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Oct. 1, 1946.
Filed May 4, 1.944
I619256 Nffaz’fszvz
Patented Oct. 1, 1946
2,408,669 ‘
Leslie N. Mattson, Paulsboro, N. J.
Application May 4, 1944, Serial No. 534,138
2 Claims.
(Cl. 240-123)
The invention relates to an electric lamp, and
more especially to a combination switch and light
control for floor lamps.
The primary object of the invention is the
provision of a control of this character, wherein
it is only necessary to turn the shade of the lamp
of the electric lamp for turning on or off the
same, thereby eliminating the necessity of look
ing or feeling for the usual lamp switch, particu
larly when in the dark, the intensity of the light 10
being readily controlled simultaneously when
turning on the light.
Another object of the invention is the pro
vision of a control of this character, wherein the
same is unique and compact, and avoids the use
of a button or snap-lever switch for service in
turning on or off the light.
A further object of the invention is the pro
vision of a control of this character, which is
frame l5 of the shade B, the hub I 4 being ?xed
to the arms l6 of the said frame 15. The hub
I4 is retained on the stud l3 by a screw l1 and
washer l8, respectively.
Stationarily mounted within the head I0 is an
insulating base IQ for the resistance coil 20 with
which contact is made by a flat rotatable contact
2| engaged on a pivot 22‘ centrally ?tted at 23
to the base IS, the pivot 22 being threadedly re
ceived in the sleeve or hub 24' of the disc 24 in
the cover l2, the disc 24 being of a smaller di
ameter than the central opening 12' forms an
annular space 25 for accommodating the in
sulated L-shaped member 26 attached to con
tact 2|. The member 26 travels in the annular
space 25 and its forked upper end saddles an arm
l6 of the frame [5 of the shade B, so that when
the latter is turned clockwise or counter clock
wise the contact 2l which has one end thereof
simple in its construction, thoroughly reliable and 20 engaging the resistance coil 20 will be similarly
e?icient in operation, neat in appearance, thus
will not detract from the pleasing appearance of
The coil 20‘ and the contact 2| are terminally
the lamp when a part thereof strong, durable,
possessing few parts, susceptible of being easily
connected electrically in a current supply circuit
21 of a house wiring line (not shown) which
repaired should the control get out of order, and 25 delivers current to the bulb sockets l I for illumi
inexpensive to manufacture and install.
nation of the lamp bulbs 28 as usual, the coil
With these and other objects in view the in
and contact, 20 and 2| intercept the circuit to
vention consists in the features of construction,
the sockets II, for the turning on and off of the
combination and arrangement of parts as will
bulbs 28. The base I9 is provided with stops 29
be hereinafter described in detail, illustrated in
the accompanying drawing, and pointed out in 30 and 30, respectively, and when the contact 2!
engages the stop 29 the circuit 21 is open, yet
the claims hereunto appended.
when the said contact 2‘! engages the stop 30 the
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is an elevation partly in section of an . circuit remains closed, the latter being constantly
closed while the contact 2| traverses the coil 20,
electric lamp with the control constructed in
35 and according to the position of such contact 2|
accordance with the invention applied.
thereon the intensity of the light is increased or
Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof.
decreased. When the contact 2| is moved coun
Figure 3 is a horizontal sectional view through
the rheostat of the control.
ter clockwise the same engages the stop 29 and
Figure 4 is an enlarged vertical sectional view
on moving the contact 2| clockwise the stop 30 is
40 engaged thereby.
through the control.
Similar reference characters indicate corre
The shade B completes the movement of the
sponding parts throughout the several views in
contact 2! and it should be obvious from the
the drawing.
foregoing taken in connection with the drawing
Referring to the drawing in detail A designates
that the bulbs 28 are lighted and extinguished
generally the lamp standard of the electric ?oor 45 by turning the said shade B, and also the in
type, and B the shade therefor.
tensity of the light is regulated thereby.
The standard A at its upper end is formed
with a cylindrical shaped hollow head In in the
What is claimed is:
1. In an electric lamp including a pedestal, an
form of a crown and this head is ?tted with bulb 60
enlarged upper end on said pedestal, a lamp shade
sockets ll, while the removable cover l2 for the
having a rotating frame on said pedestal, a re
said head is provided with a central opening [2’
sistance coil mounted on a circular insulating
to receive the ?at insulating disc 24 which is pro
base secured to occupy a stationary position
vided with an upstanding journal stud l3 for
in the enlarged upper end of the pedestal of the
the turning axis for a hub I 4 of a lamp shade
lamp, a contact rotatably mounted in the upper
end of the pedestal contacting said resistance
and adapted for operation through the medium
of the frame of the lamp shade, a source of cur
rent connected to said resistance, a lamp bulb
connected to said contact, and an L-shaped in
sulated member secured to said contact having
the upper end thereof forked to provide an oper
ative connection between said contact and the
frame of said shade.
2. The invention as described in claim 1 where~
in stops are provided at one end of the resistance
coil for limiting the movement of the contact in
_ both directions.
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