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Oct. 1, 1946.v
Filed March‘ a,‘ 1945
5 124-4‘ Elks !._z'
"5 .
/9 ‘dial/76'
_, /./
Patented Oct. 1, 1946
Ervin L. Williams, Los vAngeles, Calif.
Application March 3, 1945, Serial No. 580,822
' _
6 Claims.
(Cl. 177-329)
1, of the revoluble, centrifugally controlled lamps,
This invention relates to a motor driven signal.
Among the objects of the invention are: to
provide an improved means for imparting mo
tion to an electric lamp signal, while the light
said lampsv being shown‘ in full lines in their re
tracted position and in dotted lines in their ex
tended position. The plane of section is ap
proximately indicated by line 3—3 on Fig. 1.
Fig. 4 is another section showing the device on
a reduced scale, the plane of section being indi
cated by line 4-4 on Fig. 1.'
Referring in detail to the drawing, the device
is on, so that it will be more readily observable
in various situations, for example, to vehicles
approaching from the rear; to provide a motor
driven stop light signal which can be very conven
iently attached to vehicles now on the market; to
provide superior pedal-operable means for putting 10 is therein shown associated with an electric mo
tor ‘I supported by a two-part standard 8 at
into operation the means for moving the signal;
and to provide a signal which is adapted to sup
tachable in any suitable manner to a motor ve
plement in a superior manner and to cooperate
hicle. To the axial, horizontally projecting shaft
with stop light signals already in use upon-ve
9 of said motor is secured to rotate therewith, a
circular housing l9 consisting of parallel spaced
apart disks or circular plates II and I2. Said
housing is of a peripherally open type except for
two diametrically opposite peripheral webs or
tiev plates I3 and M, which are welded or other
wise secured in place, in order to secure to each
other the disks l I and I2‘ and maintain the latter
Another object of the invention is to provide
a plurality of motor driven signal lamps which
are normally in a fully protected, partially
housed-in position from which, upon being driven
in circular paths, they are urged by centrifugal
force from a concealed to a noticeable visible po
in properly spaced apart relations to each other.
Twin lamp-carrying structures 16 are mounted
sition, by means which operate automatically
when the vehicle is brought to a stop.
Still another object is to provide a swingably
between said discs, each of these structures com
mounted electric signal lamp supplied by current 25 prising a lamp proper Ila, mounted in the lamp
socket I‘! carried by tubular stems l 8, these stems
being angular or L-shaped thus providing them
with laterally de?ected end portions or limbs [9
which project through bearing apertures in the
of time.
30 inner disk H and have their extremities exter
Yet another object is toprovide a superior
nally screwthreaded to receive nuts 28, said por
tions l9 having peripheral'flanges 2! at the op
yielding or elastic stop means for the swingable'
support for the lamps to prevent injurious shock I
posite side of thedisk ll opposite to the screwed
of the lamp ?laments when they are urged to the
down nuts'ZB'Whereby the stems I8 partially ro
limit of their movement by centrifugal force.
or swing in a plane parallel to each of the
93 O
It is also an object of the invention to provide
said disks H and I2. .
a superior rotatable housing having signal lamps
By the'foregoing arrangement the lamps I'la
are swingably supported within the rotatable,
normally concealed therein, the rotation of said
housing extending the lamps from a normally in
open-sided housing l0 so as to swing outwardly
visible position to a visible operative position.
by centrifugal force from the full line to the
dotted line- positions of Fig. 3, the out-swing of
Other objects, advantages and features of in
each lamp being opposed by a coiled tension
vention will hereinafter appear.
