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Patented Oct. 1, 1946
Harvey W. Riddle, Branford, Conn, assignor to
The American Steel and Wire'Company of New
Jersey, a corporation of New Jersey
Application March 6, 1945, Serial No. 581,305
2 Claims. (01. 114-241)
tain the desired resistance they are generally
much heavier than the mesh strands. While my
This invention relates to a torpedo net having
a mesh structure. There are two types of tor
pedo nets in general use: one type being used to
shock absorbing seam‘ is especially adapted for
use at a substantial angle to the'vertical, it may
also be used in a horizontal position between sec
protect moving vessels, and the other type being
used to protect stationary objects. The nets may
tions. When used in a propeller catching type
of net the clips 6 will be slip clips, preferably of
the type disclosed in the co-pending application
of Alan E. Brickman, Serial No. 581,311, ?led
also be devided intov two classes in regard to the
manner in which the torpedo is caught: one type
catches the torpedo by the propeller, and the
other type catches the torpedo by its nose. In
6, 1945.
the nose catching type, the mesh is generally of 10 March
The design of the clips 5 and shock absorbing
an interwoven grommet design except a new type
seam is such that the shock absorbing seam ab
which is secured at each intersection by a ?xed
sorbs the initial shock of the torpedo impact,
clip and is disclosed in the application of Alan
after which the strands of the mesh slip in clips
E. Brickman, Serial No. 581,310, ?led March 6,
6. Since the torpedo covers a relatively small
1945, entitled “Torpedo net and method of mak
area of the net it sets up different stresses in
ing- the same.” In. the propeller catching type,
the various stranded structures thereof, thus
the mesh is connected ‘so-as to slip atthe inter
causing the stranded structures, connected by
sections. Regardless of the type of net, however, ' means
of the clips 6, to slip with respect to one
it may break due to the shock of the torpedo hit
When used in a nose catching type of
ting it and therefore I propose to use a shock‘
6 ‘will be ?xed, preferably of the
absorbing connection in the net to protect ‘it
type disclosed in the co-pending ‘application of
against breakage.
Alan E. Brickman, Serial No. 563,286, ?led No
It is therefore, an object of my invention to
13, 1944, entitled “Method and means for.
provide a torpedo net structure having a shock
25 securing ?ttings to wire structures.”
absorbing seam incorporated therein. '
'While one embodiment of my invention has
This and other objects will be more apparent
been shown and described, it will be apparent
after referring to the following speci?cation and
attached drawing, in which the single ?gure il
that other modi?cations and adaptations maybe
made without departing from the scope of the
Referring more particularly to the drawing, 30 following claims.
I claim:
the vreference numerals 2 and 4 indicate‘ two
1. A torpedo net structure or the like compris
sections of the torpedo net which is made up in
ing a plurality of sections and a shock absorbing
the usual manner from stranded wire structures
seam between at least two of said sections, said
connected by means of clips 6. In this construc
35 shock absorbing seam comprising two substan
lustrates the vertical seam of my invention.
tion the net has a plurality of stranded struc
tures arranged in a zig-zag manner extending
from the top to the bottom of the net with the
tially parallel stranded wire structures, a plu- , it
rality of spaced apart connections between one
apices of adjacent stranded structures being con-'
of saidwire structures and one section, a plu
nected by means of clips 6. Between the two
sections are located two substantially parallel
other wire structure and the second section, and
rality of spaced apart connections between the
40 '
connecting means spaced from the said connec
stranded wire structures 8, each of which is con
tions for fastening the wire structures together.
nected to the apices of the mesh adjacent thereto
2. A torpedo net structure or the like compris
by means of ?xed connectors Ill. Between the
ing a plurality of sections and a shock absorbing '
connectors H] the wire structures 8 are connect
between at least two of said sections, said
ed to each other by ?xed connectors l2. The 45 seam
shock absorbing seam comprising a stranded wire
normal position of the'shock absorbing seam is
structure between the sections, a plurality of
that shown in full lines in the drawing, but when
spaced apart connections between said wire
a torpedo hits the net, the shock-absorbing seam
structure and. one section, and connecting means
expands to the dotted line position shown in the
drawing, this absorbing the initial shock due to 50 spaced from the said connections for fastening
the wire structure to the second section.
the impact of the torpedo. The resistance to
spread of the elastic seam depends upon the size
and weight of the wire structures 8 and to ob
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