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0a, 's, ‘1946.
‘Filed July 1, 1944
Fig. 1 "
Fig. 2
MLL/AM 5. 4L7§5HEL£Rr
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
‘William B. Altsheler, Louisville, Ky., assignor to
Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc.,- Shively, Ky.,
.a corporation of Indiana
Application ‘July 1, 1944, Serial No. 543,159
4 Claims.
(01. 23-252) '
This invention relates to a pneumatically op
erated liquid recirculating device which is use
ful for a variety of purposes, such as a gas ab
sorber, a gas scrubber,
extractor, etc.
The principal object is to provide a novel, in
expensive and simply constructed device for re
circulating liquid by forcing it from a lower cham~
her into an upper chamber at intermittent inter
upon the gas passes through .such pipe to the
liquid in the upper chamber. Since the gas pres
sure in‘ the lower chamberis thus released, vthe
liquid in the upper chamber is free to drain into
the lower chamber and, by making the drain
large, drainage occurs rapidly. To avoid build
ing up an objectionable gas pressure in the up
per chamber, this gas is either condensed [at or
discharged from the‘ top of the upper chamber.
vals and permitting it to drain back into the
When a' constant source of gas pressure is es
lower chamber at intermediate intervals and for 10 tablished, it ‘will be appreciated that the device
performing these operations automatically in an
will operate automatically to force liquid at reg
extremely simple manner.
ular intermittent intervals from the lower cham
Another important object is to provide a corn~
her‘ to the upper chamber and toy permit such
pact device which, being capable of bringing gas
liquid tav drain at intermediate intervals from
into contact with a large wetted'surface area for a
comparatively long time, is highly efficient in
performing any of a variety of operations, such
as gas scrubbing, gas absorbing and extracting.
Speci?cally, the device comprises: an upper
chamber; a lower chamber having upper, inter
mediate and lower liquid levels and a pressure
zone extending from the intermediate level up
wardly to its top, the chamber being adapted to
receive liquid up to its upper level; a drain plac- _
ing the bottom of upper chamber in open com
munication with the lower chamber at its lower
level below the pressure zone; means for build
ing up a gas pressure in the pressure zone of the
lower chamber so as to depress the liquid level
the upper chamber back into the lower cham
ber. Also by ?lling'both chambers with a‘pack
ing material, such as short lengths of vglass tub;
ing, the gas will be brought into contact with the
large wettedjsurface area for relatively long pe
riods of time.‘ For extraction purposes‘the tubing
can be replaced with a packing'composed ‘of the
material to be extracted.
An‘einb‘odiment of the invention is illustrated
in the accompanying drawing, wherein:
Figure 1 is a perspective of the device;
Figures 2, 3 and 4 are schematic views indi
cating different stages of operation; and V
Figure 5 is a perspective of aglass tube‘ ele
ment, with which either or both chambers of the
therein and thereby force liquid therefrom thru
device'may be ?lled.
the drain into the upper chamber; a control
As illustrated; the device is made of glass in
tube extending from the top, of the pressure
one more or less unitary assemblybut' it will be
zone downwardly to the intermediate level and
understood that it may be made of plastic, metal
thence upwardly to the .bottom of the upper
or other ‘suitable materials and may be fabri
chamber, said tube being operativeywhen the 35 cated in separate parts to facilitate such assem
depressed liquid in the lower chamber reaches
bly rand disassembly as may be required in nor
the intermediate level, to conduct the gas from
mal use. The device comprises: an upper cham
the lower chamber into the upper chamber and
ber I; a lower‘chamberZ, having upper, inter
thereby release the pressure in the-pressure zone
mediate'and lower levels; as indicated in Fig
permitting the liquid in the upper chamber to
ures 2-4, and a pressure. zone extending vfrom
drain back into the lower chamber; and means
associated with the upper chamber to. prevent
the intermediate level upwardly to the top of the
lowerchamber; and a relatively large'drain 3
the building up therein‘ of an undesirablev back
extending downwardly from the bottom of the
With this arrangement, the gas pressure can 45 upper chamber to the lower level of the lower
be built up in the pressurezone either by boiling ' chamber. The lower chamber has a valved inlet
4 by which it may be connected to a suitable
the liquid therein or by feeding a stream of ; air
'source of air or gas pressure which is schemat
or gas under pressure thereto. As the ‘gas pres
ically indicatedat 5. This connection ,is closed
sure builds up in the lower chamber pressure
zone, the liquid level therein is depressed, dis~ 50 when the gas pressure is formed by boiling liquid
in the lower chamber, a heat source 6, being in
placing liquid which passes upwardly thru
the drain into the upper chamber.
When the
liquid is depressed to the ‘intermediate level, the
gas pressure becomes effective to blow the re
maining liquid out of the control pipe where
dicated for this purpose. The gas inlet 4 may
be located at any point, except it should not 'be
so positioned as to discharge into the drain 3.
