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oci, i, 39456.
Filed Aug. 17, 1944
Patented Oct. 1, 1946
, Willard mia, New York, N. YQ
Application August 17, 1944, Serial No. 549,890 l
5 claims. (o1. :i1-_625)
This invention relates to a cigarette moistening
and conditioning device for use by individual
smokers whereby they can meisten and freshen
n each cigarette before smoking it.
sorption, ends to injure the flavor and taste of
the cigarettewithout compensating resultsA in
mitigating the irritating qualities of the smoke.
Such a means of providing desirable moisture
is also muchtoo slow, sincea primary object of
The principal purpose or obJect of my invention 5 i»my invention is to provide a
is toprovide a convenient, quick-acting andelîec
tual cigarette moistening or reconditioning device
to mitigate the irritating effects of dry cigarette
smoke. Its use is particularly indicated for ciga
individual cigarette prior to smoking it and do
this in such manner that the reconditioned ciga
rette is ready for immediate lighting andrsmck
ing. Any tediousoperations ordelays would be
rette smo-kers when añlicted with a cold; ‘sore
throat, tcnsilitis, bronchitis, sinus and gland in
fections, hay fever, chronic “cigarette cough” _and
any respiratory inñammation,
objectionable and defeat their own purposes.
In processing tobaccos, prior to fabrication, al
coholic liquids are often employed as mellowing
agents, rum being a favorite.
I have found that the quickest and most effec
tive reconditioning .results are obtained by the
It is a matter of common knowledge 'and ex
perience that dry cigarettes are relatively harsh _
and irritating >to the membranes of >the nose,
throat and respiratory tract. Indeed, leading
cigarette manufacturers themselves continually
tell» the public through theirV advertising and
radio broadcasts thatv dry cigarettes »are harsh
and irritating.
Some claim to use superior
moisture-retaining agents in processing their to
baccos, Others, superior “sealing in” of the
original moisture in the package and still others
that their cigarettes “stay fresher longer" due to’^-`Y
device whereby the
user can quickly vand. conveniently moisten each
use of .a volatile liquid such as potable alcoholic
liquors .including whiskey,- brandy, gin, rum or
Even usingsuch volatile moistening agents, I
have found it imperative to prevent contact of
the liquid directly with the tobacco filler of the
, cigarette, such as atan open, exposed end of the
cigarette. Due to the highly absorbable nature
ofA dry tobacco and the speed vwith which it will
suck up liquid, even through the Vvpaper wrapper
The significance of all'this is the frank admis
of` a dry cigarette, I have found it most important
sion that dry cigarettes are harsh and irritating,
to prevent any substantial, body 'ofliquid `from
while moist, fresh cigarettes are relatively
“ff-30, coming into contact with the cigarette.V ,
less to sensitive membranes.
What I sought was an approximation fof the
Unfortunately, once cigarettes are shipped'to
effect ofl‘theEgyptian narghile which meistens
market, their ultimate condition, uponfreaching
` the smoke and not the tobacco being smoked, re
the consumer, is beyond elîective control by the
sultingin a cool, bland nonìirritating smoke,
special treatment.
1 l manufacturer.
- ‘ vIn winter time and the long season of artid-’£535 '
. cially'heated quarters, packaged cigarettes tend
After-protracted experiments I discovered that
I could produce a similar effect by:
~ ' _
l. Theuse of a volatile agent such as diluted
' to become excessively dry.
alcohol or other alcoholic liquors such as whiskey,
Such cigarettes burn relatively fast and their
brandy, gin, rum, etc.
smoke is relatively ho-t, acrid and dry, tending' to "40 2. Means to establish a Awetting contact with ,
absorb moisture from the respiratory tractxwhe'nfthe cigarette substantially conñned to the'_body
Y inhaled and exhaled. The effect is harsh and
of the cigarette between its open ends. `
irritating to sensitive membranes and especially
g 3.v Means to substantially restrict contact of
so when inflamed due to colds, etc.
thewetting agent to the paper wrapper of the
The main importance of moisture in a cigarette.~
cigarette under such control of the user as'to
- is that it will vaporize as the cigarette is smokedg‘
produce substantially a “skin deep”~ moisture
` laden perimeter without deep enough penetration
The vapor, released by combustion, blends with
f the smoke and'produces the sensation and effect
of the. tobacco ñller of the cigarette to adversely
of relative smoothness and mildness and freedom
aifect- the burning qualities, aroma or taste of
from the irritating effects of dry cigarette smoke 50 any given cigarette so treated.
Y _
when inhaled and exhaled.
Through protracted experiments I discovered,
however, that a moist cigarette, Lper se, does not
yield the results I sought. For example, -moisten
ing the entire mass of the tobacco ñller in a dry
- cigarette by the relatively slow methodbf ab--î
4. Means tov prevent contactfof the-cigarette
vbeing moistened with any substantial body -of
Vthe liquid.L
When moistened in such manner and with such
agents, Athe cigaretteI is ready for immediate light- „
ing and smoking. The rate of combustion of the
relatively dry tobacco core of the cigarette andv
the wet, readily vaporizable perimeter is satisfac
torily synchronous.
