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Oct. 1, 1946;
1-. D. CRANE.
Filed May 19, 1943
~ Thea/ore 0- Crane
\/7' TORNE
Patented Oct. '1, 1946
. 2,408,550
2,408,550 "
' ‘Ban SERVICE stir .
Theodore D. .(lrane, Council Bluffs, Iowa " h
'npplicationlvlaynltl,1943,‘,Serialldo;487,572 "
(01,. 4'-112)
My invention relates to a bed pan.
7 An object of my invention is to provide a de
vice‘ which can be used without discomfort to
rectangular in shape and includes'a'n extending
tab portion. The extending tab.portion','O-f the
member- ID lies normally directly beneath the tab
albed ridden patient and which eliminates‘ the
portion ll of a, further sheet l2 which sheet l2
issubstantially the same size and shape as the
necessity of raising the medial portions of the
torso of the patient off of the upper surfaces of
a'bed in order to insert the bed pan under the
buttocks of the patient.
the. sheet’
I2 , is_ a gate
member comprising the vertical walls ill {see
Figures 1 and 3) which wallsl3 extend-intothe
v A further object of my invention is to provide
further integral vertical wallportions l4 which
a'construction which can'be placed‘ in position
are substantially arcuate in shape‘ and which
'more'rapidly than’ the rigid device formerly em}
ployed ‘for the'same purpose.
merge, into the further arcuate end wall 415, all
.of'suchwalls. being of’ a fairly. this.‘ resilient mac‘
' A further object of my invention is to provide
terial such as rubber. The walls l4 and [5 merge
a ?exible device which will readily conform to
the contours of the buttocks and other portions 15 together with the sheet [2 by means of the curved
concave portions l6. For sti?ening the gate
of the patient in contact therewith.
walls l3, I provide the integrally formed lips l1
A further object of my invention is to provide
and I8 into which are placed the thin spring
a device of this character which can be quickly
metal members [9 including the arcuate portions
and easily cleaned after use and which can be
at 20, these members [9 serving the purpose of
carried or supported in a substantially folded
maintaining the relatively long gate-way in a
condition after use.
fairly rigid condition, the portions at H being
A further object of my invention isto provide
rounded to prevent cha?ng, etc.
I ,
a gate-Way associated with the device which will
The walls 13 (see Figure 3) extend down
be readily accommodated to the patient’s anus
wardly into the curved arcuate portions 2| which
and buttocks, and which will conform thereto
portions 2| are adapted to conform substantially
without discomfort to the patient, and at the
to the hip checks of the patient.
same time insuring that the rectal discharges are
When used, the base sheet 10 is placed under
ef?ciently gathered, and will flow uniformly in
the patient and the bed pan portion comprising
an even manner into the bed pan.
the sheet l2, the gate walls [3, and the further
7 A further object of my invention is to provide
walls I4 and I5 are ‘placed under thev patient over
an extending tab portion positioned beneath the
the base sheet withthe gate walls l3 being
placed adjacent the anus, and between the hip
cheeks. ,This operation can be performed with
gate-way to prevent soiling of the bed adjacent
the buttocks or anus of the patient.
A further object of my invention is to provide
a base sheet usable in combination with the bed 35 out raising the patient, and by merely sliding the
device into position under and between the legs,
pan arrangement, or which can be employed sep
after the kneesv are raised.
It will be readily seen that the discharge from
With these and other objects in view, my in
the rectum thereby ?ows between the walls I 3
vention consists in the construction, arrange
and into the bed pan, and is thus thereby eiii
ment, and combination of the various parts of
ciently con?ned to ?owing into the bed pan in a
‘my device, whereby the objects contemplated are
attained, as hereinafter more fully set forth,‘ >
uniform manner.
pointed out in my claims, and illustrated in the
serves to keep the bedding clean at this portion
The extending tab II also
accompanying drawing, in which:
and the other extending portions of the arrange
similarly protect areas adjacent
Figure l is a plan view of the associated bed 45 ment will
pan, base sheet, and urinal,
Figure 2 isra sectional view taken substantially
along the lines 2—2 of Figure 1,
Figure 3 is a sectional detail taken along the
lines 3-—3 of Figure 1,
. Figure 4 is a slightly vmodi?ed form of the ar
I have used the character In (see Figure 2) to
designate a base sheet of fairly thin rubber or
similar flexible material which is substantially
It will also be noted that the arrangement by
being resilient and soft will not cause the patient
to roll to one side which would cause soiling of
50 the bed clothing, and furthermore it will be noted
that the arrangement provides comfort to the
patient due to the resiliency 0f the parts.
use the sheet l2 can be folded together since it
is ?exible, whereby the arrangement can be car
ried away and cleansed by'use of a brush, etc.,
the curved portions at [6 providing easy access
around the inner walls.
In some cases for extremely light discharges,
.or to rest the patient temporarily without soiling
may be reasonably included within their scope.
the bed clothes while the other portions are
I claim as my invention:
1. A bed service set comprising a ?at thin base
member, an excretion receiving member adapted
to be positioned on said ?at thin member, said
cleaned, the base sheet IE! can be employed alone
excretion receiving member including vertically
without the other parts, or when the patient is
positioned side walls including a forward gate
being cleaned after discharge.
way for receiving rectal discharges, said vertical
A slight modi?cation of the arrangement is
walls being of soft resilient material, said gate
shown in Figure 4 wherein the gate-way is not 10 waybeing of resilient material, means for sti?'en
necessarily stiffened and comprises a pan having
ing said gate-way to provide relative rigidity
slightly arcuate rubber vertical walls 21 whichv ’ thereto, including a pair of ?at spring members
merge with the further walls 28 which walls 28
attached to the gate-way.
continue somewhat similarly to the walls I4 and
2. A bed service set comprising a ?at thin base
I5 and with‘ the walls 2? and 28 being integral
member, an excretion receiving member adapted
with a ?at sheet 29 including the extending tab.
to be positioned on said ?at thin member, said
30. In this form of structure it will be noted
excretion receiving member including vertically
that the members 21 will conform to the hip
positioned side walls including a forward gate
cheeks 3| of the patient which are shown in dot
way for receiving rectal discharges, said vertical
ted lines, and will provide a gate-way at 32 which
walls being of soft resilient material, said gate
communicates to the anal portions 33.
It will now be seen that I have provided a bed
way being of a resilient material, means for stiiT
ening said gate-way to‘ provide relative rigidity
service set which includes all of the advantages
thereto, the outer side of said gate-way including
mentioned in the objects of my invention, in that
arcuate portions vfor conforming to the curvature
it is comfortable in use, prevents soiling, 'is e?i 25 of ' a patient’s hip cheeks.
cient in operation, and includes other advantages
3. A bed service set comprising an excretion
readily apparent.
receiving member, said excretion receiving mem
Some changes'may be made in the construc
ber including vertically positioned side walls in
tion and arrangement of the parts of my inven
cluding a forward gateway for receiving rectal
tion without departing from the real spirit and 30 discharges, said gateway including a portion
purpose of my invention, and it is my intention
‘ adapted to engage a patient’s hip cheeks.
to cover by my claims any modi?ed forms of
_ structure or use ofmechanical equivalents which
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