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25 are utilized (Fig. 1).` The particular snout
by the usual batching devices (not shown), such
as automatic batch weighers. The collecting hop
chutes illustrated are loosely telescoped on the
lower ends of the chutes 2I and are adapted to
slide axially along the latter. Each of the snout
per I1 is multi-sided, having one side facing gen
erally toward each mixer in the battery and con
sequently is four-sided in the present instance,
chutes 25 has pivoted on it a pair of links 26 and
and tapers downwardly to a lower rectangular
end which is closed at I8 (see Fig. 3).
A plurality of outlet openings I9 are distributed
circumferentially about the lower end portion of
connected to the mixer cradles I2, while the op
The outer ends of the links 28 are pivotally
pos‘ite4 ends ofthe links _21. are'pivotallyï connect
ing doors or gates 20, are provided for the several _ -
`their discharge positions, exempliñed by the
ed to the head ‘of the ’tripod 212.1 When the mix
the collecting hopper I1, one for each of the sev 10 -Oers, Ill are tilted upwardly into their charging
eral mixers I0. As noted above, the collecting ' positions (exemplified by the lefthand mixer in
`Fig. 1) the linkages 26, 21 are distended so as
hopper desirably has at least as many sides as
to pull the retractable snout chutes 25 downward
there are mixers, and each of the outlet openings
and thus couple the stationary chutes 2| to the
I9 is cut in the lower portion-of a corresponding
one of the sides or side faces of the-collectingl l5l noses of the mixer drums. On the other hand,
-when the mixers I0 are tilted downward, to
hopper. Individual closures, in the form of slid
righthand mixer in Fig. 1, the linkages 26, 21 are
hopper outlets I9. These doors are slidable end-~
partially collapsed, thereby forcing the attached
wise along the respective faces of the hopper
which they overlie, the side edges of the doors 20 snout chutes 25 upward, axially, along the asso
ciated charging chutes 2| a suii'icient Adistance to
Abeing received in grooved guides 20a fixed on the
clear the nose of the associated mixer.
hopper. Of the two doors which fully appear in
The operation of the illustrated mixing plant
Fig. 3, the lefthand one is shown as pulled upward
will, in general, be clear from the foregoing. . By
to its open position while the righthand one is
-shown as thrust downward inf-its closed position. 25 way of résumé, it may be noted that suitably pro
portioned aggregates are fed into the collecting
` Any suitable means may be employed for oper
hopper I1. From this hopper I1 the aggregates
ating the closures or doors 20. ' In Figs. 1 and 3
are charged into any desired one of the‘several
this means has been illustrated in the form of
mixers II) simply by manipulation of the selec
pneumatic actuators 28l comprising cylinders 29
and in which are slidable pistons 30.` One such .30 tively operable discharge doors 20 on the mix
actuator is provided foreach door. The cylin
ders are iixed to the upper portion of the collect
ing hopper I1 whilel the lower ends of the pistons
30 are connected to the upper edges> of the slid
ing doors 20. Thus, as the pistons are drawn into
the cylinders the doors are pulled upward to open
position and, conversely, as the pistons are pro.
jected from the cylinders the doors are thrust
downward to close.
A'I'o-direct the aggregates discharged from the
several outlets I9'in the 'collecting-'hopper I1 to
the corresponding mixers, aplurality of charging
chutes 2| is provided (see Fig. 1). The charging
ing hopper. For example, if i-t is desired Iso-charge
.the lefthand one of the mixers I0, shown in Fig.
.1, the corresponding one of the doors 20 is pulled
upward by its actuator 28 tothe open position
35 there illustrated, and thel mixer itself `is tilted
upwardly to its charging‘position as also vthere
shown. Thereupon the contents of the-collect
ing Yhopper I1 is discharged throughlthe' opened
door y2l)V and flows into the registering open mouth
40 of the corresponding charging -chute 2|, where
upon>v it ilows on down `by gravity through‘the
latter into the mixer drum. . During l,this-time
the other three doors 20 are retainedy closed.- »
At »the completion of the ycharging operation
chutes are tubular in form, being cylindrical in
the present instance, and are all stationari1y„.v outlined above, theone of the' doors 20 which
has been-opened is' closed and the collecting hop
mounted on a suitable tripod 22. It will be ob
per> I1 is refilled with a suitably proportioned
served that the chutes 2| are inclined steeply
batch of aggregates._ Thereafteranother desired
downward to points adjacentthe charging 'open
one of the doors-2|) is opened sogas to .direct the
ings I5 of their respective mixers so Athat a rapid
gravity ilow of ` aggregates will be accomplished 50 -hopper contents into vthe corresponding` mixer.
-While one mixer'is being charged,v andl also-,while
and need take place only through a very short
the collecting hopper is being refilled, "the'other
The upper lends of _the stationary
mixers can be proceeding Iwith the mixing as
charging chutes 2I are all open (see Fig. 2) and
terminate in a' common horizontal plane located
just beneath the lower end of the collecting hop
per I1. The upper end portions of the charging
-well as the discharge of` their contents.
chutes are tied together by a frame 23,0n the
center of which is ñxed an eminence or upwardly
extending baule 24 of a generallypyramid form.