from a conductor which is so arranged that a
portion thereof is repeatedly ?exed during the
operation of the lamp, without being injured even
when the device is used throughout a long period
Referring to the'accompanying drawing, which
spring 22 one end of which is attached to the
web l3 at its side of the housing and the oppo
46 site end'of which is attached to the stem N3 of
ferred embodiment of the invention,
the lamp with which‘ it cooperates, at a distance
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the device showing
from the pivotal mounting of such stem. By
it as it appears in its mounted position, parts be
these springs the lamps Ila are normally main
ing sectioned to show more clearly their interior
illustrates what is at present deemed to be a pre
tained at the limit of their inswingin contact
construction and parts of the support andhous
ing being broken out in order to contract the 50 with stops 23, the outswing of the lamps being
limited by stops 24. All these stops consist of
pins which projectinto the housing from the
Fig. 2 is aface view on a'smaller scale of the
large disk ll, these pins having elastic sheaths
light re?ecting plate, as seen from line 2—2 of
' 23a and or 24a aroundthem to absorb the shock
Fig. 3 is a section on a smaller scalethan-Fig; .55 upon the swinging‘ lamps so that the impacts oc
curring at the ends of their swing will not injure
best shown in Fig. 2, is provided with black bands
them. All these stop pins are preferably mount
4| alternating with white bands 42 and with two
ed in the same manner, being abutted endwise
radial, intersecting white bands 43. These black
against the inner face of the disk II, small holes
being provided through the disk axially of the
and white markings of said disk give it a dis
tinctive appearance when rotated under the il
pins to receive the securing screws 25. The di
ameter of the disk I I should be su?iciently great
lumination of the rays of light thrown upon them
er than that of the disk I2 to project beyond and
in a considerable measure protect the lamp
when rotated in daylight without being illumi
globes il'a even when the latter are in their most 10
extended positions.
The annulus in formed by
the increase in diameter of the plate I I over that
of plate I2‘ also forms a background screen
against which the moving lamps Ila are out
lined. Especially is this true at night when the
lamp rays of the trailing vehicle fall upon said
background and moving lamps.
The means for mounting the housing structure’
Ill upon the motor shaft 9 comprises a central
hub 2'6 on the disk I I furnished with a set screw
27 to abut the shaft 9.
In order to provide electric current to the lamps
Ila during rotation of the housing If], conductor
means is provided which includes an annular disk
by the headlight of an approaching vehicle or
In regard to the operation, it will now be seen
that, when the pedal is depressed to close the
stop light circuit the circuit will also be closed
through the motor ‘I and lamps Ila and, due to
centrifugal force, as the motor rotates the hous
ing and lamps they will travel along an orbit
between the periphery of the large disk II and
that of the smaller disk I2, said lamps being re
stored to their normal positions when the foot
is removed from the pedal, due to the energy
stored in the retractile springs 22. While the
lamps are rotating in the aforesaid orbit they
are clearly visible to an approaching motorist,
but are in a measure protected by the back disk
II the periphery of which lies radially beyond
the orbit in which they travel when in their
30 carried by the housing disk II in a parallel,
outswung positions.
outwardly spaced relation to that side of the
housing, a, pair of diametrically opposite pins or
The device is mounted on the rear of the auto
spacer lugs 32 being utilized for this purpose,
mobile 011 the fender or on the chassis between
the rear wheels so as to be readily seen.
said lugs having screwthreaded sockets in their
ends and being in an interposed abutting relationv 30
It should be understood that the present dis
closure is for the purpose of illustration only and
to said disks I I and 30, so that, when small screws
3I are inserted through holes in the disks and
that this invention includes all modi?cations and
equivalents which fall within the scope of the
screwed into said sockets the disks I I and 30 are
subject matter claimed.
secured to each other in the proper relative posi
What is claimed is:
Electrical connection is made between the con
1. In a stop light means for vehicles, an elec
ductor disk 33 and lamps I‘Ia by means of the
tric motor mountable upon a vehicle and pro
coiled wire conductors 33, these wires being se
vided with a power transmission shaft which pro
cured to the latter disk and led through the tu
jects toward the rear of the vehicle when said
bular lamp-carrying stems. The coiled, some 40 motor is mounted thereon, a circular housing
what resilient wires of which said conductors are
axially secured to said shaft and comprising a
formed prevents them from being damaged by
front disk and a rear disk secured to each other
the twisting movement to which they are Sub
in an axial, parallelspaced apart relation, the
jected during the outswing and inswing of the
rear disk being considerably less in diameter than
the front one, there being peripheral openings in
Owing to the annular shape of conductor disk
said housing, at least one electric lamp pivotally
35? its inner periphery is at all times spaced
connected to said housing for a swinging move
radially outward from the motor shaft 9 and
ment therein from a retracted position between
outer end portion of the hub 26 as shown in Fig.4.
