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Oct. 1, 1946.
2,408,413 ,
Filed 'Jan. 17, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet "1
wjb'ZZi'a'rh .H" Dakar-3»
Oct. 1, 1946,
2,408,413 '
2 SheetS-Sheet 2
Filed Jan. 17, 1945
ZUi lliamflipoher'é/
_ BY
Patented Oct. 1, 1946
'1 I '
:ApplicationJanuaI-y' 1'1, 1945, Serial-1N0. 573.37g;
I5 Claims.’ (cuss-Ass),
_z.'Ii'hisr-inventionzrelates to supporting frames ‘for.
articles of footwear.
' .
1 '
A lv-Referring‘nowl t'o'Fig. 3, itvwill‘. be seen'that t‘héf
preferred embodiment of the invention comprises;
The principal object of-Ithe invention is to pro‘ vide a supportinglframefor an article of foot-.-
a unitary wire frame-member: Iii-which ;is- wound
in heel. shank; arch
a. and counter parts.v It=wi1lbeseen in'vsaid Fig.3.;
' wear,'~ saidframe having‘ interconnected heel;
shank, arch and counterparts...v
i r
that... the. wire. member ; isv WOUIId‘TbEtCk and forth
'_A vfui'therbbject is to ‘provide .asisupporting
alon'gj substantially longitudinal parallel lines
frame, of thecharacter .described which: would.
looped. at.=th_e.ends; to conforms-to‘theécontoulfsi A
stiffen'the. article‘ of.footwear and yet yield suf?'-‘
of .the heel, shank,:archf and counterparts, of...thez
ciently._~t0. endow the article of footwear with an. 10,: article offdotwearn?"shown-innutline in‘ Fig-.137“
desired measure of-‘?exibility.
V. ._
and more-clearly shown in Fig. 1:111; -?
-Still another object .-of the invention is the '
Theiheelpartof the.'frameimemberrl?icomes
provision ‘of a. frame of the characterdescribed
prises. upper and. lower .‘parts'. 12; and ;I,3,_Irespec-..
uponwhichaplastic orrubbersole, shank and , ' tivlely, which arespaceda, predetermined distance?
heelmay be fabricated.
15_._apart,;and abreast-part1! vimmediatelyintegral;~
A still further object is theprovisionof an article of footwear ‘which would: support: 'Substantially the entire foot. said article of footwear be-‘
ing intended to be used by persons having weak.
arches-and other foot conditions.
with the-lower Part-13. ; i Theibrea‘stpart-M. serves:
as a resilient spring support .f'o‘rsthe lowier. part I 3.;
~~ The‘counter pa'rt. l5 of. the frame membervlnj is
heldinpl‘ace by means of a bandit; whichcurves
20; around the ab‘acki'of .the: article ‘ of footwear and.‘
Preferred embodiments of .the invention are‘
Which-is looped" around andthereby af?Xed t0 the?
' shown
Fig, inthe
1 is aypers‘pe‘ctive
viewjéfJa shoe
' counterpart-15slid‘ably' imounted I on'the
'- "
» arch'p'art;
H of
'i'l the‘.
with a supporting frame‘of thechara'cter herein:
~ frame'imeinberiv'llliare sleeve members‘ _|8 iwhose.
“Fig. 2' isand
a transverse
claimed; vertical
- w . »section
"3 H
25v function
the shank part
1. a: "1;.ofrivets‘
shoe on the line 2—2 ofrFig. 1; i ’
' ~
20 isv-a shank ‘plate ZFwhich ‘serves to stiffen the:
‘ ;I‘ig;'>2a"is-1a¢ fragmentary 'perspectiveview of an"
fi‘ame'nieriiber 10 and also‘ helps, ?x saidirame'
interlaced portion oflsaidisupporting-frame: '-
member-to the article of'foot'weanl ‘I " '
Fig. 2b is a sideelevational view partly'i? sec-i 30. “The“="s'hank1pla~te1islshowniimqst clearly iniFigs.
