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Oct. l, 1946.
E. M.'RoAcH
~ 2,408,532
Filed May 1o, 1944>
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Wilìl il lh
------ '."J
oct. 1,` 1946. '
Patented Oct. 1, 1946
A; L
_ V2,408,532
Ill., assignor to Arveyl ,l o
lEarl M. Roach, Chicago, Ill., acorporation of
Corporation, Chicago,
lApplication -May 1o, 1944, Seraing. 534,963
2 Claims.
(Cl. 40--155) j
cured to the edges thereof and foldable from the
plane of the central panel, to form a hollow an
This invention relates to improvements in col
gular~ forwardly projecting frame for said central
lapsible framed displays constructed
be packed and e ' panel, and in partially overlying relationship
such as cardboard, and which can
therewith to provide edgewise .embracing engage
shipped for transportation Vby the manufacturer
, ment for a separate central panel adapted .to‘be
in fully opened or collapsed'form, and which may
superimposed over the central panel and substan
tially equal area therewith.
be thereafter readily and conveniently assembledv
or set up and locked in set-up position by the
- The invention is further characterized by the
It is a particular object of my invention to 10 employment of> complementary interlocking tab
means extending from the end ’portions of the
provide a collapsible display yembodying a cen
for maintaining them in
tral panel and integral side Vpieces forming a hol’
youtermost side panels
rearwardly folded' position parallelV to the plane
of thel centralpanel and interlocked relationship
with each other, together with supplementary
'low frame, the frame projectingforwardly of the
face .of the central panel and -lying partially
thereover to provide a retaining seat for a separa
ble display panel of substantially `edual area to
15 interlocking' means provided on certain of the in
termediate side panels whereby to vfixedly main
_ that of the central panel,
tain the’ panels inthe form of a forwardly pro
jecting' frame and to form a positioning pocket
or seat for the'separate illustrative panel and to
-been formed by adhesively'uniting`
imprinted sheet to a collapsible disp-lay'cardboard 20
hold it in pressed engagement against the mainV
blank, suitably out and scored to provide a cen
central panel,A which may be blank'or may have
tral panel Yand integral l side
originally contained another illustration. By'the
the plane thereof ‘to rform a
employment'of two sets of locking means, neces
tive united sheet generally being imprinted,V
ographed,v or the like to provide ,an >advertising 25 sity'for adhesively uniting or stapling any of the
lto eachother', orto'the cen'-`
display for the central panel and'a simulated
panel portions
of cords, or elas
decorative border for the frameside pieces. As
partialy or. full assembly
from the foregoing; and yinV accord
ance' with the present‘in'vention,V production :of
standard framed display'holders adapted for use
.with interchangeable
central illustrative panels «.
' tic bands and for either
-is permitted _with resultant enhancedeconomy to
Vboth the manufacturer anduser. Thus,> for ex
ample, collapsible framed displays o_fstandard
decorative framing or border panels maybe pro
vided and carried in stock by the manufacturer
_and suitable or .interchangeable illustrative cen
tral display panels separately provided, as re
quired, for insertion in a, standard or> stock form
of collapsible framed holder.
'is eliminated, and yet at the'same time‘a separa
ble illustrative central panel' is provided
it inv
rigid forwardly projecting frame
firmlyL locked embracing engagement when.the
display is in assembled and set up position.
of construction and arrangement of parts and
the advantages'th’ereof which will be apparent
Yo1? a consideration of the following specification
`and drawings wherein:v
` Fig. >1 is a face view
class heretofore "
of my collapsible framed
‘cardboard display, with parts broken away,l -
`It isa further object o_f .my invention to pro'
vide a truly and fully collapsible display of Ythe
Other objects of my invention relate to details
lustrating my invention.
Y Ü Fig. 2 isa‘section on
‘does ,not
require any preassembly by the manufacturer, but
the line 2-2 of Fig. lz
*Y Fig. 3-is asection on the line 3‘--`-3 of Fig. »1.