said disks to an extended position outside the
During the operation of the device electric cur
periphery of the smaller disk and within the
rent is continuously conveyed to the rotating disk
periphery of the larger disk, the outswing of said
lamp occurring under’ the urge of centrifugal
30 by means of the wipingcontact against the
periphery thereof of a brush 35 carried by a pin 36
force when said housing is rotated by said motor,
and yieldable means acting between said housing
which projects toward the housing ID from the
upper portion of the front plate 31 of the motor '
and lamp to retract the latter into the space cir
‘I. A spring 39 coiled around the pin 36 is ar
cumscribed by the smaller disk when the motor
ranged to maintain the free end portion of the
brush 35 into current conducting engagement with
2. In a stop light means for vehicles, an elec
the disk 36.
tric motor mountable upon a vehicle and pro
A conductor 38 supplies current to brush 35.
vided with a power transmission shaft which
Said conductor 38 is connected to the wire
projects toward the rear of the Vehicle when said
through which current is conducted from the bat
motor is mounted thereon, a circular housing
tery to the conventional stop signal provided on
comprising parallel spaced apart front and rear
all types of motor vehicles and which is enere
disks of unequal diameters axially secured to said
gized automatically when the brake pedal is de
pressed incident to bringing the vehicle to a stop.
shaft and having open peripheral portions be
tween them, at least one electric lamp swingably
Thus it will be seen that just as soon as the stop
mounted within said housing for extension
light is energized the motor ‘I is also energized
through said open peripheral portions under the
causing the lamps Ila to start rotating; and as
urge of centrifugal force when said shaft and
soon as the centrifugal force causes them to, ex 70 housing are rotated by said motor, the increase
pand their orbit of travel from an obscure to a
in diameter of one disk over the other comprising
visible signalling position the warning to a driver
an annulus forming a background screen against
of a trailing vehicle of the intentions of the driver
which the moving lamp is outlined, and yielding
of the advance vehicle is made more effective, ‘
means carried by said housing and tendingxto
The outer or front disk I2 ‘of the housing, as, 75 retract said lamp thereinto.
1 ‘
. . i
' '
3. The subject matter of claim 2 and, said
housing comprising a pair of opposed, spaced
apart substantially parallel disks having webs
uniting their peripheral portions, said lamp being
mounted between said disks, one of said disks be
ing smaller than the other and screening the
retracted lamp from view.
housing having connected to it a circular con
, ductor disk concentric to said shaft, and a wiper
carried by said motor and engaging the periph
ery of said conductor disk to provide lighting,
current to said lamp during the rotation of said
shaft and housing.
6. In a stop light means for vehicles, an elec
tric motor mountable upon a vehicle and pro
4. In a stop light means for vehicles, an elec
vided with a power transmission shaft which
tric motor mountable upon a, vehicle and pro
vided with a power transmission shaft which 10 projects toward the rear of the vehicle when said
‘ motor is mounted thereon, a circular housing ax
projects toward the rear of the vehicle when said
ially secured to said shaft and having open 136-,
motor is mounted thereon, a circular housing ax
ripheral portions,v at least one electric lamp
ially secured to said shaft and having open pe
swingably mounted within said housing for ex-,
ripheral portions, a tubular L-shaped member
‘tension through an open portion thereof under
swingably carried by said housing and having a
the urge of centrifugal force when said shaft and
limb which at all times extends horizontally and
housing are rotated by said motor, said lamp
which is pivoted to said housing, an electric lamp
having a socket portion, stop arms mounted
carried by the other limb of said member for
within said housing in the path of the swinging
movement to an exposed visible position in‘re
lation to the housing under the urge of centrifu 20 movement of said lampsocket to limit the ex
tent of itsswing in both directions, an elastic
gal force when said shaft and housing rotate, and
a spring carried by said housing tending to swing '
. said L-shapedmember in a. direction to retract
bumper carried by each of said stop arms to cush
ion the shock of said lamp socket against them,
and yielding means to retract said lamp until its
said lamp through one of the aforesaid open por
swing is arrested by one of said stop arms.
tions of the housing.
5. The subject matter of ‘claim 4 and, said
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