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Filed Nov. 30,_ 1943
A .W
PhiZip Mar-H72
éwl; W154i:
Patented Oct. 1, 1946
Philip Martin, Camarillo, Calif.
Application November 30, 1943, Serial No. 512,300
(o1.177-,-311)- '
This invention relates to a thermostatically
controlled alarm or signal device, and particular
ly to one primarily designed for use in. connection
with the sterilizing of various rubber parts of
milking machine equipment, especially the teat
cup liners.
screw 6. A housing 1 is adjustably mounted on
the lower end of the member 4 by means of a
set screw 8, said housing having a thermostat 9
of the expanding bellows type mounted therein
in such position that the thermostat expands up
wardly and is held by the housing against expan
The health regulations require that such parts
shall be immersed for a certain length of time
in water of a given temperature (up to the boil
sion in a downward direction.
These objects I accomplish by means of such
structure and relative arrangement of parts as
will fully appear by a perusal of the following
convenient position on a wall or the like and so
The bracket also supports an upstanding panel
it of suitable insulation material on which is
mounted a substantially horizontal metal lever
ing point) after each milking operation. Instant
l l. The lever is pivoted at one end on the panel
immersion is suf?cient for proper sterilization
by a terminal pin l2, and at the other end is
when the water is near the boiling point, but at
guided by a yoke I3 mounted on the panel, and,
a lower temperature the parts must be left in the
which limits the downward movement of the
water for a longer time. At present a thermom
eter is usually employed to indicate the tempera 15 lever. Intermediate its ends but relatively close
to the pivot pin, the lever is engaged by a de
ture of the water in the sterilizing tank and the
pending rod M which slidably projects through
parts are ordinarily placed in the tank before
the member 4 to a termination adjacent the up‘
the water has reached such heat, since the heat
per end of the thermostat 9, as shown in Fig. 1.
is only turned on temporarily. The temperature
of the water continues to rise, however, and if 20 Directly above the lever a metal bar I5 is piv
oted at one end on the panel by a terminal pin
the operator fails to watch the thermometer and
|6,'p-referab1y disposed substantially in vertical
the water boils with the rubber ‘parts still in the
alinement with the pin [2. The bar extends
tank such parts tend to lose their life and deteri
lengthwise of the lever but is considerably shorter
orate, and consequently are not e?icient for sub
25 than the same, and is su?‘iciently heavy that it
sequent use.
tends to assume a downwardly sloping position
The principal object of the present invention
of itself, being limited in such movement by a
is to prevent the objectionable and faulty fea
stop pin H on the panel. A resilient contact
tures of the above haphazard indicating system
?nger l8 projects from the free end of the bar
by the provision of a thermotically actuated
alarm device which gives an audible signal to the 30 toward but normally clear of the lever, so that a
certain upward movement of the latter is neces
operator when the water has attained a prede- ‘
sary to eifect contact of the ?nger with the lever.
termined relatively high temperature.
A-n audible element, preferably in the form of
A further object'of the invention is to pro
a buzzer or bell, as indicated at i9, is mounted on
vide a simple and inexpensive device and yet one
which will be exceedingly effective for the'pur 35 a: panel 20 which is preferably separate from the
panel Ill, so that it may be located at the most
pose for which it is designed.
speci?cation and claims.
In the drawing similar characters of refer
ence indicate corresponding parts in the several
that it will be also not subject to vibration, such
as is apt to be present adjacent the sterilizing
40 tank, or exposed to the vapor rising from the tank.
A transformer 2| to reduce the voltage of the ordi
nary lighting or- operating circuit is also mounted
on the panel 20, being connected to the main cir
cuit wires 22, while the bell and transformer are
Fig. l is a front elevation of the improved alarm
45 interposed in an auxiliary circuit 23, the termi
device as installed and partly in section.
nals of which are connected to the pins l2 and
Fig. 2 is an end elevation of the control unit
I6, as shown. The lever II and bar l5 therefore
of the device.
form a normally open switch interposed in the
Referring now more particularly to the char
'bell circuit, which will only be closed by the en
acters of reference on the drawing, the device
comprises a bracket I' adapted to be secured on 50 gagement of the lever with the bar, and which
engagement can only take place by the expansion
the rim of a sterilizing tank 2 by suitable means
of the thermostat due to heat.
such as clamps 3. The bracket overhangs the
The housing 1 is immersed in the water of the
tank and supports a depending tubular member
tank, and the heat of the water attained before
4 which slides through a boss 5 on the bracket
and is adjustably clamped in position by a set 65 the alarm circuit is {closed will depend on the
relative initial spacing of the rod M from the
thermostat. This is because if the rod is initially
some distance above the thermostat, the latter
and overhanging the lever, the bar and lever be
ing insulated from each other and adapted to
must expand a greater amount to move the rod
and lever sufiicient to close the alarm circuit than
switch therein, a ?nger projecting from the free
end of the bar, means normally supporting the bar
if the thermostat and rod were intially in actual
against downward tilting movement beyond a
be separately connected in a circuit to form a
predetermined position, the ?nger being then
spaced from the lever when the latter is in its
tained by adjusting the housing ‘I onthe member
normal position, and means between the thermo
4, and‘ such ‘adjustment is determined by the 10 stat and lever to swing the latter upwardly upon
water temperature desired to actuate the ele
expansion of the thermostat.
