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Oct. .1, 1946.
Filed Nov,. 22, 194sv
48 >
// .
3mm” '
_C. E: ‘ TWEEDL E’
Patented Oct. 1, 1946
Charles E. Tweedle, Great Lakes,iy> assignor,
by direct and mesne assignments, to: Theodore. .7
Placette, Hays County, Tex.
V '
Application November 22, 1943, Serial No. 511,391
2 Claims;
(01. 137-53)" 7
This invention relates to hydraulic relief valves
and an object of the same is to provide a relief
valve which is positive inoperation and at the
sanie time is of ‘sturdy, simple ‘construction and
embodies parts which may be easily manufac
tured and assembled.
Another object is'to provide a relief valve of
the weight-biased type wherein the ?uid pres
sure for operating the; main valve'is obtained
directly from the main line carrying the ?uid to
be controlled, the valve being devoid of exterior
piping and‘ embodying a minimum number of
parts which are readily replaceable ‘when re
I‘ movement ina liner 26 having a press ?t in the
chamber‘ 20, said liner being ofhardened steel
or like-‘wear-resisting material and said; piston
being'provided with’ sealing orupackingrmgs 2-‘!
v to insure against leakage between the piston and
Thejpiston 25 is'provided- with a port 2-8 in
which is mounted a check valve 29- having a re
stricted passage therethrough'to prevent entrap
ment, of ?uid above. the piston when the latter
moves upwardly and insure a‘ smooth operation
or the latter in a- manner which will be more
fully hereinafter explained.-
The'piston 25 and liner 26 constitute "an as
Another object is to'provide a relief valve em 15 sembly which may be removed and replaced when
the upper end of the chamber 20 is rendered ac
bodying a main valve and a control unit for the
main valve which while coacting with the main
rI‘he upper end of the main valve body or cast->
valve constitutes a separate assembly removable
ing ll] isrformed with agflange 30, and" on this
and replaceable whenever desired and devoid of
springs, diaphragms, packing glands, etc., which 20 ?ange is mounted a plate-form‘cylinder head 3|
tend to reduce the e?iciency.
~ v
hy-means- of bolts 32,‘v the latter being removable
toE facilitate'removal and replacement of the head
A further object of the invention is to im
prove and simplify a relief valve of, the ?uid
whenever found desirable or necessary; '
Removably secured on top of the cylinder head
Operated type..
. r
> '
The foregoing and other objects and advan 25 3| ‘is a control valve assembly‘ comprising a valve
body 33 having inserted therein a valve bushing
tages will become apparent in view of the fol
34 formed with'atepflange?éd ‘whichis re->
lowing descrip-tion taken in conjunction with the
drawing, wherein:
movablysecured to the "valve-body; 33 by means
of cap screws 35. The lower extremity of the
I The ?gure is a transverse vertical section. of
control valve body 33. is formed with a seat 36
in which isyremovably disposed a valve seat 31v
a valve in accordance with the invention.
Referring to the drawing in detail, the’ valve.‘
assembly comprises a generally cylindrical main
of suitablewear-resistant material, the said lat-7
ter seat being held in place by the lower edgev
valve body or housing II) which may consist of
a suitable casting and is formed with an inlet
port H and an outlet or relief port l2. Between
these ports, the valve body is ‘formed with a par
tition having an annular passage in which is in
serted a valve sleeve l4 provided at its lower
end with a seat Ma, the sleeve and seat prefer-l
ably being formed of hardened steel or like wear
resisting material.
otthe bushing 34 and a v?ange 38 formed on the
body 33, at this point, the said seat. 3lbeing in
stalledin vposition ‘0n the. flange 38' prior toin
sertioniofithe-bushing 3.4.
