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Sept. 24, 1946.
Filed July 25, 1942-
s Sheets-Sheet 1
0. R. Pet ersan
Sept. 24, 1946.
Filed July 25; 1942
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
0. R. Peterson
L . L . Egber
Sept. 24, 1,946.
Filed July 25, 1942
3 Sheets-Sheet 5
7-’ 22
' 22
' j
0. B. Pelenson
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
Anmscmciiio?iesir dancea-
Hyl'er, Washington, 111., assignors to R; G.
~' Tourneau, Inc”. Stockton, Calif.,- a corporation
of California
H Application July‘25, 1942', Serial No. 452,254
3 Claims. ((31.3’7-144")v
This invention relates to push graders of the
ofthe adjustable push- ‘grader as mounted in
type known as “bulldozers,” and which comprise
connection with an- endless track tractor. '
in general a transversely extending upstanding
grader blade unit‘mounted in connection with
and ahead of a tractor; such a blade unit con
ventionally being carried‘b'y a mount,~which per
mits of vertical adjustment of the working height
Figure 3 is" a plan view of the-adjustable'p‘ushv
of thee bladeunit, as’ well as- tilting adjustment
of said unitlengthW-ise of- the tractor.
Figure 2 is a fragmentary enlarged side eleva
tion of the grader‘bladeunit and its mount; the‘
adjacent tilt‘ control mechanism- being shown in
- grader.
Referring now more particularly to the char‘
The‘! principal object of this invention is to 10 acters of reference on' the drawings‘, the numeral
provide apush grader having a grader‘ blade unit
l indicates a pair of forwardly extending trans
mount which incl'liideslunique'means operative to
versely spaced push beams' disposed on opposite
selectively e?fect» tilting of‘th’e‘ blade unit length
sides and projecting some distance ahead of the
wise of the tractor, i. exforw'ardly or backwardlyj
tractor, which is indicated generally at 2. At
or‘ transversely of the tractor to impart a trans‘
verse slope to‘v'tlieblade tinitpas'is desirable for
certain types'of work.
Another object of theinvention islato provide
novel‘: tilt control~~'mechanisms arranged with the
grader blade unit mount and’ designed so that
tilting adjustment- of the grader blade unit, even
from extreme positions, can be accomplished by
the tractor operator quickly, easily, andwithout
the use of‘ tools; this'feature being of substantial
advantage where the implement is used; on a job
requiring varied and frequentradjustments of the
working position of'the grader'blade unit.
An additional obj ectis to incorporate, with the
grader blade unit mount, tilt control mechanisms
each of which includes‘ air-substantially horizontal,
longitudinally‘ extending‘ spindle pivoted to- and
projecting rearwardly'frorn the; grader blade unit‘
ad'j‘acent‘oneend, a» gear surrounding the‘ spindle
and‘ having an axially immovable‘ hub threaded
ons'aid spindle, a pinion’ meshing indriving rela
tion with they gear, and manually controlled
means to effect rotation’ of said pinion; said
means including, in one embodiment, a hand
crank. In another embodiment said means in
cludes a separate/electric m'otor'for and arranged
in driving connection with each pinion; opera
tion of the motors being selectively controlled by
the operator on the tractor.
their rear-ends the push beams l are connected
with corresponding upstanding side plates 3 in
termediate the ends‘ of the latter by means of
universal‘ joints of ball and‘ socket type; said joints
comprising ball~like trunnions 4" secured to plates
3, and socket members 5’ ?xed on the push beams
and engaging‘ said trunnions. The side plates 3
are secured in facing relation to the correspond
ing side frames 6 of the tractor.
A g‘rader' blade unit is‘disposed ahead or the
forward'ends of the push beams I, and extends,_
in upstanding position, . transversely‘ therebe
tween: saidv grader blade unit comprising a for
wardly facing, concave back plate ‘I ?tted at its
lower edge with a transversely extending ground 7
cutting‘ and scraping blade 8'. At each end the
plate 1' is ?tted in? rigid‘; relation with a pair of
transversely and‘ somewhat spaced plates forming‘
end wings 9 which project‘ both forwardly‘ and
rearwardly relative to said'back plate 1; The
35 upper, edge of back‘ plate 7‘ is" secured to a trans
verse box beam It‘ wnicn'extends from side to
side‘ of the grader-‘blade unit and is‘ secured at‘
its ends to thoend wings'a. The grader blade
unit also. includes, adjacent its lower edge, anon-
zon‘talg transversely extendingbase plate I I which
projects rearwardly some distance, and another
transverse plate I! extends from the rear edge
of plate I l at an upward and forward incline
A further object of the invention is to produce
to connection with plate 1 some distance above
a simple and inexpensive device and yet one 45 plate ll; the'plates H and i2 serving as rein
which will be exceedingly e?ective for the purpose ' forcing members.
for which it is designed.
