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y 0d» l, 1946--
Filed Nov. 22, l1945
2 sheets-sheet `:L
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Oct'. 1, 1946.
2,408,510v `
Filed Nov. 22, 1943
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- FIG. 4
@Éîîy w
Patented Oct. 1,l 1_946
Fred F; Feldmann, San Jose, Calif.
Applicata@ November z2, 1943, serial No. 511,370
1 Claim.
(c1. 14s-12)
discharge upon the inclined surface 5; vand vthe
chute I4 passes through the hopper 9 to discharge
upon the inclined surface 6.
will receive a continuous ñow of nuts of y‘a suit
Disposed on the top edges of the several hop
able kind, grade them as to size, and crack a
pers, and consequently lying in a horizontal plane,
number of them at the same time.
and extending outwardly from the center there
It is another object of the invention to provide
of, are a number of substantially >radially dis
a machine constructed and arranged to roll the
posed involutely curved elements as I7 .to form
vnut during the cracking operation in such a man
a number of paths of travel for nuts deposited
ner as to spread ‘the cracking operation over a
greater area 'than 'is ordinarily the case, and to 10 on the center. Since the spacing Vof these ele
ments gradually increases toward the edge of
-increase the ‘area of 'cracking' by gradually in
the outer hopper, .it follows that the smaller nuts
creasing the pressure as the 'nut is rolled.
Finally, it is 'an object to provide 'a ’machine . will drop into the hopper I3 and thence through
the chute I8 to the inclined surface i; "the .nuts
of the character indicated that “will effectually
dropping >into the next larger hopper n I2 are ‘dis
crack an unusually high percentage of 'nuts _with
charged on to the surface 5, the .larger nuts drop
out breaking up the ‘meat’ïth'e‘reim one that will
It `-is one object of the present invention to pro
vide a machine ofthe character indicated that
ping into the next-to-the-largest Ahopper II and
be extremely simple in vcohstruction and opera
thence to surface '6; and the largest nuts drop
tion; and one that will be economical to con
ping into the largest hopper 9 and thence to the
struct and operate, Strong, durable, and highly
20 inclined surface 4.
efficient in its .practical operation.
Since the nuts are deposited yin any suitable
manner upon the center of the grading device
it is necessary to spread them over the same by
In the drawings:
Figure 1 is a side elevationalview of a device
embodying my invention, with parts broken away.
means of some suitable mechanical device. For
`Figure 2 is a top plan View on line 2-2 of
25 this purpose I provide a rod I8 positioned to
Figure 1 of one half of the grading structure.
overlie the grading surface and curved in the
Figure 3 is a View taken on line 3-3 of Figure
direction opposite to elements Il as shown, and
1, parts being broken away.
extending downwardly through a centrally dis
Figure 4 is a plan view on line 4-4 of Fig
ure 3.
posed supporting tube I9 to the bottom portion
_ Figure 5 is a diagrammatical illustration of the 30 of block 3 where it is fitted with a bevel gear 2U.
The gear 20 meshes with a bevel gear 2| on a
nut feed chutes relative to the center of the ma
The machine shown in the drawings comprises
shaft 22 journaled in block 3, the outer end of
shaft, 22 being. provided with a bevel gear 23
a base member I, this member being an I beam
which meshes with a bevel gear 24 on the shaft
fitted with end plates as at 2. On the member
I is mounted an oblong block as 3 having its
top surface formed to present two inclined sur
faces as 4 and 5 sloping downwardly to one side,
and two other inclined surfaces as 6 and 'I sloping
25 of a motor 26. The result of this arrange
ment is that when the motor 23 is in operation
the curved rod I8 is rotated about the center of
the device and caused to push the'nuts outwardly
downwardly to the other side.
, on the grader until they drop into the hoppers
40 for which they are fitted.