Above. the. valve seat .3l. the: bushing v34 is
fo'rmedwith‘a relief valve chamber 39,4'and fluid
is. conducted to this chamber from-the high pres
sure side. of the system to be. controlled by means
of control valve port rlllllwhi-ch at its inlet. end
communicates. with the inlet port H and at ‘its
A transverse partition l5 ishformed in the valve’
body or casting above the exhaust port or chane
discharge extremity passes through the cylinder
ne] ‘[2, and projecting .therethrough isv a’ valve
stem 16 having a valve guide I1',>a valve disc 18 45. head 3!., relief valve body 33, and valve. seat 31.
The] operating; ?uid’. passes .irom the chamber 39
and‘ a plate l8a secured on the lower end thereof
by means of nut Ill.
" '
through portv or passage "Il [and into. the. chamber
20‘ above the power‘ piston 25;"said -\po-r.t. orpassage
Above the" partition 55 is an annularchamber,
M being'formed'in the valvebody-33 and cylinder V
26 in which the upper end of the.‘ valve vstemilli
has movement, the said stem above, the partition
being encircled by a closure spring 2| .held in.
place by means of washer, 22,, and nut 23, the.
lower‘ end of; said spring encircling a’ boss 21].v
“ Passage of fluidvtrom the port 40 into the cham
ber 39 is controlledby means-of valve member‘ 42
securedon'the lower end of valve stem 43,;the
latter being mounted to slide. in the bushing 3'4.
formed on the top of the partition .I 5. ,
A powerpiston >25, ‘ 1 ounted for reciprocatory: ' * and at its lower. end having an external ?ange ;44
which cooperates with an internal shoulder 44' in
sleeve or bushing 34 to limit movement of stem
or plunger 43 relative to the sleeve.
It will be noted that the valve stem 43 is devoid
of packing, leakage along the stem being avoided
by means of a smooth tight ?t between this stem
and the member 34 at the upper end of the
chamber 39. This insures a smooth operation of
the valve stem 43 at all times without danger of
stood that the foregoing description is merely il
lustrative, and further that certain minor changes
in construction and design of the main valve
assembly as well as control valve assembly may
be made without departing from the scope of the
invention as de?ned by the appended claims.
What is claimed is:
1. A pressure relief valve comprising a gener
ally cylindrical hollow casting constituting the
10 main valve body and having a ?uid inlet at one
On the upper end of the valve stem 43 there is
end, an external ?ange at the opposite end and
secured a disc 45 which constitutes a weight table
. a ?uid outlet adjacent said inlet, an apertured
for supporting a series of graduated weights 46,
transverse partition between said inlet and said
the top weight being preferably provided with a
outlet to support a valve seat, and a second
lifting pin 47 which extends through a control 15 apertured transverse partition between said out
valve cover 48 secured at its lower end to the
let opening and said flanged end to provide a
cylinder head 3| by means of bolts 49.
piston chamber in the ?anged end portion of said
In operation, ?uid from the high pressure side
casting; a valve having a head cooperating with a
of the system to be controlled exerts pressure on
valve seat carried by said ?rst mentioned parti
the valve member 42 through port or passage 48 20 tion and a stem extending through both of said
and when this pressure rises the predetermined
partitions and into said piston chamber; a spring
amount (determined by the characteristics or
surrounding said stem in said piston chamber
conditions of the system or machinery to be con
urging said valve to closed position; a removable
trolled), it unseats the valve member 42 and per
liner of wear resistant material in said chamber
mits ?uid to- pass through port 4| into the cham 25 and a piston reciprocable in said liner and bear
ber 29 above the power piston 25 to force the
ing on the upper end of said stem; a plate cover
latter downwardly against the compressive ac
ing the flanged end of said housing and detach
tion of the spring 2|, thereby unseating the main
ably secured to said ?ange, said valve, piston and
valve I8 and permitting ?uid under pressure to
liner being removable from said housing upon
pass from the main line into and through the 30 removal of said plate; a ?rst ?uid passage extend
outlet l2. When this happens, excess pressure is
ing through said valve body and said plate from
released and the system resumes normal pressure
said ?uid inlet to the outer side of said plate and
whereupon the weights 46 close the valve 42 and
a second ?uid passage extending through said
the spring 2| forces the piston 25 upwardly and
plate to said piston chamber; a pilot valve
seats the valve l8.
