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Sept. 24, 1946.
Filed April 19, 1944
?rm/112w au?o/vr‘ '
; Patented Sept. 24, 1946
’ Stephen du Pont, Wilbraham, Mass, ass'ignor to
' ‘ ~Indian Motocycle.‘Company,v Spring?eld,‘Mass.,
a corporation oflMassachusetts
. Application:
liquid damping type suitable for application to
a Vehicle wheel and has for‘ its object such an
organization and combination of parts , as will
intermediate position on said spindle 3.-
A further object of the invention is to provide
a combined unit of this character_which;will ab- j .-:
sorb shocks gradually and with increasing re
sistance as found desirable. to suit a particular
, h,
spindle is closed bya bottom plug closureqID.
Part wayidownyfromthe.topiof said spindle and
on the inside thereof isxpositionedia partition‘
I I 1 which closes off the lower :part of » saidf hollow
‘spindle: and forms therein ‘a reservoir ‘chamber
» design in the application thereof to a: vehicle
I2 adapted to be ?lled withadamping liquid
‘The present‘embodiment of the invention ,is
t ‘
The ‘top end of the, spindle ‘:3 is capped by‘a
top-closure plug 9 ‘and the lower end of said
simplify the construction and facilitatethe'as
sembly and disassembly of'suchunits. . ' -
positioned’ between saidbracket- and said lower
frame ‘member. 2. .By' means of-the springs ‘I
and .8 the ‘bracket is resiliently maintained inI-an
. sion and shock absorbing unit of the spring and
. .
and. the . lower-extension .of the ' bracketland 1' is I
_ This invention-relates tola combined'vsus‘ben
' .
such -as-oil commonly ‘used in‘hydraulic-shock
illustrated in connection with the rear wheel sus 15 absorbers...
~;;The bottom
I lplugcl-.
n zisisuitably
pension for a_ motorcycle to which use it is par
into the end of said spindle and said plug has a
ticularly adapted because of simplicity and com
reduced'inne'r end upon which‘ is ?xed or welded
pactness in design. By change in immaterial
a dash-pot cylinder‘ I3. This cylinder I3 ex
parts of the design it may be adapted to the
front wheel of a ‘motorcycle or to .other vehicle 20 tends upwardly within the chamber I2 and is
the usual ways.
preferably spaced from the interior wall of the
spindle as shown. It is provided with a cylinder
Further objects and advantages of the inven
tion will become apparent from the following
description taken in connection with the accom
panying drawing which shows one suitable em
bodiment thereof and in which the ?gure isa
vertical section of the assembled unit shown as
connected between the upper and lower frame
members at the rear of a motorcycle.
Referring more particularly to the drawing,
the upper and lower members at the rear and
right side of the motorcycle frame are indicated
at I and 2 and connected between these mem
bers is a somewhat vertically disposed hollow
post or slipper spindle 3. In some instances the
spindle 3 may be more inclined to the vertical
than as here shown. Sleeved upon the spindle
3 for up and down sliding movement thereon is
a slipper bracket 4, a rearward extension 5 of
which receives the axle 6 of a rear wheel shown
in dotted lines. The slipper bracket 4 is formed
as shown with tubular extensions one above and
one below the mid section of said spindle. The
rear axle support 5 is an integral projection from
the mid portion of said slipper bracket. It will
be understood that ‘the arrangement of parts
here described is duplicated at the left rear side
of the frame and that the ends of axle 6 are
supported in two of Said extensions 5 in any of
head I4 which is screw threaded into the upper
end of the cylinder I3; At the lower or under
25 side of said head I4 9, key way slot I5 is formed.
Reciprocably movable within the cylinder I3
is a dash-pot piston I6 slidably ?tted to the in
ner wall of said cylinder and having one or more
rebound ori?ces therethrough such as H.
30 rebound relief valve I8 at the top of said piston
yieldingly closes said ori?ces I‘! by means or
valve spring I9 held in position by retaining pin
20 ?xed crossways in the piston ‘connecting rod
2i. This retaining pin 20 alsoserves as a key
35 for ?tting into the aforesaid slot I5 of the cyl
inder head I4 for unscrewing the same from its
cylinder I3 in the disassembly of the parts.
