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, Oct. 1, 1946-v
Filed June 8, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet l
@v /////////\\
EIE:_2_ "
Oct. 1, 1946-
Filed June a; 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented 0a. 1, 1946
.5 UNITEstares ‘ I .rATaNT * ctr-rice.
‘James E. Davenport ‘and Leonard J. Quinn, Rich? 3'’ ,
I-mond, Calif_.; said
assignortosaid Dav;
IAppucatiqnIJhneis, 1944, Serial No.539I,3I76
mounted on a turntable'jsupported .on a carrier
The invention relatesi'to‘cranes of, theltype in
which the boom land ‘operating machinery are 7
mounted on ya ,turn'tablesupported on a ‘?xed base
suchas a ,mOtQI‘tI‘fLlCkfOlf tractor. In .the embodi
ment, of thelinvention illustrated in the draw
more particularly to ,anrimproyed means , for .dis
6 and Iincludesa boom 11 supported on a turntable
tributing the strain of'fthe load carried’ by the
8. which ,is rotatable about a .vertical axis and
mounted on thewtruck, the boom being .pivotally
I oron a carrier suchias'ja motor-truck, and relates _ ~ ings, the cranelisjincorporat'ed ‘in ,a vmotor ‘truck
Anobject of theiinvention is-to provideta means
' I connected" to ‘the turntable for swinging about a
offshe character‘ described which will remove‘ a
horizontal axis.
largesportion of the strain onjtheturntable cen :10 ' The turntable ‘as here Ishownpomprises anIupL ter¢piIn,I,and transfer, the, excess strain of ” the
per rotatable vlnenrlber 9: and a ‘lowérjsuprorting
load independentlyof the pin directly to the base
or carrier iramein all positions‘of the turntable.
Anotherjobjectnof the-invention isto provide I.
ried,‘ the lower member being ?XedI‘t-o .and sup,
involve a minimum of parts; will leave the coné
ventional parts of Ithecrane and vcarrier ‘freely -
bearing I 3 inlwhich is heldIthe center-pin 14
which projects “fromIIa central ‘bearing l6 form
ing a part of the'upper member 9.- .’I‘he Weight
replacement of such ,parts iwhenjnecessary. v
ofv the member 9 is communicated to thejlovrer
member .I ll‘ upon whichthe upper Vmenflber'is car
ported ‘on the; sills ‘I92 of the truck ‘chassis, and
a means of the Icharacterdescriibed which will ‘15 having provided centrally therein a journal or
accessible, and permit the ready removal and
A further object of the inventionlisto provide
‘to nieinberjbyfrneans of conical “rollers jIHI carried
a means of the character described which i-gin'
, by
the vform‘ of an attachment which ‘may be ,Ireade
11y .lapplied to cranesof Practically alltypes and
models, without requiring‘ extensive valteraticns. _ ~ '
' ber?S adjacent the ,Iperiphery thereof
and.’ engagingv the upper. sideofa bull-ring *8
which forms partner the member 1e ?otation
of the member 9 is effected by lineages. 9f ,al'suitt
able power unit {9 carried ~upon the‘membejr and
I'_I‘he invention possessescther objects and tea: 21s
tures of advantage; someof'whichg with foresee - 7 operating to drive a pinionngl which meshes with
gear teeth 22 provided I around the bully-ring [8.
lug. will beI'setforth ll1i__l':h_e following ‘description
‘Brackets Boothe-member 9 aed?o vhichihe
illustrated inthe vdrawings acoompanyinjgjnand (I: booni'is piyoted are positioned closeto an edge
or the member; and the operating machineryfi'n
forming part of thefspeci?'catioin 'It is to be un~
cluding'the IQpower unitv ‘I9 is positioned'on‘the
derstooel, however, 'thatvvariations iri'thejshow
ing Iinade by the said. drawings anddescription ~ memberiglirectly oppositesuch brackets at the
other side'of the center-pin It. Also positioned
may be adopted within the IsIcopIerof the iuvene
of the previeo'esd form. of, ‘the inrenti - which is
a on the upper member '9' and for ‘the most part lo’
cated on the bortion of the member more remote
‘ Figure l '1' is a Plan View" Qf- that-unable “per;
‘ fro‘mIItheboom pivot, is a cab ‘24 which encloses
as set {forth
to said
in the
cl'IaiInIsII, .-’ ' -,
I,,I' ' V
the‘ machinery and controls and provides‘a pro
tion of 'a' mote-r truck crane eawippedrviihqthe
stebilizefmeens of ‘our 'irfiveiltion; he no of the ' tectiv'e" enclosure for: the operator; With this
structure being removed to disclose I‘th'ehiglden 40 conventional”arrangement;-3a certain amount of
counterbalance[isv provided to partly offset the
“Figure '2 is a‘ vertical sectional ‘View of the , weightia'nd load of the boom.
