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Oct; 1,1946.
Filed May‘ 17, 1944
2,408,464 '
Patented Oct. 1, 1946
John La Freni'er, Detroit, Mich.
Application May 17, 1944, Serial No. 535,992
_ 2 Claims.
(o1. 2_ss1)
The present invention relates to new and use
ful improvements ‘in suspenders, and more par
opening [I and the bottom opening I2 being
ticularly to novel means for attaching the back
of the suspenders toptheftrousers, whereby the
slidably positioned in the connector 9 with its
intermediate portion forming a loop I5 extending
back of .the trousers may be dropped, when de-‘ .
. downwardly from the connector and to which is
attached’ a clamping member I6 by means of an
eye H. The ends of the cord I4 are also pro
curved to form a guide l3 for a cord Ill which is
sired, without necessitating a complete removal
of the suspenders from the trousers and without
removing the shoulder strapsfrom the shoulders
of the wearer.
vided with similar clamping members I8 attached
to the upper edges of the trousers ‘I at the re
A further important object of the present in 10 spective sides thereof while the clamping mem
vention is to provide novel. clamping means for ~ ber I5 is also attached to the upper edge of the
the suspenders by means of which the same may
trousers at the back portion thereof.
be easily and quickly clamped in. position to the
The loops I5 of the cord I4 is enclosed in a
v upper edge of the trousers.
coil spring I 9 having its edges abutting the lower
A still further object is to provide ‘a device of 15 edgeof the connector 9, the spring being com
this character of simple and practical construc
pressed when the central clamping member I6
tion, which is e?‘icient and reliable in perform
ance, neat and attractive in appearance, rela
tively inexpensive to manufacture and other
wise well adapted for the purposes for which the 20
' same is intended.
the cord, the spring lSlwill function to project
the loop I5 downwardly into a position for con
Other objects and advantages reside in the de
tails of construction and operation as more fully
hereinafter described and claimed, reference be
ing had to the accompanying drawing forming
part hereof, wherein like numerals refer to like
parts throughout, and in which:
Figure 1 is a rear elevational view showing the
suspenders in position attached to the trousers.
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken substantially
on a line 2-—2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view taken sub
stantially on a line 3-3 of Figure 1.
Figure 4 is a vertical sectional View through
one of the clamping members.
Figure 5 is a sectional View taken substantially
on a line 5-5 of Figure 4.
Figure 6 is a side elevational view of a modi
?ed form of clamp construction.
is released from the trousers and the ends of the
cord I4 is pulled throughthe connector 9 and
upon releasing the pulling force on the ends of
Referring now to the drawing in detail, where
in for the purpose of illustration I have disclosed
a preferred embodiment of the invention, the
numerals 5 and 6 designate a pair of shoulder
straps having their front ends attached to the
front edges of a pair of trousers ‘I in any suitable
manner, the rear ends of the straps converging
veniently grasping by the hand of a person.
When the clamping members I6 and I8 are at
tached to the upper edges of the trousers, the
latter will be supported in the usual manner,
and when it is desired to drop the trousers, the
rear clamping member I6 is released and the cord
l5 pulled through the connector 9 in a manner
to contract the loop I5.
, g
The clamping members l6 and I8 are shown
in detail in Figures 4 and 5 of the drawing and
include a back jaw 20 on the upper edge of which
the eye I‘! is formed and having an inturned low
er end 2|. The inner face of the jaw 20 is
. formed with spaced lugs 22 having a pin 23 in
serted therethrough and on which is pivotally
mounted a second jaw member 24 by means of
the lugs 25 on the inner face thereon
A pair of links 26 are pivoted to the inner face
4 0 of the jaw 20 by means of a pin 21, the links
_ being connected at their upper ends by a pin
28 to which is also pivotally secured the angular
upper end 29 of a lever 30 which is pivoted on
the upper end of the jaw 24 by a pin 3|. The
upper end of the jaw 24 is accordingly connected
to the upper portion of the jaw 29 by means of the
and connected by a leather member 8 at a point
links 26 and lever 30 and by moving the lever 33
substantially at the centerof the back of the
toward and away from the jaw 24, the free end
of the jaw 24 will be moved toward and away from
A metal connector 9 is formed at its upper 50 the free end of the jaw 20 into and out of clamp
edge with a hanger bar ID to which the leather
ing engagement.
connecting member 8 is attached, the connector
In Figure 6 I have illustrated a modi?ed form
9 being of relatively ?at hollow construction
of trousers clamping member and which includes
having side openings II and a bottom opening
a U-shaped member 32 having the cord 33 en
I2, the edges of the connector between each side 55 gaged at the bight portion thereof and a lever
34 pivoted on a pin 35 at one end of the mem
ber 32. The lever 34 is formed with a laterally
extending upper end 35 adapted to force the
edge of the trousers 31’ against the other leg of
the member 32 when the lever 34 is moved in
one direction and to release the trousers when
2. A trousers suspender comprising a pair of
shoulder straps attachable at their front end por
tions conventionally to the adjacent front waist
portion of the trousers, the rear end portions of
said shoulder straps being convergent and car
ried over the shoulders and downwardly at the
back of the wearer, a rigid guide element hingedly
the lever is moved in an opposite direction.
connected transversely at its upper end to the
Through the provision of either form of the
rear end portions of said shoulder straps and
clamping member, as shown in Figures Li and 6,
the cord may be easily and quickly attached to 10 depending swingably therefrom, said guide ele
ment having transversely spaced-apart, curvi
the upper edge of the trousers and detached
linear, inwardly and downwardly convergent por
therefrom when desired.
tions at opposite. sides thereof for slidably sup
It is believed the details of construction, opera
porting an elongated cord, a single elongated cord
tion and advantages of the device will be readily
understood from the foregoing without further 15 element supported between its opposite ends slid
ably on said curvilinear portions of the guide ele
detailed explanation.
ment, the middle portion of the cord element
Having thus described the invention, what I
being looped downwardly between said curvilinear
claim is:
supporting portions of the guide element, the
l. A trousers suspender comprising a pair of
shoulder straps attachable at their front ends 20 opposite end portions of said cord element hav~
ing provision for attachment thereof to the oppo—
conventionally to the adjacent front waist por
site sides of the trousers at the waist portion of
tions of the trousers and converging toward their
the same, a single depending fastener element
rear ends and being carried over the shoulders
slidably mounted centrally on the downwardly
and downwardly at the back of the wearer, a rigid
guide element connected. supportedly and sus 25 looped middle portion of the cord element and
being releasably attachable to the middle rear
pendedly to the rear ends of the shoulder straps.
waist portion of the trousers, and a spring ele
a cord slidably mounted intermediate its ends
coiled around the downwardly looped mid
in the guide element and its central portion being
dle portion of the cord element with the ends of
looped and extended downwardly below the guide
the spring element abutting the said curvilinear
element, means for attaching the ends of the cord
side portions of said guide element, whereby to
to the opposite sides of the trousers at the waist
normally urge the said looped portion of the cord
portions thereof, single means for attaching the
element downwardly and hold the same yield
loop of the cord releasably to the rear middle of
ably in extended position.
the trousers waist portion, and spring means car
ried by the cord loop and urging the loop down 35
wardly and normally holding the same yieldably
in extended position.
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