The baffle 24, in this case, has four sides, which 60
slope outwardly and downwardly toward the
mouths of corresponding ones of the chutes 2|
and are concaved as indicated in Fig. y2-to con
form to the curvature of the adjacent edges of
From the foregoing it will be >seen that full se
55 -
lectivity of operation is. afforded despite the fact
that the apparatus is very simple and rugged in
construction. , It should also be vparticularly not
ed that the overall height.of the 'apparatus is
very small in` view of the factgthatïo’nly quite
short and steeply inclined- chutes, exemplified by
the chutes 2 I, need »be provided between the single
collectinghopper and the several mixers;V Since
the'act of selection isy accomplished by _manipu
the chute mouths; The upper end of the baille 65 lation of plural outlets on the 'sides of the col
lecting hopper, itv is;` unnecessary ’to-provide any
'24. is located immediately beneath the lower end
of the lcollecting hopper and disposed coaxially
therewith. When any one of the doors 20 is
opened, the adjacent side face of the baille 24
serves to direct the aggregates, which ilow from
the hopper, down into the corresponding one of
the charging chutes.
To couple the lower ends ofthe stationary
charging chutes 2I `with the openings I5 of 'their
-respective mixer drums, retractable- snout chutes.
selection chute or spout arrangement between
the collecting'hopper and stationary chutes, vso
that no additional‘height for any suchinter
mediate selection mechanism need -be provided. -Y
Iclaim asmyinvention; ;
¿- ,
1.»A concentric -zon'e concretej mixing.,~;plant
comprising, 'in -combinationl,` ak battery of. three or
ivmore ‘mixers veach 1 having» ag .charging opening
.therein î and -all disposed with. said ' openings fac
ing generally inward toward a common center, a
charging openings of corresponding ones of said
mixers; and valve means for each of said duct
means controlling the flow of aggregates from
the charging hopper into the duct means, said
valve means forming at least a part of the bot
mixers to points adjacent a vertical axis coinci
tom portion of the charging hopper and being
dent with said common center, all of `said charg
so shaped that upon the opening of any one valve
means to provide a discharge opening for the
plurality of stationary charging chutes leading
upwardly and inwardly from-points adjacent the
ing chutes terminating in open upper ends or
mouths lying substantially in a common hori
charging hopper the remaining closed valve
zontal plane, an aggregate collecting hopper dis
means guide the hopper contents towards the
posed above said chutes and shaped to taper rl() opening.
downwardly to a small lower end located substan
4. In combination with a battery of concrete
tially on said axis, said hopper having a plurality
mixers of the type having a combined charging
of outlet openings distributed circumferentially
and discharging mouth arranged with their
about its lower portion and disposed in alinement
mouths all facing a common center: a distribut
with the upper ends of respective ones of said 15 ing unit for feeding aggregates to the mixers and
comprising a hopper mounted substantially cen
chutes, individually operable closures for said
outlet openings, and an upwardly projecting
trally of said battery of concrete mixers and at
baille structure disposed beneath the lower end of
an elevation suilicient to enable aggregates to flow
said hopper and centrally between the upper ends
by gravity from the hopper into the mixers; a
of said chutes, said bañ‘le presenting side faces 20 plurality of ñxed spouts mountedv under the hop
per, each of said spouts being directed toward
sloping downward toward the mouths of respec
one mixer; valve means for disconnecting each
tive ones of said chutes.
spout from the interior of the hopper, said indi
2. In a concrete mixing plant, means for hold
vidual valve means being so positioned and of
ing a supply of aggregates and for selectively dis
sufficient size that the opening of any one eiïects
charging said supply of aggregates to any one of a
discharge of the hopper contents into the asso
plurality of concrete mixers comprising: a single
compartment aggregate hopper adapted to dis
` charge through its bottom portion; spouts ñxed
ciated spout; and a movable chute structure con
nected with each spout movable to and from a
position forming an extension thereof to direct
with relation to said hopper, each spout extend
ing from the bottom portion of the supply hopper 30 aggregates flowing down the spout into the mouth
of the respective mixer.
downwardly and outwardly away from the hopper
5. For use in selectively dispatching material to
toward one of said mixers, and each spout having
individual 'points arranged at spaced intervals
bottom and side walls for directingthe contents
aboutl the center of a charging zone, a collecting
f of the hopper toward the concrete mixers; and
valve means for each spout for controlling the 35 hopper tapering downward toward its lower end
portion for bottom discharge, a plurality of gates,
ilow of aggregates therethrough, said valve means
one for each of a plurality of points of dispatch,
cooperating with each other to constitute' sub
disposed in a circumferential series at the bottom
stantially the entire bottom portion of the hopper
of said hopper and cooperating with each other
and being so related to the spouts that those valve
means remaining closed upon opening of any one 40 to constitute substantially the entire lowerend
portion of said hopper, and means for opening
valve means in elîect form continuations of the
any Vselected one of said gates while leaving the
bottom and side walls of the chute controlled by
said open valve means to direct the discharge of
the entire hopper contents into said chute.
3. In combination: an elevated one-compart
n others closed, whereby the opening of a selected
gate serves to elïect gravity discharge of the hop
45 per contents downward and outward to a corre
ment charging hopper adapted to discharge at its
sponding point from the lower end of the hopper,
bottom; a plurality of concrete mixers; means
mounting the mixers with their mouths facing
the remaining closed gates serving as continua- Y
tions of the downwardly tapering hopper walls toY
direct the hopper contents out through the
of the charging hopper; duct means between the 50 opened gate during such discharge.
mouth of each mixer and the charging hopper
for conducting aggregates from the hopper to the
a common center under and close to the bottom
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