may be perceived, notwithstanding the
mechanism/illustrated ‘in'"Fig'ur'e 1, th'eI'plane'of
the section being generally indicated
théqline -
counter-balancing effect of ~the parts as afore
saidjthe" strain occasioned by1 the loads carried
Figure? is an enlarged view‘ corresponding to" 45 by the boom;
imposed T-foi'v ‘the most part on
the center-pin'fand although this pin is usually
'‘ made of relatively large diameter,v all too‘ fre
quen'tly (new the very 'héavy‘and continued
_ ' Figure 4 is a' transversesectional'view oi the
strai'nsl'th'e ‘pin' will become "fractured "or broken
mechanism Ishown in Figure :3; "
Figure?iis a side-elevation of a complete crane-' 50 Ind Qcgza'sion'I considerable injury as wellas lo'sI‘Is
Figure'72, bu?s'howihédnly part of the struc;
motor truck showing the‘stabilizer means of our
inventionapplied thereto’.
“In accordance
in re?lacement.
with ‘our I invention;
load carried by" the ‘boom is Such ‘that the meme
its will be understood,‘ the stabilizermeans‘of
berjo ofithe turntable‘IIwil'lijiItend to tilt to a- at;
our ‘invention 'isttparti‘cularly Ydesig'ned for use
with cranes of the type in which the boom is 55 g-ree which‘ would impose‘ a" ' severe‘ strain ' on the
pin or its immediate support, the strain of the
load will be communicated for a large part di
serve as the floor for the cab as well as a mount
ing plate for the operating machinery. Upon the
rectly from the member 9 to the frame of the
carrier without involving the pin and its said
we preferably mount a, large reenforcing plate 38
?oor 31 at the portion at the rear of member 9,
support. This pin strain relieving arrangement 5 which extends substantially from one side edge
of the ?oor to the other and is positioned with
will be operating automatically in all positions of
its middle portion overlying the track. The plate
the turntable.
Preferably positioned in surrounding relation - 38 is aii'ixed to the member by means of bolts 39.
to the bull-ring and concentric therewith is an
Mounted upon the plate and secured in position
annular track 26, which is mounted on and rig
10 by means such as a bearing cap 4| is a trunnion
idly ?xed to the truck frame. The track as here
shown is formed with an upstanding web ‘2'! hav
ing a horizontal ?ange 28 which extends out
.42 which extends through a journal 43 formed
in the upper portion of the body of the hanger.
The hanger body is extended through registering
. slots 44 and 45 provided in the plate and floor,
15, and desirably a portion of the journal is disposed
in‘ the plate slot and the trunnion positioned di
rectly upon the plate at both sides of the slot.
wardly therefrom.
Attachment of the track to
the truck frame is provided such as by welding
the lower edge of the web 21 to a bed plate 29
which is af?xed to the truck sills l2 and forms
the supporting mounting for the turntable mem
bers. In the present embodiment the diameter
With the above arrangement, a sturdy and ap
propriately positioned hanger mounting will be
of the track is designed considerably greater than 20 provided without material alteration in the con
the width of the carrier chassis, and in order
ventional crane turntable structure and at the
vsame ‘time the parts, may be readily ' applied or
that the side plate and sills may form a full
replaced and only a, slight ‘protrusion will be re
support and anchor for the track throughout the
quired above the level of the cab floor. The roll
entire circumference thereof, the plate is formed
with segmental portions 30 at the sides of the 25 ers 33 as will be'clear from Figures 3 and 4, are >
sills and braced thereat by suitable ribs extend ' mounted on shafts 41, these shafts are secured
to cylindrical extensions 48‘ arranged eccentri
ing therefrom. As a means of bracing the track,
a ring 3| is interposed between the web and bull
cally of ‘the shafts and ?tted. for rotation in the
lower portion of the hanger body. The exten
sions may be turned in the body to adjust the
welded to the web, but are designed ‘to simply ?t ' " engagement between the rollers and the ?ange
28, and the position of adjustment maintained by
about the outer side of ring l8. The spacer ring
means of pins 49 engageable in retaining the roll
and blocks are positioned to lie below the teeth
ers in proper engagement with the track and at
22, and it will thus be clear that with thisar
rangement a ?rm reenforcement of the track is 35 the same time reducing'the strain on the hanger
provided for with the assistance of the bull-ring, ’ ' body when the rollers are forcibly thrust against
ring I 8 and supported on blocks 3!’ which are
welded to the plate 29, the ring and blocks being
and at the same time the bull-ring may be re
the ?ange, a roller 52 is carried on an arm 53
moved without interference by the track or the
reenforcing means therefor when necessary.
