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Sept. 24,
Filed Feb. 19., 1945
. 2,408,275
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l Sept. 24, 1946.
Filed Feb. 19', 1945 .
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` Patented Sept. 24, Y1946
l 2,408,275!`
omas `
2,408,275 ,_
.» Harvey vE. Shaeffer, Chicagm'lll., assignor to> Ar-`
, , vey Corporation, Chicago, Ill., a corporation of
' ¿Applicàupn February 19,` 1945, serial No. 578,581
This invention relates to toy flying machines
and is more particularly concerned with toyA fly
movement therewith by means of a keyk I3. The
rear propeller 9 is preferably journaled on the
Wheel mounting l2, and a thrust bearing I4, such
as a pair of disc-shaped washers, is interposed
between said propeller 9 and the Wall member l.
A longitudinally extending bore I6 is formed
in ther Wheel mounting l2 to receive and serve
ing machines of the type provided with a pair of
coaxially mounted propellers of opposite pitch
adapted to be drivenin opposite directions from
a single source of power, and has for an object
the provision of improved means for mounting
and driving the propellers for rotational move
ment in opposite directions.
It is a further object of this invention to pro
vide means adapted to be positioned between a
as a bearing for a driving shaft l1. The forward
blade 8 is secured to the forward end of the driv
10 ing shaft Il and is engaged against relative ro
tational movement therewith by bending the
shaft laterally and thence rearwardly at I8 for
offset engagement with the axis of the propeller.
pair of coaxially mounted propellers for driving
one of said propellers in the reverse direction re
sponsive to rotational movement of the other
An enlarged ñange portion I9 is formed on the
15 forward end of the Wheel mounting l2 to support y
a plurality of wheels 2| having their axes radially
disposed from the axis of the -Wheel mounting.
This invention further contemplates the pro
vision of a dual propeller construction which ls
The wheels are preferably journaled on nails 22
which pass through 'axial openings formed in the
and which may be sold either as an assembled
unit or as a kit of parts for assembly by the 20 wheels for engagement with the periphery of the
relatively simple and inexpensive to manufacture
enlarged flange portion I9.
The driving shaft Il is preferably rotated by
f Itis a further object of this invention to pro
vide a dual propeller construction of this type
which may readily be assembled and mounted
for operation on various types of flying machines
such as monoplanes, biplanes, helicopters, etc.
This invention embodies other novel features,
details of construction and arrangement of parts
which are hereinafter set forth in the specifica
tion and claim and illustrated in the accompany
ing drawings wherein:
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view partly in sec
tion showing an airplane embodying a dual pro
peller construction embodying features of this
Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary longitudinal
sectional view showing the dual propeller assem
Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken along the line
3-3 of Fig. 2.
Fig. 4 is a side elevational view, partly in sec
tion, showing a modified form of this invention
means of ra resilient rubber band 23 having its
one end connected to a hook portion 24 provided
on the driving shaft Il and its other end con
nected to a hook 426 secured to the rear 'end of
the fuselage 6. `
Referring now more particularly to Figs. 4 and
,5, the improved dual propeller assembly is shown
30 as applied to a helicopter fuselage 3|.
In this
form of the invention the upper surface of the
fuselage is provided with a top plate 32 formed
with a centrally disposed aperture to receive the
,inner end of the wheel mounting I 2. The pro
35 pellers 33 and 34 are mounted and. arranged in
the manner heretofore describedl in connection
with the arrangement'and mounting of the pro
pellers 8 and 9. However, the blades thereof are
in the form usually provided on helicopters, As
40 the other parts forming this construction are
similar to the parts heretofore described, similar
numerals are applied to indicate similar parts.
, In theroperation of each of the forms of this
as applied to the fuselage of a helicopter.
invention, the outer propeller, 8 or 33, is ñrst
Fig. 5 is a plan view of same.
Referring now to the drawings for a better 45 rotated manually to apply a twisting force to the
resilient band 23.. When the outer propeller is
understanding of this invention and more par
released, the resilient band 23 acts through driv- '
ticularly to Figs. 1 to 3 therein, the improved dual
ing shafts l1 to rotate the forward propeller
propeller assembly is shown as applied tok an air
which, in turn, acts through the wheels 2| to
plane fuselage 6 provided with a propeller mount
50 drive the rear propeller in a reverse direction.
ing wall 1.
In the manufacture of an assembled propeller
The dual propeller assemblyr comprises a pair
unit, or a kit of parts adapted for sale for as
of propellers 8 and 9 having blades of opposite
sembly by the buyer, 'it will be observed that the
pitch. An aperture ll is provided in the Wall 1
propellers, wheels, and wheel mounting 'may be
of the fuselage to snugly receive a Wheel mount
lng. l2 which is secured against relative rotational 55 inexpensively formed of wood or other materials
having their axes radially disposed about the
axis of said idler Wheel mounting, a driving shaft
journaled in said idler Wheel mounting, a front
propeller secured on the outer end of said driv
a kit of parts embodying the several parts of the
propeller assembly, it is contemplated that each
propeller may be formed in several parts for as
sembly by the buyer, and that each propeller may
comprise a pair of“ blades having their inner ends
ing shaft for driving engagement with said fric
tion- idler wheels, a rear propeller. journaled on
said idler wheel mounting to be driven in a re
verse direction by said friction idler Wheels, and
glued or otherwise secured to a hub plate.
a resilient band having its one end secured to the
While this invention has been shown in but one
form, it is obvious to those skilled in the art that
it is not so limited but is susceptible of various
changes and modifications Without departing .
from the spirit and scope of -the claimed inven
I claim as my invention:
In a toy ñying machine, a fuselage, an idler
Wheel mounting secured to said fuselage, a plu-`
rality of friction idler Wheels journaled upon and
and that the several parts are adapted to be
assembled and mounted upon either an airplane
fuselage or a helicopter fuselage. In the sale of
inner endy of said driving shaft and its other end
secured to said fuselage, said resilient band serv
ingA toA rotate thefdriving shaft and to draw the
latter rearwardly to maintain the front and rear
15 propellers in operative frictional driving engage
ment against diametrically opposed sides of said
friction idler wheels.
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