mounted on said plate and removable therewith
' The relief valve 29 insures a smooth action for
comprising a hollow cylindrical member having
the piston 25 since any fluid trapped on top of
an external ?ange at each end and an internal
said piston or between the latter and the cylin
?ange at one end, said one end being detachably
der head 3| will flow through the restricted pas~
secured through the corresponding external
sage afforded by the check valve 29 and through
?ange to said plate in position to cover the ends
port 28 into chamber 20 from which it may escape
of said ?uid passages; a hollow cylindrical valve
to relief passage I 2 through a suitable opening
sleeve inserted in said hollow cylindrical mem
in partition I 5. Such an opening may be pro
ber and secured to the ?ange at the end thereof
vided by suitable clearance between the stem l6
remote from said plate, a valve seat in said hollow
and the stem receiving aperture in partition l5.
45 cylindrical member between said internal flange
If it is desired to test the valve while it is in
and the adjacent end of said sleeve and having
operation, this may be accomplished by lifting
the top weight having the lifting pin 41 attached
thereto thereby unbalancing the control valve.
an aperture coaxial with said ?rst plate pas
sage, a valve plunger slidable in said sleeve and
having an end portion effective to close said aper~
When this happens, the pressure beneath the 50
tured valve seat and thereby interrupt ?ow
valve member 42will unseat the latter and cause
through said ?uide passages between said valve
operation of the piston 25. If the valve closes
inlet and said piston chamber; a weight table and
when the weight is lowered to its normal position,
weights carried by said plunger to urge saidend
the operation of the valve should be normal. Fur
portion to aperture closing position; and a cup
thermore, this same expedient may be resorted to 55
shaped closure for said pilot valve having a
in the event the valve stem‘ 43 or coacting parts
?anged open end detachably secured to said plate.
should stick due to some unaccountable reason.
It is a decided advantage of the valve that the
control valve assembly is a complete unit in itself
separate from the main valve assembly and may
be removed and replaced at will. The valve seat
31 is readily removable, and this member is pref
erably case hardened for long wear without leak
2. A pilot control valve assembly for a main.
pressure relief valve having a plate form valve
head provided Withya pair of adjacent ?uid pas
sage apertures, said assembly comprising; a hollow
generally cylindrical pilot valve housing having
an external ?ange at each end and an internal
?ange at one end, the external ?ange at said one
end adapted to be detachably secured to said valve
The control valve assembly contains no springs, 65 head with said internal ?ange adjacent said head
diaphragm or packing glands, and in the main
and substantially concentric with one of said head
valve assembly only one spring is used which need
apertures; a valve seat of Wear resistant mate
not be of delicate or precision construction.
rial within said housing resting on said internal
The liner 26 for the chamber 2i! is preferably
?ange and having an aperture coaxial with said
given a press ?t, and simply by removing the
one of the head apertures; a hollow sleeve pro
head 3|, this liner can be removed and replaced
vided with an‘internal shoulder, said sleeve being
easily and conveniently at a slight cost.
inserted in said housing and bearing at one end
No attempt has been made herein to enumerate
against said valve seat and provided at its oppo
all of the advantages and features of superiority
site end with an external ?ange detachably se
of the improved valve assembly, it being under 75 cured to the corresponding external ?ange on
said housing; a fluid passage in said sleeve and
said housing leading from the space within said
sleeve at the side of said seat'remote from said
internal ?ange'to the other ?uid passage aperture
in said valve head; a valve plungerslidable in
said sleeve provided-at one end with an aper- '
ture closing portion‘cooperating with said seat,
at its opposite end with a weight table and inter
I mediate its‘ length with an annular ?ange 00
operating with said internal shoulder in said
sleeve to limit movement of said plunger relative
to said sleeve; removable weights on'said weight
table; and a cover for said- pilot control valve
adapted to be independently detachably secured
to said valve head.
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