The connecting rod 2| fastened to piston I6 ex- '
tends upwardly through head I4, and partition I I r
40 and has screw fastened to its upper end by a screw
thread, a cap lug 22. A cross pin 23 which ex
tends diametrically of the spindle 3 through slots
24 thereof, unites the lug 22 and its connecting
rod 2I to-the upper end of the slipper bracket 4.
45 In this manner the piston I5, slipper bracket 4
. and rear wheel axle 5 will all move together rela
tively to the spindle 3 and cycle frame.
In the lower end plug Iii there is formed a
horizontal feed passage 25 communicating with a
vertical passage 26 which provide for inlet of oil
from the reservoir. I2 into the dash-pot cylinder
I3. A check valve 21 held in position by valve
spring 28 and retaining pin 29 is employed to'con
trol this oil feed inlet passage. The lower end of
tween the bracket 4 and the upper frame mem
ber I and a recoil spring 8 surrounds the spindle 55 vertical passage 26 is accessible to the exterior of
In my preferred arrangement a load carrying
spring ‘I surroundsthe ‘spindle and the upper
extension of the bracket and is interposed be
plug l0 through a ?lling opening 30 normally
closed by a removable supplemental plug 3|. A
spring pressed ball check valve 32 is provided for
this ?ller opening 30. A measured quantity of
oil may be introduced into chamber 13 through
the ?ller opening 30 by any suitable type of grease
gun and the check valve 32 will prevent leakage
to provide hydraulic damping for the rear wheel
of a motorcycle. My invention is embodied in a
form which may very easily be adapted to the
existing types of motorcycles as a conversion job.
I claim:
A suspension mounting for a vehicle wheel
comprising in combination, upper and lower
members of a vehicle frame, a hollow spindle fas
tened at its upper end to said upper Iframe mem
In normal use the reservoir chamber l2 and 10 ber and at its lower end to said lower frame mem
the dash-pot cylinder l3 are substantially full of
ber, a slipper bracket comprising a sleeve por
oil which is circulated between the cylinder and
tion having extensions above and below the mid
reservoir by the pumping action of the dash-pot
' section of said spindle and slidably mounted on
piston. The discharge of oil from cylinder.|3
the outside .of said spindle, said slipper bracket
into reservoir l2 during an upward stroke of- pis 15 having 'aniintegralgfork portion midway between
ton I6 is accomplished in such manner that 'a
its upper and ‘lower ends for carrying the axle
gradually increasing resistance is presented to
of said wheel, a load carrying spring surrounding
said upward or bounding stroke of the piston.
said :spindle .and the upper extension of said
‘ For this purpose the outlet or discharge ports
slipper bracket and having a bearing against said
when the gun is removed and while the supple
mental plug 3 I; is beingreplaced.
for the cylinder are in the form of a series-of ver-‘ 20 upper frame member, and a recoil spring sur
tically spaced ori?ces 33 at the upper part of said
cylinder .13, which ori?ces are successively closed
off ‘by the'upward strokeof said piston Hi, This
rounding said spindle and the lower extension of
said slipper bracket and having a'bearing against
the lower frame member, said spindle having
action effectively dampens the upward stroke of
formed therein at its lower part a closed cham
the ‘piston and checks ‘the bounding action of the 25 ber containing liquid, a dash-pot piston and its
vehicle wheel. ‘The combination .of the spring
cylinder mounted within said chamber with inlet
suspension and dampening action of :the dash
and outlet ports for the inter?ow of liquid be
pot shock absorber .as described is found to .be
tween said cylinder and chamber, a connecting
very e?ective in producing smooth and comfort
rod extending from ‘said piston to the upper part
able :r'iding of lthemotorcycle rover rough roads. 30 of said spindle, and-a cross pin extended through
Moreover this advantageous result is accom
a slot in the upper part of said spindle and united
plished without cumbersome additions to the slipe
to the upper end of said connecting rod and to
per spindle a-nd‘bracket suspension heretofore in
the upper end of said slipper bracket upper ex
common use,'t-he compact structure of the .present
tension whereby said piston is moved up and'down
design having the same simplicity in outward ap 35 within its cylinder by movements of the wheel
pearance as in the usual rear wheel suspension of
relative to the vehicleiframe.
motorcycles. Heretofore it vhasznotioeen common
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