tion of a" fragment 'o'f‘thelw'ifre member which is
1;. 41and‘5: illt'will b'e='s'een in‘Fig‘ll-5‘that rivets'20‘.
wound to form the supporting frame herein de- 1
not only a?'IX the Shank plate to the frame mem
scribed and claimed, said view being of a sharp
,ber 10 but also aflix both the shank member and
bend in said wire member showing a sleeve ?tted 3 ' the frame member to the article of footwear
over said wire member at said bend;
Fig. 2c is a view similar to that of Fig. 2b of
another portion, being drawn through a supportmg metal plate by which the frame is affixed to
the shoe;
Fig. 211 is a view similar to that of Fig, 2b 40
proper and, more particularly, to its inner sole
and Welt members 22 and 23, respectively. It
will also be seen in Fig. 5 that the heel contacting
part 24 of the shank plate is provided with longi
tudinal slits 25 and horizontal waves 26. The
purpose of this construction is to endow said
showing a spirally wound wire sleeve on the bend
Shank member with the Properties for added 1'6
of the wire member;
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the wire frame
silience and strength. Said heel contacting part
24 of the shank member is welded to the breast
herein described and claimed;
part ll of the heel of the frame member l0.
Fig. 4 is a bottom view of said frame showing 45
Corresponding 1:0 sleeves '8 on arch '1 of the
how it is a?ixed to a supporting plate;
frame member H] are tubular members 30 and
Fig. 5 is a longitudinal vertical section of the e 3', respectively, Shown in Figs- Zb and 2d- T11
device shown in Fig.4;
bular member 38 is made of a plastic material.
Fig. 6 1s a fragmentary perspective view of an-
‘Tubular member 3| comprises a ?exible spring
other method of affixing the wireframe to the 50 wound spirally. It will be noted in Figs. 2b, 2c
supportmg Plate.
- and 2d that these tubular members are applied
F188- 20, 2b, 20 and 2d are Variants Which may
be incorporated into the embodiment shown in
Figs; 1, 2, 3:, 4 and 5. Fig. 6 ‘is a modi?cation of
to the wire comprising frame member In at the
sharp bends in said wire member. The purpose
of this, as well as the purpose in the use of sleeve
the embodiment shown'in Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 61 0 members 18, will shortly, appear.
To properly space the labyrinthine lines into
which the frame member is wound, tapes 32 are
woven into the frame member to form a Web, as
is clearly shown in Fig. 2a.
The counter l5 and arch ll of the frame mem
ber H) are disposed between the inner and outer
layers of leather or other material which com- >
prises thecupper member 9 of. the .articlelotpfoot
of retaining brackets 4| which themselves are
welded to the shank plate. The frame member
ID should preferably be made of spring metal
wire but it may be made of other resilient mate
rial as well, such as some of the new plastic
materials which have recently been developed.
I claim:
.1._A supporting frameion anarticle ‘of foot
wear H..~<:S.titches=': [Bata?ix theinner‘rand outer
weamsaid frame vcomprising ‘a unitary‘ wire mem
layers to each-other and‘ also assist in properly l0 ber wound in labyrinthine fashion to form in
spacing sleeves l8. The heel and shank mem
“ ,terconnected heel. shank, arch and counter parts.
bers of the frame member I!) are embedded in'
f 2. A supporting frame for an article of foot
__the plastic or rubber compositiontheel:and‘shankr ‘‘ ;fweaitrsaidframe{comprising a unitary wire mem
of the article of footwear This 'iwill'l ‘vber which is wound back and forth along sub
be ‘seen in Fig; 2 where the shankzpartjo
4 15. stantially longitudinal, parallel labyrinthine lines
frame member [0" is shown embedded ‘in “ft'h‘é
composition shank : member smasher-article jof
footwear“: As has previously been indicated,
-‘ to‘ conform-t0 ‘the contours of the heel, shank,
or :tarclrand>¢ountenmrtsof said article of footwear.