of the hanger body and arranged to engage the
inner side of the web 21, the rollervbeing mounted
40 on a vertical shaft 54 and positioned over the
Means are provided on the rotatable member 9 U.
of the turntable for engaging the track in such ‘ "
spacer ring 3|.
manner that undue tilting of the member and
It will now be clear that regardlessof the Posi
consequent strain on the center-pin will be pre
tion of the member 9 of the turntable, a large
vented in case of heavy boomv loads. In the pres
portion of the strain of the load carried by the
ent embodiment such means is located on the ‘145 boom will be communicated. directly to thevcar
member 9 adjacent the edge, opposite the edge
rier body independently of the center-pin, and
thus avoidingany undue stress on the pin. It
will also be clear that since the hanger rollers
as here shown such means brie?y comprises a
plurality of hangers 32 depending from the mem
engage the track at a considerable distance back
ber 9 and having rollers 33 carried thereby and -50 of the center-pin .and in line with the boom
positioned to engage and ride the un-derface 33
brackets, the maximum resistance against tip
of the track ?ange 2B. The hangers 32 are spaced
ping by the carrier-will be a?orded. Further
in such manner that the rollers 33 will be dis
more, not only is the means of our invention
posed at accurately spaced points on the track,
easily adapted to conventional crane unite both
and preferably the spacing is such that the hang
, Without- material alteration or mutilation of the
ers will be approximately aligned with the brack
parts and without interference with the opera
ets and equally spaced at opposite sides of a line
tion of the mechanism, but the means employed
intersecting the axes of the pinion 2i and-the
in accordance with our invention to transfer the
center-pin M. In order to insure a ?rm and even
strain from the turntable to the carrier frame
at which the boom brackets 23 are located, and
engagement with theflange, each of the hangers
provides for increased strength and reenforce
is provided with a pair of the rollers 33 and sus
ment of the table and frame and assimilation
pended from the member 9 by a mounting 34,
a?ording swinging of the hanger about a hori
of the strain by the parts most suited therefor.
We claim:
zontal axis extending radially from the center- '
1. In a portable crane having a turntable with
pin. As may be evident considerable force may . . a top member mounted for rotation one. center
have ‘to be applied by way of the hangers and for
pin and providing a support for the craneiboom
this reason the body 36 of each hanger is formed
adjacent the outer periphery of said member and
of relatively heavy construction and is arranged
a carrier with a frame underlying said member
to be carried by the member 9 in such manner
and having a support thereon for said pin and a
that the strain imposed on the member when 0 peripheral bearing for supporting said member at
the rollers are forced against the ?ange 28, will
said boom supporting portion, a circular track
be distributed over a large area of such member.
?xedly mounted on said frame and surrounding
As will be clear from Figures 3 and 4, the upper
said bearing'in concentric relation to said pin
portion of the member 9 is formed with a hori
and provided withv a substantially horizontally
zontal covering or plate 31 which is designed to
_ disposed undersurface with a free side edge and
a vertical inner surface, a hanger depending from
said member at a portion in substantially dia
metrically opposed relation to the portion sup
porting the boom and alongside of said free edge,
a roller on said hanger positioned to engage and
ride on said track surface to cooperate with said
pin and the support therefor to prevent tilting
of said member toward said boom supporting
portion and a part on said hanger positioned to
engage said inner track surface opposite the free
side edge and hold the hanger against displace
ment radially of the track.