The inherent brillianceof taste. iiavor and
aroma is unimpaired and the smoke is remark~
ably smoo-th, gentle, non-acrid and free from
harsh, rasping, irritating sensations when in
haled and exhaled.
plastic material adapted, in its finished form, to
serve as a leak-proof liquid reservoir.
The conditioner member I I consists, in its pre
ferred form, of an assembled unit comprising a
conditioning tube member I2 and an absorbent
covering sleeve I5.V The covering sleeve is pref
erably enough shorter than the tubular member
to provide an uncovered neck portion adapted to
be attached to a wall of the container I0 through
An object of this invention is to provide an 10 an opening therein and an uncovered serrated
inner end portion adapted to permit rapid flow
adapted to be carried in a vest pocket or to be
of liquid into and out of the conditioner II.
placed on a table or desk for convenient use.
In the preferred form of .the device of my in
Another purpose of the invention is to provide
vention the conditioning tube member I2 is square
an individual cigarette moistening device adapted 15 in shapeaand is installed in the container member
inexpensive, compact and self-.contained device
to moisten a cigarette around its periphery. or
I0 With one of its square ycorners pointing down
portions thereof, and between its free ends and
wardly therein, for a purpose later described.
adapted to enable the user to substantially control
In its preferred form, as illustrated in the draw
or determine the degree of such peripheral wetting
ing, the square conditioning tube I2 has a plu
of the cigarette being treated.
20 rality of openings or perforations I3 interme
The device of my invention consists essentially
diate its end portions and one or more serra
of a liquid container and a conditioning tube
tions I4 at its inner end. In this form the con
' associated therewith.
ditioning tube member I2 has an absorbent sleeve
The conditioning tube is preferably square in
covering I5 intermediate its end portion. This
shape and provided with a plurality of openings 25 sleeve covering I5 is so applied to the tube mem
in its Walls communicating with the container.
ber I2 as to provide protruding bulges or nodules
The conditioning tube is also preferably encased
I6 of the absorbent covering I5 inside the condi
intermediate its open ends, in an outer sleeve
tioning tube member I2 for purposes later de
formed of a covering layer of absorbent material
adapted .to have portions thereof pressed into 30
After complete assembly the container I0 is
the wall openings of the tube to form absorbent
ñlled with a liquid to a level preferably about
bulges or nodules inside the tube.
one-half inch below the conditioner II, to avoid
The container may be in the form of a drawn
metal, or a molded plastic receptacle with open
bottom and an opening in a side wall adjacent
the top.
splashing it in ordinary handling,
To “charge” or wet the conditioner II close
cover and upend the container I0. Liquid Will
then surround the conditioner I I, wetting the ab
sorbent sleeve member I5 and it will also flow into
The conditioning tube may be formed sepa
rately and installed in the container prior to
the conditioning tube I2 through the serrations
sealing on the bottom of `the container. By
I4, wetting the walls and the absorbent nodules
suitable locking and sealing means the tube and 40 I6 protruding therein.
container are cemented together in leak-proof
Upon restoring the device to its normally up
manner at the wall opening. The forward end of
right position, most of the liquid will quickly flow
the tube may project through the wall opening
out of the conditioning tube I2 through the end
of the container and is _provided with la leak-proof
I4, leaving the walls and nodules I6
snap action cover. The conditioning tube is 45 moist. The trough, formed by the downwardly
preferably formed with deep serrations at its rear
`positioned corner of the tube, will trap any
residuum of undrained liquid.
My invention provides a cigarette moistening
The diameter of the conditioner -between op
device capable of quickly producing a superflcially
posite walls and between the surfaces of opn
50 positely disposed nodules is enough greater than
moist cigarette without deleterious moistening of
the diameter of a standard cigarette, to permit
the mass of its tobacco filler.
loose, easy insertion and withdrawal of a cig
In the accompanying drawing, I shour a device
illustrative of my inven-tion.
Standard brands of cigarettes are substantially
Fig. 1 is a, top plan view of the assembled de -55
round in shape. When such a cigarette is in
serted in the square conditioner I I, only portions
Fig. 2 is a side elevation partly broken away
of the longitudinal surface, or paper wrapper of
showing the tubular conditioner in its installed
the cigarette vwill come into contact with the
walls and wet nodules I6 of the conditioner II.
Fig. 3 is a cross section on line 3*-3 of Fig. 2,
Thus the wetting eiîect upon the cigarette will
be restricted to such limited contacts, plus ab
sorption by the paper wrapper beyond actual
Contact lines. Since the trough in the lowest
looking into the conditioner tube from its front
proiecting end.
