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Oct’. 1, 1946.
Filed Aug. _9, 1943
Michael Dubick /0:
a“, Lip W 644a“:
Patented 0a. 1, 1946'
.Michael Dubick, Chicago, ‘111., assignor to The
Englander Company, Inc., Chicago, 111., a cor
notation of , Delaware
Application August 9, 1943, Serial Fla-497,912
4 Claims. (o1. 5--360)
for a ?lling or stu?ing 13 of cotton felt. or ‘the
like. Tufting devices 13a of suitable form are
‘The invention relates to mattresses ‘and
moreyparticularl-y to mattresses ‘which are filled
orstuffed with cotton felt or the like. 'Hereto—
fore in mattresses of this character, the tend
ency of the-cotton felt ‘?lling to shift its position
within “the outside cover and to pack-down par
regularly dispersed over the surfaces provided by
the cover members and tend to hold ‘the ?lling
in place.
In spiteof the holding effect of the limiting de
vices the‘ cotton felt ?lling (and this is true as
ticularlylalong the marginalportions of the-mat
well of ‘other ?llings sometimes employed) tends
tressv has materially decreased the effectiveness
to shift ‘its position in use and to pack down,
thereof vas a comfortable support.
7 An. ‘object of ‘the inventionis to provide in a 10 both-of which factors in time destroy the original
form of the mattress. This development is par
mattress of this character new and vimproved
ticularly noticeable throughout the marginal
means for holding ‘the ?lling against shifting and
areas of the mattress where the weight of a per—
for resiliently‘strengthening or reenforcing the
son sitting on the edge of a-bed is concentrated.
marginal portions of the mattress against break
ingior'packing down.
~Acc0rdin~g to the ‘present invention, shifting
More speci?cally stated, another. object of the
' and packing down of the mattress ?lling is‘ sub
invention is to provide in a ‘mattress of this char
acter new and improved means for overcoming
stantially prevented.
Thus, an intermediate
sheet of material i4 is located between the -up-~
periand lower cover members 10, II and is see
the .di?‘lcultiesabove mentioned which includes
acentrally or intermediately located sheet of fab 20 cured marginally to the border l2. This sheet
[4 cooperates with a pair of resilient rolls [5 dis
ric or the like secured to the border fabric and
posed one on each side of the sheet adjacent
parallelingkthe upper and lower surfaces of the
to the inner surface of the border. These resili
structure which sheet coacts with resilient rolls
ent rolls in the present instance are in the form
of’ con?ned cotton felt or the like secured within
the vborder fabric :on opposite sides of the inter 25 of compacted rolls preferably‘ of a mattress stuf
fing material, such as of cotton felt or the like,
mediate sheet to extend along the junctures be
enclosed within fabric sheaths t6, the rolls be
tween the intermediate sheet and the ‘border
ing dimensioned» to‘ ?ll the mattress from cover
v Other objects and advantages ‘will become ap
parent from the following description and from 30
theaccompanying drawing in which :' '
Figure l is a fragmentary view in perspective
to cover along the inner face'of the border.
The construction and assembly of the interme
diate sheet M and the rolls I5 is best shown in
Fig. 2. The border memberl-Z includes an ins
ner layer'or thickness of padding l’! secured‘
thereto as by lines of stitching Id. The. inter~
of {a mattress embodying the features of the in
vention, one corner thereof being shown in sec
35 mediate sheet [4 is folded double, as at I9, and
is secured through this doubled fold to the bor
Fig. 2 is a perspective view on an enlarged
scale illustrating the internal construction of
.the mattress.
der I2 substantially intermediate the side edges
and alternative constructions falling within the
quently, also secures the intermediate portion 2|
of the sheath fabric to the border. Elongated
thereof by a line of stitching 20.
The sheaths IE on the upper and lower sides
While the invention is susceptible of various
modi?cations and alternative constructions, I 40 of the intermediate sheet I4 are formed by a
single piece of fabric which, having an interme
have shown in the drawing and will herein de
diate or central portion, indicated at 2|, extends
scribe in detail, the preferred embodiment, but
_ along the inner face of the border between the
it is to be understood that I do not thereby in
folds [9 of the intermediate sheet l4 and the
tend to limit the invention to the speci?c form
disclosed, but intend to cover all modi?cations 45 padding IT. The line of stitching ‘20, conse
spirit and scope of the invention as expressed
in the appended claims.