3. An article of footwear including a support
the frame member and the vshank plate townicn
ing~frame~ carried thereby, said frame comprising
it is affixed are both fastened to the inner “sole 20 a unitary wire frame member wound in labyrin
and welt membersv'ofv the article *ofafootwearrby
thineeiashiorr totformiinterconnectedi heelyshank,
means‘o? rivet's'.~_
arch and counter parts, sleeves fslidablymounted
'1'"'-'1lhe<pn~rpose"ofsleevesi I 8randitubularmembers;
on; said frame: .whereerelativeimovementLbetween
30~andP3 l- e-nowvvbecomes clear. 1'FWhe'rever'i-it ‘is-dc!
the :frame, :andi‘th'e. article: of :v footweariiis found
sired ‘toe-‘providerforrrelative movementfbetween-l 325, desirablern-andx means: foma?xingrsa‘id ‘ frame: and
therframe member'm' andlwthe:articlev of :foota
wean prope‘r'; l‘ I, eith'eiirtheasleevesi.lz8z-omthe tubu
larimemberslwiori‘u are applteditoizsaid ire-me '
memberJeRelatively rigid .zcontactz is .madeaagbe
tween: said? 'sl'eevesiand‘tubulammembersconwthe,
one hand, and the articleefs-footweansproper-ron
the.’ other. J. ‘.1 But‘rtsincersaid': members g‘arerslidably
mountedion the frame: memberi l,0-,:relative ?exi
bllityobetweenusaide ira-mez: memberrzand :said:
said sleeves to said articleio?toutwear;
~rarticle -oft-footwear;havingva supporting
frame: affixed theretoa-whiclmcomprises a; shank
plate; a .wire: frames,memberia?ixedatmsaid?
plate, and, sleeves ‘slidablyimountedrioir said: wire.
frame member wherevrelativermovementsbetween
theunitary-fw-irewmembér and?the articlerofifoot
wear- is;~_required;.;said:;wire> framei membencom
prising a:unitary:-wire'amembeni-wonnmint laby~
tubular :memb'ersxandehencetrbetween., 35 rinthine fashion to formrzinterconnecte‘crmheeh
shank-archandcounterzpartsl ‘
proper; lSIth-US providednforx
y 5.: In :1 amarticle of:footwear‘.--:'havin_grcomposii
saidi frame':mieniber;'and1' the zarticlazofcfootwear:
f. fkherembodimentiabovérxiescrtbedxistjmt: arpre
ferredcembodimenti of the: invention-z and; a murm
ber-i‘of. imodifications andevariationscamay bem‘in-v I
troduce'di'therein;withoutrdepartingironi thezba
tion heel; shank and: soleimembers, . arsupportin'g -
frame .comprisi-nga ar'shankvplate, a. .Twvirei‘frame'
member affixed to,said~shank~zplaterandisleeves
slidablye amounted mm- said? wire:=;frame:-: member
sic principles of the invention. fiFortzsexample,
instead of makingthezcframe n'zemben'rlllrnutrof a
single» length: ‘of: wirevwtoundubackzand?ortlriin'
frame member and therarticles of footwean isl;de_
such ieaserinsteadzof ‘being: looped :at aha-forward
fashion to form interconnected: heel,~'sh'ank, ‘arch
and counter parts, said shank platerand-is'aidzheel
and shankfparts oftthev wirer frame :member: being
where. a relative.» ‘ movement: betweemx ‘said : wire
sired; .:saidv_-wire.rframeimembenmconsistingw‘o? a
labyrinthine fashionzaboveadescribed; a number, _~ unitary wire member wound'zzini labyrinthine
or?‘ shorten iengthsfof ' wirer-l?wmight :tbe-.;used. ‘:7; .In
and rrrearl .endsmfu the frame: menriberyctlrxeyrv would '‘
terminate at said'points; ';‘Instead.of»;-being1.1riv
etedythereforei to. the; shanklplatesrasr abovade
scribedt-i'they :woulct- be a?ixed; thereto by means.
embedded; - in, the: ‘composition ;heel..: antler-shank
members. of the. article .OfZ-fOOtWEQL
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