, Fig.- 4' is arelativelyV large fragmentary detail
45 in perspect‘ve illustrating one corner of the col
lapsible display of Fig. 1 viewed from the rear '
lapsed condition and which may thereafter read- .
ily and conveniently be set up >by the user withoutv
the necessity for previous or subsequent gluing.
stapling or requirement for the employment of
Fig. 5 is ' a section on the line 5-5 of Fig. 4.
Fig. 6 is a blank development `of the framing
assembly aids, such as cords, elastic bands, or the 50 display illustrated in thepreceding figures.
Fig. ’l is a relatively enlarged fragmentary
my invention comprises
a'collapsible » . detail in perspective illustrating one corner of
In general
,the collapsible display of Fig. lviewed from the ’
display composed of cardboard kor like foldable
in partially set-up position.
material pre-cut and scored to provide a central
face thereof and
collapsible ,
as, a rectangle or. `
panel of polygonal shape, such
triangle, the central panel having side pieces se
Referring tothe drawings, my
2,408, ses
The side pieces are thereafter further rear
wardly folded on the score lines I5 and IE so as
to bring the outermost side panels I1 into a posi
tion substantially parallel to the plane of the
ally indicated as I3. Each of the side pieces I3
is further scored to provide it with spaced lines Cl central panel I2 and the superimposed panel 26,
with the panels 20 extending perpendicular to the
of fold I 4, I5, and I 6 dividing it into an outer
plane of panel I2. In this position the hook-tabs
most side panel I7,. an innermost side -panel ‘I8
contiguous with the central panel I2, and the pair
2l of adjacent panels I'VareV overlapped in linked
of intermediate side panels
the outermost side panels I'I 1s provided with a-
interlocked -engagement with each other and to
pair of hook-like tabs ZI adjacent the ends of
1n the form of a ñxed hollow frame projecting
forwardly of the faces of panels I2 and 26, and
the panel, the hook-tabs> 2l extending laterally
from the outer longitudinal edge\ of the panel Il' «
maintaining the panels I9 and 20
and the adjacent ends of two panels I'I are
with the aid of the interlocked tongues 24 and
25 to hold the superimposed picture panel 26
embraced between the four side panels I8 and
the central panel I2.
panel in linked frictional
I claim as my invention:
l. In a collapsible display formed of a single
sheet of foldable material to receive a picture
and separated therefrom by slots 22, so that the
tabs 2l project toward each other. These tabs 2l
engagement with each other when the panels
I‘I are folded in a rearward return bent direc
tion, and `to thereby hold the panels I1 inter»
locked in a plane substantially parallel to the
plane ci central panel I2.
sheet, a rectangular blank of cardboard having
cut-away corners and score lines extending par
allel to each of
One pair of intermediate side panels I 9 are 25
formed V.with angularly cut end portions 23 and
provided thereat with endwise projecting tongues
or tabs 24. The opposed pair of intermediate
panels I9 are provided with slots 25 inwardly
of their rectangular ends, the slots v25 being
formed on >an angular line equal to the angularity
of the ends 23 of the other pair of opposed panels
Thus when the pa'nelsßíâ are folded form
Wardlyiwith respect to the face of the panel I 2
inclined` outwardly from said ñrst section, a
third section `extending rearwardly to terminate
adjacent the plane of said central panel, and a
.fourth section extending inwardly for engage
on the score lines íü, and the panels il are folded
the tabs or
provided with the ends 23 brought into abutment
against the adjacent projecting vends of the sec
ond pair of opposed panels I9.
In` setting up my display,
central panel I the four panels I8 bent for
wardly on their score. lines It. Each of the
panels I3 is preferably of trapezoidal form, that
is., their end portions >are ang-ularly cut as at 27,
so that >when folded over and intoembracing
engage-ment with ythe picture panel 25, the ends
of the adjacent panels uI8 will be in substantially
'meeting engagement, with the four panels I8
lying substantially in the Vsame plane and sub
stantially parallel to panels I2 and 26.
25, by rearwardly folding panels I 9 on their vscore
line I 4l and inserting the tongues 2,4 within the 60
said fourth sections for locking said fourth sec~
slots 25 and bringing them into firm frictional
tions together against Íthe back side of said cen
engagement with the panels I9 elevated to form
an angularly inclined beveled frame for the em
trai panel.V
braced pîcture‘panel 25.
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