refer
formed with a ?ute 31. A pin which may take
ence character C. This casing comprises the
the form of a screw 38 has an end projecting into
cOmplemental sections A and B which. are hinged
the opening 36 where it is adapted to be received
together as designated at NJ. The casing sections
in the ?ute 3'l to support the drill D in position.
A and B are substantial duplicates in construc
Another shelf 39 is positioned in a similar man
tion and it is, therefore, deemed necessary to de
scribe only one section in detail for the purpose 20 ner beneaththe step edge 32. and is also provided
with a series of openings 36 with each. of which
of this- speci?cation. Thus each of thesev casing
cooperates a screw 38. Another shelf 40' is ar
sections comprises an inner side wall I I, an outer
ranged beneath the step edge 33.
wall ii, a bottom end wall l3 and a top end wall
It is evident that a series of drills D is sup
l4. These walls H, I12, i3 and I4 de?ne 2, rec
ported by the shelf 35, another series by the shelf
tangular structure which is open onits inner face
39 and still another by the shelf 43. Moreover
and closed on- its outer face by a large flat wall
de?nite provision is made for holding each. drill
l5. It will be noted that the hinge connection
in a position. in which the bit portion extends
[0 runs along. the free edges of the inner walls I l.
up into a position in which it is seen. and is acces
Each of the top end. walls [4 has. pivotally
mounted thereon a hand grip l6. Thus, with the 30
The front wall. 28 is continued up- above the
casing sections A and B closed both of the grips
step edge 3! as is clearly brought out in Figures 2
I6 may be readily grasped in one hand which
and 3 and this portion of the front wall 28 con
facilitates the carrying about of the casing.
stitutes a. panel that carries indicia for designat~
It is intended that the casing sections A- and
ing the sizes of drills in the openings 36. The in
B be detachabl-y held in closed position. Any
dicia may be held inplace by a strip 4| (Figure 1)
suitable type of snap fastener may be employed
which mayv be a?ixediupon the outer face of the
for this purpose. .In the illustrated embodiment
upper portion of the front wall 23.» This strip 4!
two snap fasteners are employed.» One is located
isv preferably formed with a series of openings 42
adjacent to each end of the casing. Thusanele
ment [1 of each snap fastener is mounted onthe 40 which correspond in number and arrangement to
the openings 33 in the shelf 35.
outer wall I2 of the casing section A, while the
A panel 43 extends between the end walls 21
co-mplemental element l8 of the fastener is
above the step edge 31 and projects above the
mounted in a similar position on. the outer wall
step edge 32. The upper portion. of this panel
12. of the casing section B. Provision may also
also carries indicia for the drills which are held
be made for locking‘ the casing in a closedposi
in the openings 36 in the shelf 39. A. strip 44'
tion. Part of the locking mechanism is shown
(Figure 1) that corresponds to the strip 4 IV is car
at IS on the casing section A and the rest of the
ried by‘ the panel 43‘.
locks which cooperates therewith is indicated at
Still another panel 45 extends between the
20 on the casing section B. Any suitable type of
endv walls 21 above the step edge 32 and projects
lock may be employed.
above the top edge 33. This panel 45 carries in
It might be well to note at this point- that» the
dicia for the drill held in the shelf 40 as indicated
casing C‘ may‘ be made from any suitable ma
by the strip 46.
terial such as wood, metal or plastic. As illus
Extending outwardly from each of the end
trated. in the drawings, the casing C is shown as
walls 21 is a pivot pin 41. Each of the pivot pins
being made from wood, although this is» especially
open position.
Figure 2 is a vertical section through one of
41 is received in one Of the slots 26. of the brackets
noted as not being a limitation! of the inven
2| and 22.
Adjacent the top edges 33 each of'the end walls
The inner face of each bottom end wall 13
21 has anchored one end of a chain 48, the
carries a pair of brackets H and 22 which are
spaced apart as illustrated. Each of these brack 60 anchoring being indicated at 49. The other ends
of the chains 48 are detachably secured to the
ets. includes a base ?ange 23 which may be
hooks 9.
affixed to the bottom end Wall [3 in any preferred
Under ordinary conditions a complete set of
manner‘ such as by the screw fastening elements
drills may be held by'the units U which are posi
shown at 24. Upstanding from each base ?ange '
tioned in the casing section A and B.
23 is an ear 25, and. each- ear 25 is formed with
When the drills are not in use the casing C
an inclined slot 26.
may be closed and carried about from. place to
Referring now more particularly to Figure 2,
place. When the use of the drills is required,
it will be noted that a hook screw 9 is screwed
into the large ?at wall It‘: adjacent to each upper
corner. Thepurpose of the hooks9 will later
become apparent.
the casing C is opened and the upper portion of
the unit U is tilted forwardly on the pivot pins 41.
This forward movement will be limited by the
chains 48 and‘ the unit U will assume substan
tially‘ the position shown in Figure 2. In this po
sition‘ any of ‘the drills in any of. the tiers is
A drill holder unit is intended to be tiltably
and removably positioned in each of the casing
sections A and B. ‘One of these units is referred
to in its entirety by the reference ‘character U 75 accessible and may readily‘ be withdrawn.
prising a casing consisting of a pair of comple
mental casing sections, a drill holder unit tiltably
and removably mounted in each casing section,
each drill holder unit comprising stepped end
walls joined by a front end wall and rear strips,
may then be set down on any appropriate sup
a plurality of shelves extending between said end
porting surface or it might be suspended from a
walls and corresponding in position to said
suitable location. In any event the various drills
are at all times maintained in an orderly ar
stepped construction, each of said shelves hav
rangement and in a position in which they may
ing a series of openings; a drill supporting pin
be readily located and withdrawn with a mini 10 associated with each opening and having an end
mum of effort. .
projecting thereinto, a panel projecting above
While a preferred speci?c embodiment of the
each of the upper shelves, the upper edge of the
invention is hereinbefore set forth, it is to be
said front end wall extending upward above the
clearly understood that the invention is not to be
bottom shelf to form an extending panel and an
limited to the exact constructions illustrated and 15 indicating strip’ carried by each panel, each of
described because various modi?cations of these
said indicating strips having a series of openings
details may be provided in putting the inven
corresponding in number and arrangement to the
tion into practice within the purview of the ap
series of openings in the shelf with which it is
pended claim.
What is claimed is:
if desired, either of the units U may be com
pletely removed from its casing section 'by detach
ing the chain 48 from the hooks 9 and removing
the pivot pins 41 from the slots 26. Such a unit
A drill holder of the character described, com
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