contact. Such initial difference in the position
of the thermostat relative to the rod may be at
2. A structure as in claim 1 in which the ther
In order to break the element circuit without‘
mostat is disposed to expand upwardly; said last
named means comprising a rod depending from
the use of an additional switch and so that no
subsequent resetting of the switch members are 15 the lever in position to be engaged and lifted upon
necessary, I provide the following means:
upwardexpansion of the thermostat.
Pivoted on the lever ll just beyond the free- ‘
3. A thermostatic alarm device comprising an
end of the ?nger i8 is a pendulum 24, the upper
expansible thermostat, means to mount the ther
end of which is above the lever and is covered
mostat in a ?xed position in a zone of heat, an
by an insulation cap 25. The lever and. bar l5 20 electric alarm, a circuitfor said alarm, an up
are arranged relative to each other and to the
standing panel above the thermostat mounted
pendulum so that when said lever and bar are
with the thermostat mounting means, a substan
in‘their lowermost or separated position, the cap
tially horizontal lever pivoted adjacent one end
is‘ below and clear of the ?nger as shown. When,
of the panel, a bar pivoted on the panel and over
however, the lever is raised by the expansion of 25 hanging the lever, the bar and lever being insu
the thermostat so that contact‘ with the ?nger
lated from each other and separately connected
is made, the cap is then above the contacting end
to the circuit to form a switch therein, a ?nger
of the ?nger. In order to break the alarm cir
projecting from the free end of the bar, means
cuit it'is only necessary for the operator to lift
normally supporting the bar against downward
the bar so that the ?nger is above the cap, tilt 30 tilting movement beyond a predetermined posi
the pendulum so that the cap is under the ?n
tion, the ?nger being then spaced from the lever
ger, and allow the latter to come to rest on the
when the latter is in its normal position, and
cap. ‘This will hold the circuit broken until the
means between the thermostat and ‘lever to swing
lever drops with the cooling of the water and the
the latter upwardly upon expansion of the ther
contraction of the thermostat, whereupon the 35 mostat whereby the lever will engage the ?nger
cap moves from under the ?nger and the pendu
and the circuit will be closed, and manually op
lum returns of itself to its normal position or out
erable means on the lever to support the ?nger
of the way of the ?nger.
clear of and in insulated relation to the lever
While the device as shown and above described
upon ?rst lifting the ?nger from contact with
is particularly intended for use with the steriliz 40 the bar and allowing the bar and ?nger to re
ing tanks employed with milking machine equip
assume their normal relationship to the lever
ment, it will be obvious that the device may also
upon a lowering movement of the latter to nor
be of value in controlling circuits or valves for
other purposes, such as the heating circuit or
4. A structure ‘as in claim 3, in which said
valve of an electric or gas hot water heater or 45 last named means comprises a pendulum pivoted
From the foregoing description it will be read
on‘ the lever adjacent but beyond the ?nger, and
ily seen that I have‘ produced such a device as
lum and above the lever.
substantially ful?lls the objects of the invention
as set forth herein.
While‘this speci?cation sets forth in detail the
present and preferred construction of the device,
still in practice such deviations from such detail
an insulation cap on the upper end of the pendu
5. A thermostatically actuated switch unit com
prising an expansible thermostat, means to mount
the thermostat in a ?xed position in a zone of
heat, a switch comprising a pivotally mounted
contact lever,‘ a pivotally mounted bar spaced
may be resorted to as do not form a departure
from the lever,"a contact element projecting from
from the spirit of the invention, as de?ned by the 55 the bar into the path of movement of the lever
appended claims.
in one direction, means ‘normally ‘engaging the
Having thus described my invention, what I
bar to maintain thev ‘element spaced from the
claim as new and useful and desire to secure by
lever, and means to move the lever in said direc
Letters Patent is:
tion upon expansion of the thermostat.
1. A thermostatically actuated switch unit com
6. A structure as in claim 5 in which the con
tact lever is normally substantially horizontal and
prising an expansible thermostat, means to mount
the thermostat in a ?xed position in a zone of
the bar is‘above said lever and extends length
heat, an upstanding panel above the thermostat
wise thereof, whereby said bar and lever tend to
assume their normal positions of their own
mounted with the thermostat mounting means,
a substantially horizontal lever pivoted adjacent 65
one end on the panel, a bar pivoted on the panel
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