55 Where the device is to be used for bringing gas
into contact with the liquid, the inlet 4 prefer
ably is placed near the bottom so that the in
her there will, of course, be a tendency to build
up a vapor or back pressure, since the valved
coming gas will bubble upwardly thru the liquid
outlet 1 is closed.
as it travels toward the pressure zone.
por or back pressure in the upper chamber would
If left uncontrolled, the va
The upper chamber has a valved outlet 1 at 5 soon render the device inoperative. Where it
its top from which it may discharge gas into the
is not desirable to vent the vapor from the upper
atmosphere or into a suitable gas receiving sys
chamber, it becomes necessary to condense it to
tem which is schematically indicated at 8. This
avoid objectionable back pressure and this may
connection is closed when the gas pressure is
be done by operating the condensing arrange—
formed by boiling liquid in the lower chamber 10 ment shown.
and such gas or vapor is condensed by a cooling
Having described my invention I claim:
coil 9 extending around that portion of the out
1. A pneumatically operated liquid recirculat
let 1 between its valve and the adjacent part of
ing device for gas absorbing, gas scrubbing and
the upper chamber. The cooling coil 9 may be
like purposes comprising: means providing an
connected to any suitable source of refrigerant
upper chamber; means providing .a lower cham
I0. Naturally any other suitable vapor condens
ber adapted to receive an initial charge of liquid
ing arrangement may be employed.
up to a predetermined upper level; a drain tube
A control tube H, preferably of a diameter
connecting the lower part of the upper cham
which is relatively small in comparison to the
ber to the lower portion of the lower chamber;
diameter of the drain 3, communicates with the
and a control tube, of small diameter in rela—
lower chamber at its upper level and extends
tion to the diameter of the drain tube, extending
downwardly therefrom to the intermediate level
from the lower chamber adjacent its upper level
and thence upwardly to communicate with the
downwardly to an intermediate elevation above
upper chamber at its bottom.
the lower end of the drain tube and thence up
In operation as an absorber or scrubber, both
wardly into the lower part of the upper chamber,
lower and upper chambers are preferably ?lled
said control tube also being adapted to receive
with a multitude of glass tube elements l2, while
liquid of said initial charge up to a level corre
the lower chamber is ?lled with water or other
sponding to said predetermined upper level; the
gas scrubbing liquid up to its upper level. The
upper part of said lower chamber being con
gas to be scrubbed is conducted thru the inlet 30 structed and arranged to receive a progressive
4 and the rate of ?ow adjusted to provide the
accumulation of gas in its upper portion to force
proper or desired rate of recirculation. This
said initial charge of liquid through the drain
gas bubbles up thru the liquid and in so doing
and control tubes into the upper chamber as it
contacts the large surface area provided by the
simultaneously depresses the liquid level in both
glass elements l2. The gas collects in the pres 35 the lower chamber and the control tube whereby,
sure zone of the lower chamber and as it col
when the depressed level reaches said interme
lects, it depresses the liquid level in that cham
diate elevation, the gas accumulation immedi
ber and also in the control tube H. The liquid
ately becomes e?ective to flush the liquid remain
displaced by this action passes upwardly through
ing in the control tube upwardly into the upper
the drain 3 and tube l l into the upper chamber. 40 chamber and to escape from the lower chamber
When the liquid is depressed to the intermediate
through the control tube into the upper chamber
‘ thereby releasing the gas pressure in’ the lower
level, the gas pressure becomes effective to blow
the remaining liquid in control tube ll upwardly
chamber and permitting the liquid in the upper
into the upper chamber thereby permitting the
chamber automatically to gravitate rapidly back
gas to flow into the bottom of the upper cham 45 through said drain tube into the lower chamber
ber where it. again bubbles upwardly through
and back into the control tube and thus recon
dition the device automatically for a repetition
the liquid and around the large surface area
provided in the upper chamber by the elements
[2. The gas pressure in the pressure Zone is thus
of its operation.
2. The device of claim 1 wherein: the lower
released; hence the water from the upper cham 50 chamber has, adjacent its bottom, an inlet to
ber drains rapidly thru the drain 3 and again ?lls
receive gas for gas accumulation purposes; and
the lower chamber up to its upper level.v In this
the upper chamber has, adjacent its top, an out
way the device reconditions itself for a repeti
let for discharging the gas received from the
tion of the same operation.
lower chamber.
Where the device is to be used in a cold ex
3. The device of claim 1 wherein: means are
traction operation, the same operation takes
associated with the lower chamber to boil the
place except the solid matter containing the ele
liquid therein and thereby build up a vapor pres
ment to be extracted may be placed in either or
sure for gas accumulation purposes; and means
both upper and lower chambers in place of the
are associated with the upper chamber to con
glass elements l2, while air or any desired gas 60 dense the vapors received from the lower cham
may be fed into the inlet 4.
When a hot extraction is to be performed both
4. The device of claim 1 wherein: the lower
inlet and outlet valve connections may be closed
chamber is provided with a multitude of gas con
and heat applied to the lower chamber to boil the
tacting elements presenting extensive gas com
liquid therein. Ordinarily, as the vapor pres 65 tacting surfaces which are progressively sub
sure is built up in the pressure zone, the liquid
merged as the liquid in the lower chamber rises
will be displaced into the upper chamber and
to its uppermost level and which are progres
when the depressed liquid reaches the interme
sively exposed to the atmosphere of such cham
diate level, the vapor pressure will be released
ber as the liquid therein falls from its uppermost
through tube H into the upper chamber. When 70 level.
such vapor reaches the top of the upper cham
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