At their’ forward ends the push beams l are
These objects we accomplish by means of such
?tted with forwardly projecting ears l3 which
structure and relative arrangement of parts as
extend between the adjacent pairs of end wing
will fully appear by a perusal of the following 50 plates adjacent the bottom and are secured there
speci?cation and claims.
between by horizontal cross pins I4. Diagonal
In the ‘drawings similar characters of refer- ' braces‘ 15 extend ‘between the push beams and
ence indicate corresponding parts in the several ' the grader blade unit reinforcing plate l2; .said
braces being pivoted at their ends in connection
Figure 1 is a side elevation, partly in section, 55 with said push beams and plate l2 for vertical
swinging movement. The braces l5 each include
a compensating connection l6. Vertical posts I‘!
are mounted in rigid connection with and up
stand from the push beams i adjacent the for
ward ends of the latter, and are braced by mem
bers l8.
When it is desired to tilt the grader blade unit
transversely of the tractor, one crank is rotated
in one direction, and the other crank is rotated
in an opposite direction. This results in opposite
movement of spindles 20, which produces a tend
ency to drop one push beam at its rearmost trun
nion point and to raise the other beam at said
Each post at its upper end is ?tted with a hori
point. Inasmuch as these points are pivotally
zontal longitudinally extending housing l9 into
fixed, this urge is satis?ed at the grader blade
which a spindle 20 slidably projects from the for
unit, resulting in lifting of one corner of the same
ward end of said housing. Said spindles ahead
from the ground and transverse angular position
of housings l9 are each formed with a clevis 2|
ing of said unit.
whose axis is horizontal. A short link 22 is piv
From the foregoing description it will be readily
oted in each clevis 2| by a horizontal cross pin
that we have produced such a device as sub
23; the link extending forwardly from- the clevis
some distance and being engaged between the 15 stantially ful?lls the objects of the invention as
set forth-herein.
adjacent end wing plates. A horizontal cross pin
While this speci?cation sets forth in detail the
24 secures each of said links 22 between-the cor
responding Wing plates.
Each spindle 20, within its housing 19, is
threaded as at 25 and a gear 25 surrounds such
threaded portion and includes a hub 21 threaded
thereon. - Each housing 19 is enlarged as at 28 to
form a gear case, such case engaging opposite
vpresent and preferred construction of the device,
still in practice such deviations from such detail
may be resorted to as do not form a departure
from the spirit of the invention, as de?ned by the
Having thus described our invention, what we
claim as new and useful and desire to secure by
faces of the gear and preventing axial movement
Patent is:
thereof. A drive pinion 29 is disposed in each 25 Letters
1. In a push grader, a pair of transversely
gear case 28 in mesh with the corresponding gear
25; each pinion including a pinion shaft 30 which
projects horizontally and rearwardly from the .
spaced push beams, a transverse grader blade unit
ahead of and pivoted to said push beams for tilt
ing movement lengthwise of the direction . of
gear case. Each shaft~3? at its rear end is ?tted,
in the embodiment of Figs. 1-3, inclusive, with 30 travel, means between the blade unit and push
‘beams to control transverse tilting of said unit,
a hand crank 3|.
and a blade unit lifting link disposed centrally of
The grader blade unit centrally of its ends and
the ends of the blade unit and pivoted thereto at
back of plate ‘I is ?tted with an upstanding elon
the back and adjacent its lower edge for trans
gated link 32 which is pivoted at its lower end
by pin P between attachment members 33 for 35 Verse swinging movement, vsaid link- extending
upwardto a point above the bladeunit and being
swinging movement in a vertical plane trans
adapted at its upper end for connection with- a
versely of. the implement. The members 33 are
lifting cable.
suitably mounted in connection with the rein
2. A structure as in claim 1 including a guide
forcing plates II and I2.
member mounted on the blade unit at the back;
Adjacent its upper end the link 32 extends
said member forming an elongated transverse
through a transverse slot formed by a guide 34
slot through which the link projects.
which permits of transverse swinging movement
3. In a push grader, a pair, of transversely
of the link, but maintains the same against rock
spaced push beams, a transverse grader blade unit
ing movement lengthwise of the tractor. At its
upper end and above guide 34 the link is ?tted 45 ahead of and pivoted to said push beams for tilt
ing movement lengthwise of the direction of
with a pivotally mounted cable anchor 35 to which
travel, transversely spaced tilt control mecha
is attached the lift cable 36. This lift cable ex
nisms connected between said grader blade unit
tends upwardly over a direction changing sheave
and corresponding push beams, said mechanisms
(not shown) on a conventional A-frame carried
by the tractor; a portion of which A-frame is 50 each being operative to impart a-forward, or rear
ward,tilting force to the grader blade, universal
indicated at 31. The cable 6 is actuated from a
conventional power winch on the tractor.
. In use of the above described implement, tilting
joints on the push beams adjacent their rear ends,
one part of said joints being adapted for rigid
connection witha tractor, a transversely swing
is accomplished easilyand quickly by the operator 55 able lifting link pivoted to said blade unit inter
mediate its ends, and means adapted to connect
through the medium of the cranks 3|, rotation of
a lift cable to said link at its upper end.
both of said cranks in the same direction effect
ofthe graderblade unit lengthwise of the tractor
ing either an advancing or retracting movement
of spindles 2B, which results in the desired for
ward or rearward tilt of the grader blade unit.
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