Fig. 4 is a cross section on line 4-4 of Fig. 3
showing the absorbent nodules inside the condi
tiener tube and an inserted cigarette in contact
with them.
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary side elevation showing
corner of the tube I2 will have trapped any un
drained residuum of liquid and the round cig
arette body does not extend into such trough,
wetting is substantially conñned to the contacts
By gently inserting and withdrawing the cig
the snap action cover in closed position.
Fig. 6 is a cross section of another form of my
conditioning tube.
The device of my invention in its preferred
70 arette without any appreciable period of timing,
form consists of a container member I0, a con
ditioner member II, and a conditioning tube I2.
The container member Ill may be made of
metal, preferably non-rusting, or of glass or of 75
very little moisture will be conveyed to the cig
arette. If more wetting is desired, the cigarette
may be inserted and then withdrawn after an
interval of time.
Still greater degree of wetting lof the cigarette
may be accomplished by wobbling or rotating it
before withdrawal.
In another form or” my invention, I use an oval
or egg-shaped conditioning tube without any ab
sorbent sleeve covering, as illustrated in the
drawing. In this form the conditioning tube 20
has, preferably, one or more serrations at its in
ner end similar to the square tub-e, or other
opening and closing cover, said tubular device
adapted to be supplied with and drained of liquid
by upending said container and again restoring
it to its normally upright position and means
within said tubular member to provide moisture
conveying means to the paper wrapper of a
cigarette when inserted therein, in addition .to
any film of moisture that may be present on the
walls thereof.
3. In a cigarette conditioning device, a liquid
I0 and a plurality of small perforations 2| in 10 container and a cigarette conditioner, said con
its walls, said perforations being beveled or hav
ditioner consisting of a tubular device installed
relatively large opening into the liquid container
ing countersunk portions 22 inside the tube 2G
adapted to hold globules of liquid 23 by capillary
attraction after the conditioning tube has been
supplied with and drained of liquid. Such
globules provide means for wetting the periphery
of a cigarette when inserted in the conditioning
By providing ample clearance between the cig
arette and the wall of such tube by difference
of diameters, a degree of control of wetting the
cigarette is aiîorded the user.
This form is not as effective as the covered
conditioning tube .and lacks the advantage of
the absorbent nodules in retaining moisture, once u
moisture to the periphery of -a cigarette of
standard type when inserted therein, said mois
ture retaining means being supplementary to any
film of moisture adhering to the walls of said.
tubular device after liquid has flowed into and
out thereof.
4. A cigarette conditioning device comprising
a liquid container having a tubular cigarette
conditioning member positioned adjacent the top
charged, for conditioning many individual cig
thereof and above a predetermined liquid level
therein, said tubular member being connected
arettes without recharging.
with said container and having an opening ex
The use of a volatile liquid such as whiskey, gin,
within said container adjacent the top thereof,
and having openings internally and externally
thereof, said tubular device having moisturere
taining means inside thereof adapted to transfer
ternally thereof whereby a _substantially round
rum, brandy or other potable alcoholic liquid is
cigarette of standard type may be inserted there
desirable for use in my device, in preference to 30 in, said tubular member having an opening in
water, for example, because such liquids act more
ternally of said container whereby liquid there
quickly in wetting the perimeter of a cigarette,
in may flow into and out of said tubular mem
do not tend to discolor the paper wrapper and
ber by manual manipulation of said container
vaporize more readily as the cigarette is smoked.
and means internally of said tubular member
Such volatile liquids are readily obtainable and 35 whereby after it has been so manipulated,
my device is easily filled and refilled by the
globules of liquid will be retained therein adapted
user through the outer open end of the condi
to create a superficial wetting of said cigarette
tioning tube.
between its open ends, when inserted therein.
5. A cigarette `moistening device adapted to
1. In a cigarette conditioning device a liquid 40 provide a superñcially wetted perimeter of a
container and a cigarette conditioner communi
eating therewith internally and having an open
ing externally thereof, said conditioner compris
standard type of cigarette .between its open ends,
said device consisting of a liquid container and
a tubular moistening member having an opening
ing a tubular member having a plurality of wall
internally and externally thereof, said internal
oriñces intermediate its ends and seri-ations at 45 opening adapted to permit liquid from the con
its inner end providing an opening directly into
tainer- to flow into and out of said tubular
said container and a sleeve-like covering of ab
member by proper manual manipulation of said
sorbent material intermediate its ends, said cov
container and means within said tubular mem
ering having portions bulged through said Wall
50 ber to retain some of such liquid in addition to
oriiices to form absorbent nodules inside said
the normal ñlm adhering to the walls of said
tubular member.
tubular member whereby such liquid will pro
container and a cigarette conditioner said condi
vide means to moisten the periphery of a stand
ard type of cigarette when it is inserted in said
2. In a cigarette conditioning device a liquid
tioner comprising a tubular device having an
tubular moistening member.
opening within said container and an opening 55
externally thereof adapted to be sealed by an
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