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- Och-1, 1946. , ,
2,408,6 1 $
Filed NOV. 24, 1941
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Oct. 1, 1946.
‘ Filed Nov. 24, 1941
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Oct. 1', 1946
2,408,6l6 ‘I ‘
Elmer ‘Eriildredge; Plymouth; Wis., assignor to
Kraft Foods‘ Company, a ‘corporation of Dela‘
Apisii'catitn November 24, 1941, Serial No. 420,271 _
1 Olaiin.
(Cl. 206-66)
This invention relates to improvements in
packaging and‘it has ‘particular‘reference to a
formation of loaves for bricks of material and the
assembly thereof in a shipping package. a
nated 8 and shown in its entirety in Figiire'l.
Each receptacle 8 is preferably formed'orf a suit=
able grade of corrugated'paper ‘board embodying
an’ intermediate corrugated ply and inner and
In the production of loaves of vcheese and other
similar ‘loaves or bricks wherein the material
outer smoothéfaced plies of paper, such coin-i
'posite'paper board beingcommo‘n'ly used in the
when initially packaged is in a more or less ?uid
formation of shipping containers. }
'state,"considerable difficulty’ has been experienced
The ‘containers 8' may be formed
sheet of material suitably scored
10 bottom wall 9, “opposite elongated
and H, opposite end walls l2 and
in‘ attempts to use paper ‘board or other ‘semi
rigid containers instead of wooden boxes'and the
like’ in'which to pour the material and in which
the‘ loaves or bricks are molded. Materials such
from a single
to provide a
side Walls [0
13- extending
from the bottom wan 97, and'efld wan caps 14 and
as cheese‘ ‘are of a relatively heavy character and
lliextending from the side Wall _l'0,'~_and~ l6 and
tend to bulge out the side walls of paper board
H extending from the side wall H. The overlap
receptacles such as it would otherwise be prac 15 ping end walls and ?aps are of course suitably
ticable to use‘. V_
united preferably adhesively to maintain the re
The main objects of theinvention are to pro
ceptacle in the rectangular form shown in Fig
vide ‘an arrangement whereby a semi-rigid paper
ure 7.
board receptacle may be successfully employed for ,
the molding of the loaves of cheese or other ma
For [forming the ‘?ve’ loaf package‘ herein il
lustrated, ?ve of the receptacles shown inv Figure
terial'; to'provide a package arrangement which,
7 are ?lledrwit-h the cheese or other‘ material,
terial in paper board receptacles, also adapts the
a ‘suitable moistureeproof sheeting which, after
the receptacle is ?lled, is closed over the open
character‘ indicated which will be economical and
low ‘in “cost; and in general ‘it
no part of " the present invention and therefore
invention to provide an improved packaging or
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will be understood ‘by reference to the following
with ‘their open‘ tops down ‘on a ‘cover sheet desig= .
showing various ‘elements of the improved pack
aging and successive ‘steps in the formation there
Figs. 4 ‘and 5 are cross sections on the lines
'4—’4 and,5_5, respectively, of
end ?aps 22,22, which are 'f'ol'dable relative to
‘Fig. 6 is a perspective of_ one section of the com
pleted package as it would appear when removed
from the completed package; and ‘
hated l9, substantially as shown in figure‘ .2.
The cover'_ sheet 19 is also preferably formed of
‘corrugated paper board embodying an ‘inter
mediate corrugated paper ‘ply and inner ‘and
outer‘ sr'no‘oth paper ‘piles and it ‘is suitably creased
or scored as ‘indicated by the dot‘ and dash‘ lines
20"—‘20 (Fig. 1) to provide‘ side ‘?aps 2|, 2|, and
Figs‘. 1, 2 and 3 are perspective illustrations
will not be .explained further.
A series of such ?lled receptacles which are
respectively ‘designated t8 (‘see Figure‘ 4) ‘are
placed side by side, that is, with their elongated
sides against ‘one’ another, and they ‘are placed
speci?cation and accompanying drawings (2
sheets) wherein there is illustrated packaging
embodying 9. Selected form’ of the invention. '
top of the receptacle and sealed ‘so as to produce
an impervious enclosure for the pafikage content.
The details of the liningsheet and its sealing form
the object of the
the character indicated.
the receptacles being ?rst preferably lined with
while serving to facilitate the packaging or ma
packaging to shipping purposes vwithout enclosing
the package in an extra "or ‘species shipping con
tain'er; to provide improved packaging or the
the‘ intervening hottofn wan portion 23. ‘There is
‘also formed by the scoring, naps '24', '24, the same
45 extending outwardly ‘from the long edges of the
. Fig. '7 is a perspective illustrating one of the
‘side ?aps 2|,‘2l, ‘
receptacles employed in forming the package.
As shown in Figure 2, the ?lled receptacles are
a-The present disclosure is with reference 'to
the formation of a shipping package comprising
?ve 5-pou'nd loaves of cheese‘butit is to be under-;
stoodv'that this disclosure is merely typical and
that the'i'nvention is not restricted to the pack
aging of this particular kind of material.
Each loaf of cheese or other material is formed
in a rectangular paper board receptacle desig
placed on (the bottom wall '23 Of the cover sheet
[9 in such position that vthe side and end flaps 2'!
and '22, respectively, may be folded upwardly and
adhesively united to the respectively adjacent side
‘end walls of the series of packages T8.