2. In a crane having a turntable with a top
member mounted for rotation on a center-pin
and providing a support for the crane boom ra
dially outwardly from a side of the pin and a
having a support for the pin and an exteriorl'y'
toothed bull-ring concentric with the pin and
arranged to support the upper member along its
periphery, said upper member providing a floor
for the support of machinery and controls for
operating the boom and rotating the member
and including a driving pinion positioned at the
edge of said ring and meshing with the teeth
thereof, a circular track ?xed relative to said
lower member and disposed concentric with said
ring and spaced therefrom to accommodate said
pinion, said track having a horizontally extend
ing ?ange with a free edge,‘ hangers adjacent the
peripheral portion of the upper member in sub
stantially diametric relation with said brackets
and extending through said floor, hangers being
spaced arcuately of the track and disposed at said
lower relatively stationary member providing a
free edge, means supported on said ?oor pro
support for said pin and an annular peripheral
vided pivot mounting for said hangers, rollers
supporting bearing for said upper member, a
by hangers and engaging under said
track positioned below said upper member and
?ange to thereby lock the upper member to the
?xedly associated with said lower member in con
track at said last mentioned portion, and spacer
centric relation with and adjacent said bearing,
and a pivoted hanger depending from said upper
member at a portion substantially radially out
wardly from the opposite side of said pin and
engaging said track in a manner holding said
portion of the upper member against upwardly
displacement relation to the track.
' 3. A crane in accordance with claim 2, char
acterized by means on said hanger engaging said
track to hold the track engaging portion thereof
against radial displacement with respect to the
4. The combination with a'crane including a
turntable with an upper member rotatable about
a center-pin and having a boom supporting por- >
tion thereon adjacent the outer periphery of the
member and a relatively stationary lower mem
ber having a support ‘for said ,pin and means
providing an annular peripheral bearing for said
upper member and a ?xed gear concentric with
said pin, of a circular track ?xed to said lower
member in concentric relation with said gear and
means ?xed to said track and positioned between
same and the ring and below said pinion and
?tting against said ring.
6. The combination with a crane mounted on
a carrier and including a turntable with an upper
member rotatable about a center-pin and having
boom supporting brackets thereon adjacent the
outer periphery of the member and a relatively
stationary lower member removably supported on
a bed plate on the frame of said carrier and hav
ing a support for said pin and a bull ring for
supporting the upper member adjacent its pe
riphery, said ring having cylindrical outer sides
with gear teeth thereon, said upper member pro
Viding at its upper side a floor for the support
of machinery and controls for operating the boom
and rotating the member and including a driv
ing pinion positioned opposite and meshing said
7 gear teeth, a circular track ?xedly mounted on
said plate and surrounding said ring and spaced
‘therefrom to, accommodate said pinion, said
track having a vertically extending web and a
positioned to underlie the boom supporting por
45 ?ange extending outwardly and horizontally
tion of the upper member, said latter vmember
therefrom at the top, said upper member having
formed to provide a ?oor for the support of
in said ?oor thereof in substantially diametrically
machinery and controls for operating said boom
opposed relation to said brackets a pair of slots,
and rotating the upper member and having a
hangers extending downwardly through said
slotted portion overlying the track and diametri
slots, pivotal mountings for said hangers sup-.
cally opposed to the portion of the upper member
ported on said floor and formed to prevent the
supporting the boom, a hanger having its upper
hanger from raising in the slots, rollers carried
portion extended through the slot in said floor
by said hangers and engaging under said ?ange
portion and mounted to rotate thereat about an
to thereby prevent upward displacement of the
axis extending radially of the pin axis, and rollers
portion of the upper member diametrically op
carried by said hanger engaging said track at '
posed to the brackets, rollers carried by said
circumferentially spaced points and in a manner
hangers between the track and ring and engag
to interlock said hanger with the track and pre
ing the adjacent vertical side of said web, and
vent upward displacement of the upper member
a spacer member between said track and ring
at the portion at which the hanger is mounted.
5. rI‘he combination with a crane including a 60 positioned to lie below said last rollers and ?xed
to said web and ?tting around said ring,
turntable with an upper member rotatable about
a center-pin and having boom supporting brack- '
ets thereon adjacent the outer-periphery of the
member and a relatively stationary lower member
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