Mounted on supports 8 arising vertically from
the two ends of the block 3 is a hopper 9 dis
charging through chute I0 on to the inclined sur
‘From the several inclined surfaces the nuts
roll down into the cracking mechanism which
will now be described. Arranged along on oppo
site sides of the parts l, 2 and 3 and in spaced
face 4, said hopper in the present case being
hemispherical in form and having its top edge 45 relation thereto, are a pair of crushing plates as
2ï and 28 joined by links 29 and 30 at their ends,
lying in a horizontal plane, as shown. Concen
the said links being pivotally attached to the
trically mounted within said hopper v9 and with
plates as at 3| and32, and also pivotally con
their top edges al1 lying in the saine horizontal
plane as the top edge of hopper 9, are three pro
gressively smaller hoppers as indicated at II,
nected at the center to the centers of the end
platesZ, as at 33 and 34.- One of the plates, as
I2 and I3, suitably spaced from each other and '
provided with discharge chutes at I4, I5 and I6.
The chute I6 passes through hoppers 9, II and
I2 to discharge upon the inclined surface 1; the
chute I5 passes through the hoppers 9 and II‘to 55
thereof as at 36, the other end of the link being
connected to a crank 31 on shaft 25 of motor
26. When the motor is in operation the plate 21
21, has a -link 35 pivotally connected to one end
is reciprocated through the medium of the crank
31 and link 35. But since the plates 21--28 are
connected by the links 29 and 30 which are in
turn pivotally mounted at their centers on the
base I---2, it follows that the reciprocation of
plate 21 will also effect the reciprocatîon of plate
28, at the same rate of speed but in the opposite
direction. This mounting of the plates 21-28
causes them to be spaced furthest from the cen
ter base l when the links 2.3-30 are at right
and thereby be caused to drop into their proper
hoppers. The nuts passing through hopper 9 and
falling upon surface 4 roll down between plates
2l and 43. If plate 21 has just completed its
crushing movement and starts to swing outward
ly again the nut merely settles further down be
tween the two plates, but when the plate swings
inwardly again it travels in an arcuate path and
simultaneously ,rolls the nut and increases its
angles to the longitudinal plane of the base I, 10 pressure thereon in such a manner as to crack it
as shown in solid lines in Figure 4, and to ap
over a large area, and so permit complete removal
proach the said base when moved in either di
of the shell without injury to the meat.
rection from said last mentioned position. If,
In this machine the nuts may ñoW continuous
for instance, the links 29-30 swing in the direc
ly down between the crushing plates, and a large
tion indicated by arrows 38, the pivots 32 move 15 number may be cracked at each closingmove
through the arc 39 and the working faces of the
ment of the crushing plate, but since they are ac
two plates 21-28 are swung to the position indi
curately graded as to size they all receive the
cated in dotted lines at 40. When the movement
same treatment, and drop into a waiting con
is reversed and the links 29-30 swing in the op
tainer ready for ñnal cleaning. In moving from
posite direction the Working faces of the plates 20 the extended position tothe contracted position
21-28 are Withdrawn from the plate I and then
and back again the crusher plate rolls the nut
swung back toward the same to the position indi
twice, giving it a preliminary cracking and then
cated in dotted lines at 4I.
a finishing cracking which completely releases
Opposite each plate ‘2l-28, and swingably
the shell from the meat.
mounted in the base structure as at 42 are ad 25
Having thus described my invention, what I
justable plates 43, 44, 45 and 46, each plate be
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
ing adjusted about its pivotal mounting by means
ent is:
of cams as 4l on a rotatable shaft 48 and operat
In a machine for cracking nuts the combina
ing against its lower rear edge. This latter ad
tion of, a fixed horizontal supporting member,
justment is desirable so that the space between 30 plates adjustable for vertical inclination mounted
the plates 2l-28 and plates 43-44-45-46 may
on each side of said member and means for ef
be quickly and accurately adjusted to the par
fecting said adjustment, crusher plates disposed
ticular type of nut to be cracked.
in spaced and opposed relation to said ñrst men
Assuming that soft-shell walnuts are to be
tioned plates, rocker arms pivotally mounted at
cracked preliminary trials will quickly indicate
their centers on said supporting member and piv
the exact setting for the several plates 43 to 46
otally connected at their ends to said crusher
with relation to the plates 2'§-28, the movement
plates to support and actuate the same simul
of said plates being determined by the length of
taneously, >and means operative to actuate the
the crank 3l. Walnuts flowing upon the center
rocker arms and crusher plates.
of the grading device will quickly be distributed 40
over the same by means of the rotating arm I3
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