The ?aps 24 are then folded inwardly over the
then top walls of the packages l8 and adhesively
55 united thereto, so that the package assumes the
appearance illustrated in Figure 3. It should be
understood that there is no adhesive connection
between the adjacent side walls l0 and H of the
series of ?lled receptacles and that the only con
necting means between said units 18 are the side
walls 2|, 2| and the flaps 24, 24 of the cover sheet
|9, which side walls and ?aps are adhesively
tain the same in the desired ?at condition. The
wall portion 23 of the cover sheet |'9 serves in
the nature of a tie member for preventing out
ward bulging of the outermost side walls of the
assemblage of units I8 and the flaps 22, 22 ad
hesively united to such outermost side walls
results in a two-ply structure or reinforced outer
. side wall which of itself tends to resist bulging
united to the units l8 and thereby serve to inter
under the weight of the package content.
connect the same.
The end Walls of the respective units |8 are
For purposes of explanation, it has been stated 10
that the ?lled receptacles l8, l8 are placed in in-_; . initially of two-ply or reinforced construction,
and, being of relatively small expanse, require
verted position on the cover sheet I9. However,
no extra support. However, the end Walls of
it will be understood that it is not essential that
the individual units are strengthened by the side
the units l8 be inverted and placed on the cover
sheet but that the cover sheet mayinstead be 15 .wall ?aps 2|. .The' said side walls 2| serve the
additional important function of covering up the
placed over the tops of the units IS, the latter
small crevices remaining between adjacent re
remaining in upright position, the side and end
ceptacles and between adjacent edges of the end
walls 2| and 22 being folded downwardly and ad
wall ?aps I5 and H, or M and I6, of the indi
hesively united to the respective adjacent sur-.
vidual receptacles 8. -Such covering of the
faces of the units l8, after which the flaps 24, 24
crevices assists in thefmaintenance of a clean
may be folded inwardly and under the units for
looking package and also eliminates numerous
adhesive attachment thereto. The weight of the
exposed recesses 0r edges which are so apt to
units l8 would, of course, serve to provide sul?
get caught against other objects.
cient pressure to insure effective bonding between
It is preferred that the corrugations in the
the flaps 24, 24 and the bottom portions of the 25
member I9 extend lengthwise ofv the panel
units l8, and suitable holding or guiding means
23, thatis, in such direction, that the corruga
may be provided for maintaining the flaps 2| and
tions extend transversely of the‘ length of the
22 in tight contact with the respectively adja
units I8, _|8. It has been found that
cent wall portions of the ?lled containers, even
it is somewhat easier to sever the corrugated
while the latter are maintained in travel from a
stockin the member I! transversely of its cor
?lling machine or from a liner closing machine.
rugations than lengthwise thereof. Hence when
- A package embodying the described structure
the corrugations are arranged in the manner
has been found to be adequate to Withstand the
designated, separation of a unit l8 from the re
normal rough handling to which it is subjected
during transportation from the manufacturer and 35 mainder of the package structure is facilitated.
It will be apparent that the extensions 24, 24
packager of the package content to retail dealers
of the cover member l9 maybe omitted if de
or other recipients. The package is especially
sired, and that other changes in the arrange
convenient in the hands of a retail dealer in that
ment may also be made Without departing from
he is not required to pry apart any wooden box
the spirit of the invention, the scope of which
cover or the like but may remove from the pack
should be determined by the following claim,
age one unit of material simply by cutting off
the same being construed as broadly as possible,
one section such as illustrated in Figure 6, it be
consistent with the state of the art.
ing necessary to out only the bottom Wall part
23, the side flaps 2|, and flaps 24 of the cover 45
A shipping package comprising a plurality of
sheet, whereupon the unit I8 will be separated
relatively independent, substantially like package
from the remainder of the package. For guiding
units assembled in side by side, co-planar align
such severance, suitable light crease lines or
ment, each of said units comprising a ?lled ?ber
printed or other lines may be provided on the
board box‘ having a bottom, sides, ends, and an
member Hi. It is then a simple matter to open
the single unit so as to permit removal of the 50 open top, the open tops of the boxes being dis
posed in the same plane, and a fiber board
loaf of cheese or other material from ,the con
member having a main panel disposed across
said co-planar open tops of the assembled units,
The described packaging structure is especial
side ?aps extending from opposite edges of said
ly advantageous in connection with the packag
ing of cheese which is generally sold by butchers 55 panel and respectively folded into overlapping
relation to opposite aligned ends of the units
who may use a knife fOr cutting a unit from the
and united thereto, extensions on said flaps
complete package and for opening the individual
folded inwardly of andunited to the bottoms of
'unit to e?ect removal of the loaf of cheese from
said boxes, and end ?aps folded into over
the individual receptacle 8. When the loaves
of material are enclosed in an impervious wrap
per such as previously referred to, the wrapped’
loaf may also be removed from the ‘paper board
receptacle 8 for display and to facilitate the cut
ting of predetermined amounts from the loaf as
may be called for by purchasers.
The described packaging structure causes the
associated units to support one another so as
60 lapping relation and united to the outer sides
of the outermost unit boxes at the ends of, the
assemblage, the co-planar, exposed box bottoms
intermediate said extensions constituting an
outer surface portion of the shipping package,
65 and said panel, side ?aps, extensions and end
flaps constituting other outer surface portions
of the package, the fiber board in said boxes and
in said member being of such character as to
to retain the desired flatness of their adjacent
adapt the package to handling and shipping like
side walls and the application of the cover
member IS with its down-turned end ?aps 22, 70 a package enclosed in a conventional corrugated
or like ?ber board packing and shipping box.
22 serves to support the otherwise unsupported
side Walls of the respective end units to main
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