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Sept. 24, 1946.
A. momgs '
Filed May 24, 1945
2,408,317 ‘
Patented Sept. 24, 1946
Ap Trevor Jones, Chicago, Ill.,,.a‘ssignor to In'ter- ‘
state Bakeries Corporation, Kansas City,
corporation of Delaware
Application May V24, 1943',- Serial ‘No; 488,171
1 Claim.‘ (01. 99-172)
This invention relates to banded bread loaf
package and, more particularly articles such as
wrapped loaves of bread or the like which are
packaged by means of paper-like wrappers pro
vided with potentially adhesive coatings such as
heat-and-pressure sealable coatings and with
a band therearound.
In the wrapping of bread heretofore’it has been
customary to wrap- a relatively narrow band,
in-a conventional bread wrapper i I which, refer
ring now'for (example to Figures 1 to 3 inclusive,
may lbel-of the usual well-known translucid waxed
paper, waxed on both sides and particularly on
its exterior surface, and, associated with the
wrapper, and, in the ?gures of the drawing re
ferred $0,131]. the exterior thereof, I have shown
a band 12 of unwaxed paper, a portion of which,
inseparated relation, is shown in Figure 4, and
carrying printed matter of attention at
bearing suitable advertising or other printed 10 desirably
tracting character, here represented merely by
matter, about each loaf of bread simultaneously
the 'word “Bread” thereon as at 1'3, and which
with the application of the bread wrapper in
may be any appropriate indicia.
the wrapping machine. The wrap-per for the
As shown in Figure 5, somewhat diagrammat
bread has usually been formed of waxed paper
ically, the wrapper and band may be associated 7
or moisture proof translucid paper-like material, 15 together as an adjunct to the operation of a com
an adhesive such as the wax or the like being
mercial wrapping machine and led from suitable
carried by both the band and the wrapper, or
supply rolls l4 and I5 respectively, simultane
introduced therebetween.
When a heat or pres
ously, into the wrapping machine for the wrap
ping of the loaf in a manner which need not be
the band, it has been difficult and expensive to 20 here further described, and which will be under
apply desired printed matter to the band; when
stood by those working in the art.
the wrapper alone has carried the sealable mate
In accordance with the present invention, the
rial, it has not been possible to obtain a satisfac
band I2 is provided with perforations therein as
tory seal; and when an extraneous adhesive has
indicated at IS, in this instance along each lon
been introduced between the wrapper and band 25 gitudinal edge of the band, being here shown as
the cost has been prohibitive.
relatively small round holes spaced say a fraction
The present invention solves these difficulties
of an inch apart therealong.
and makes possible the use of an unwaxed band,
By perforating the band continuously there
for example, with a, Wrapper carrying a wax or
along at each side as indicated, it will be assured
other heat and pressure sealable coating, and 30 that when the wrapper and a length of the band
e?ecting a secure attachment of the band to the
corresponding thereto are cut off by the wrap
wrapper, in the conventional wrapping machine
ping machine i'or packaging the individual loaf
practice and without extraneous means, even
and the wrapper and band wrapped around the
though the band be on the exterior of the wrap
loaf as shown in the drawing, there will be por
sure sealable coated material has been used for‘
This and other objects and advantages will be
apparent from the following description, taken
together with the accompanying drawing, in
35 tions of the band which are perforated which are
interleaved with the wrapper where the initially
free edges of the wrapper are lapped together
upon the underside of the loaf to form a sealed
seam as at IT, and other perforated portions of
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a packaged 40 the band which overlap the seam on the exterior
load of bread to which my invention is applied;
of the wrapper.
Figure 2 is an enlarged cross-section on the
Upon the application of heat and also prefer
line 2-2 of Figure 1;
ably a suitable amount of pressure to the seam
Figure 3 is a further enlarged fragmentary lon
IT, in the wrapping machine, the wax of the
gitudinal section through the seal, taken on the 45 wrapper I l is activated and. will ?ow through the
line 3-3 of Figure 2;
perforations 16 in the band, and, as best shown
Figure 4 is a portion of the band employed with
in Figure 3, will form interlocking portions or
the present invention and looking at it in plan;
little rivets I8, which securely attach the band to
Figure 5 is a somewhat diagrammatic view of 50 thewrapper, even though the band be on the
exterior thereof as shown in Figures 1, 2, and ,3.
the supply rolls for the wrapper and band and
Rivet portions 18 of the coating thus extend
an illustrative relationship of the latter.
through perforations [6 in inner and outer lami
Referring in detail to the drawing, to an ar
nated formation in the area of the seam H. For
ticle and method exemplifying the present inven
example, the rivet portions in the band end lzq
tion, I have shown a loaf of bread l0 wrapped
represent an inner lamination and the rivet por
tions in the band end l2b represent an outer
In the case of Figures 1, 21 and 3, the end lZa
of the relatively narrow band I2 is inserted dur
ing the wrapping operation between the over
lapped edges Ila and llb of the wrapper so as
to be interleaved therewith.
sure, a pair of adjacent ends of the wrapper‘
forming an overlapped seam area having said
~ coating to which the heat and pressure have been
applied; a band of ?exible material which does
not have adhesive or potentially adhesive prop
erties encircling said loaf on the exterior of the
wrapper and having overlapped ends within the
seam area,vone' end of the band being interleaved
It will be seen that the edges of the wrapper
with theedges of said wrapper in the seam and
are sealed together as at l8 and as at H) and I911 10 the other end of the band being overlapped with
by the adhesive properties of the coating, sub- said seam on the exterior of the wrapper; per
stantially over the area of said seam except that
forations in said band spaced longitudinally along
portion which is covered by the imperforate por- '
each side margin thereof throughout the length
tion of the end of the band, whereby the band is
of the band at su?iciently close intervals so that
anchored in position, although the band is of 15 the ends of the band within said seam area have
plain paper or other uncoated substance or is
perforations therein at each side of each band
not of heat or pressure sealable material. Where
end; and extruded rivet portions of said coating
the heat and pressure are not applied, the band
after the application of said heat and pressure
is desirably unsecured to the wrapper.
extending from said wrapper through said per
The rivet portions in the band end outermost 20 forations in both ends of the band in inner and
of the seam, as at 20, are on the exterior of the
outer laminated formation in the area of said
package and in the plane of this band end [2b.
seam, the rivet portions in the end of the band
The extending ends of the wrapper are con
outermost of the seam being on the exterior of
the wrapper and in the plane of the band end
outermost of the seam, whereby both ends of the
the package.
band are secured to the wrapper in the seam
Having described my invention, I claim:
area but the band is unsecured to the wrapper
A banded bread loaf package, comprising: a
except where the heat and pressure have been
loaf of bread; a wrapper of flexible material en
applied and the band has a different surface than
veloping said loaf, said wrapper having a poten 30 the wrapper and has a central portion therealong
tially adhesive flowable coating on the exterior
between said perforations for indicia lettering.
thereof adapted to be activated by heat and pres
ventionally folded and sealed as at 2|, by a simi
lar application of heat and pressure, to complete
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