The present invention is illustrated as being
embodied in a mattress which is generally con 50
ventional as far as its external form and appear
strips of cotton felt [5 are then placed in what
may be considered the corners formed by the
intermediate sheet [4 and the intermediate por
tion 2| of the sheath fabric I6 and both free
portions of the sheath fabric are carried about
ance are concerned. Referring to Fig. 1, the
the strips IE to form them into compacted rolls
present mattress embodies upper and lower cover
which are jointly secured to the intermediate
members or sheets l0 and H marginally joined
by a border member l2 to provide an enclosure 55 sheet M by a single, common line of stitching 22,
By this simple, novel and e?ective method the
to said cover members, a pair of elongated rolls
rolls and the intermediate sheet may be formed
extending lengthwise along the inner surface of
said border member at opposite sides of said sheet,
and secured in place quickly and inexpensively.
It will be evident from the foregoing that the
and means for securing said rolls and said inter
present invention provides an intermediate mem U! mediate sheet jointly to said border member.
2. In a mattress, the combination with spaced
ber [4 which divides the ?lling into upper and
sheets forming the top and bottom sides of a
lower halves, thereby minimizing the tendency
of the ?lling to shift throughout the portions of
mattress, and a border member extending between
said spaced sheets and of an intermediate sheet
the mattress spaced inwardly from the margin
extending through the mattress substantially
or border. The effectiveness of the tufting de
parallel to said spaced sheets, a pair of rolls ex
vices in preventing such shifting is thereby mate
tending along the inner surface of said border
rially increased. The intermediate sheet
member, each of said rolls including a fabric
formed of a non-stretchable fabric which, in
sheath, means for securing said rolls and said
effect, ties the opposite borders together and pre
intermediate sheet together, and means for se
vents the intermediate portions of the borders
from spreading or bulging outwardly. At the
curing said rolls and said intermediate sheet to
marginal portions of the mattress the compacted
said border member. .
3. In a mattress, the combination of spaced
rolls have a resilient, spring-like effect exerted
at the precise part of the mattress most subject
cover members, a border member secured to said
to abuse.
20 cover members and extending therebetween, an
It appears that these rolls in cooperation with
intermediate sheet dimensioned to extend through
the mattress between and substantially parallel
the intermediate sheet I4 exert resilient forces‘
in a lateral direction which tend to increase the
to said cover members, a fabric sheet dimensioned
supporting and cushioning effect of the entire
to extend along the inner surface of said border
mattress and also to return the border portion 25 member throughout the perimeter of said mat
of the mattress to its original, substantially
tress, means for securing said intermediate sheet
marginally and also said fabric sheet between its
straight condition. Thus, when the weight of a
body is resting on an intermediate portion of the
side edges to said border member with marginal
side portions of said fabric sheet located respec
mattress, the upper surface IE} will yield inwardly
to a considerable degree with the intermediate 30 tively at opposite sides of said intermediate sheet,
an elongated roll of compressible material located
sheet 14 and the lower surface I! yields in the
same direction to somewhat lesser degrees. Such
between said intermediate sheet and each side
movements exert a laterally inward pull on the
portion of said fabric sheet, each of said rolls.
being encased in the portion of the fabric sheet
border, transmitted in turn to the resilient rolls
which tends to move the rolls inwardly and to 35 associated therewith, and means for securing bothv
side margins of said fabric sheet to said inter
compress them. It will be noted that the forces
acting on the rolls will be derived in large measure
mediate sheet.
from the intermediate layer l4 whereby both rolls
4. In a mattress, the combination of spaced
are subjected to substantially the same forces and
cover members, a border member secured to said
will coact in returning the border l2 to its original 40 cover members and extending therebetween, an
position when the weight supported by the mat
intermediate sheet secured marginally to said
tress is removed. Accordingly, the rolls have the
border member and extending through the struc
effect of springs which not only reenforce the
ture between said cover members, a pair of fabric’
border portions of the mattress against the break
encased rolls of mattress ?lling material extend
down and packing effect of a Weight bearing di
- _ ing along the inner surface of said border mem
rectly thereon, but provide a lateral resiliency
ber and attached to said border member and said
acting to preserve the original substantially
intermediate sheet, each of said rolls substan
straight condition of the border.
tially occupying the space between one of said.
I claim as my invention:
cover members and said intermediate sheet, and
1. In a mattress, the combination of spaced 50 other ?lling material inwardly of said rolls in
the spaces between said cover ‘members and said
cover members, a border member secured to said
cover members and extending therebetween,_-an
intermediate sheet dimensioned to extend through
the mattress between and substantially parallel
intermediate sheet.
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