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Oct. 8, 1946.‘
Filed March 29, 1944
-- 62195551.
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
" uurruo
PATENT ' ' critics ,
smrrnns, onorrnnn .
. some :FonsHoEs, F FOOTWEAR
' ' . George-Godish,New'York, N. Y.
Application March 29, 1944, Serial No. 528,563
‘7 Claims. (CI. 36-30)
."Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken on line
This invention relates to soles for
shoes, slip~
47-4 ofFigZ.v I
ignates'a sole embodying ‘the invention. The
same comprises atop layer or b
' any ‘suitable sole material such
Heretofore ‘in making
soles of rope or braid or
the like wound element, difficulty was experienced
because in winding ‘the sole, ‘it Was not possible
to vcompletely ?ll in the ball portion. ‘In
ance with the present invention ‘this
the layer His a binding
i2 whichjmay -be,jmade of cloth or imitation
leather "and of any color ‘to enhance the appear
ance of the‘sole. The binding l2 extends entirely
around the edge of vthe ‘top layer and is stitched
obviated by making the outsole of wound cord or
rope, so wound as ‘to 'leavean opening at the ball
of the sole, an insert being provided at the ball
to ?ll in ‘the opening.
Referring now in detail to‘ the ‘drawi- :5, I0 des
pers, or other articles of footwear. it ‘is partic
ularly' directed to a sole provided with a rope out
thereto vby a'line of stitching 12a.
sole of the character described in which the ‘rope ,
is stitched‘ longitudinally to a layer of sole ma
Yet another object of ‘this
» ' V
an outsole
comprises a portion Vjute,
15' made
Another object of this, invention is to provide a
terial therebyproducing a highly efficient and
i vention is to proeconomical sole.
' At the underside of "the layer I]
manilmtreated-paper, cord, ‘rope or the like flex
ible ‘elements. The same is wound/around the
outer edge of the layer H andthen continuously
inwardly until the heel portion or rearv of said.
layer 1 is completely covered, leaving a central
opening 2'8 at the ball of the sole which is un
covered by cord in. 'The cord H is ‘attached to
the layer H by‘ means of stitching 2% which runs
videin a :sole ofqthe character described, an in» v
sertwcomprising a ?llerand an ornamental cov
ering for'the ?ller, the edges of which are tucked
beneath thewound cord or rope and said cord
lengthwise of the :cord, 'the'stitching extending
being stitched through the edges of ‘the covering
‘ through the cordand through the platform; The
cord H may be cemented or otherwise adhered
to the sole by any suitable adhesive ‘instead of
for the ?ller.
Yetano'her object of this invention Iis tapro
vide a-sole of the character described. comprising
Ebeing attached thereto by stitching 2 l .
a top layer,‘ a rope outsole stitched to the under
Tq?ll the opening 293, there is provided an in
side of said layer, and an insert at the ball of the
sert 25.» ISaid insert comprises a i?ller member '25,
outsole, and a binding edge being provided ‘for
said top layer.
, Yet a further object of .‘this invention is ,to
of canvas, paper card board or the like material.
The outline of tiller ‘2% is somewhat smaller than the outline of the opening :213; To cover the filler
is a covering 1-21 made of canvas, leather, jute,
vide a strong, rugged and ' durable, sole of ‘the
character described. which shall be relatively
35 fabric or any other material which'may be coat
inexpensive to manufacture, which mayv be used _ .
ed to give lit landornamental' appearance.
with a wide variety of shoes or slippers, and which
covering may be made of imitation leather .or
any; other‘ suitable‘ "material. {The outer. edges
shall vvbe practical and ef?cient to a high degree
21a of the covering member 21 extend beneath
l5 and the same is stitched
Other objects of this
in part
be 40 the outsole portion
in use.
thereto by means of the stitching 2 l .'
obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out. '
The invention accordingly consists in the fea
turesof construction, combinations of elements,
and arrangement of parts which will be exempli
?ed in the construction hereinafter described,
'The ?ller 26. is preferably pasted or’ adhered
to the underside of the platform H as at 26a.
The combined thickness of the ?ller or covering
member 21 is preferably substantially equal to
and of which the scope of application will be in
the thickness of the cord the
[1. outer
convolution of
dicated in the following claims.
the cord l1 overhes a portion of the binding I2.
In the accompanying drawing, in which is
It will thus be seenthat there is provided a
shown one of the various possible illustrative em- >50 device in which the several objects of this inven
of this invention,
Fig. 1 is a bottom plan view of a sole embodye.
ing the invention;
tion are achieved, and which is well adapted to
meet the conditions of practical use.
As various possible embodiments might be made
and as various'changes ,
Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof; taken on line
55 of the above invention,
Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view
3-3 of Fig. 2; and
might be made in the embodiment above set
board by stitching extending longitudinally of the
forth, it is to be understood that all material
cord, and an insert at said central portion of
not in a limiting sense.
5 disposed within said central portion of the ball
Having thus described my invention, I claim
of the board, and a covering for said ?ller.
as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:
5. A sole comprising a sole shaped board, a
wound continuously around one face of the board 10 jacent turns of the cord substantially contacting,
the ball of the board, said insert comprising a 15 an insert within said opening attached to the
disposed within said central portion of the ball
hered to the underside of the board and located
of the board, and a covering for said ?ller, the
wholly within said opening, and a ?exible cover
edge portion of said cover being tucked beneath
ing covering the underside of said ?ller.
the wound cord and stitched to the board byv the 20
6. A sole ‘comprising a sole shaped board, a
stitching which stitches the cord to said board.
cord at the underside of the board wound con
2 A sole comprising a sole shaped board, a
tinuously around one face of the board with
cord at the underslde of the board wound conadjacent turns of the cord substantially contact~
tmuously around one face of the board with ading, said cord being stitched longitudinally to said
jacent turns of the cord substantially contacting, 25 board, the cord covering the heel of the board
and an insert within said opening attached to 30 adhered to the. underside of the board and lo
edge of said flexible cover being disposed between 35 to the board by the stitchinglwhich attaches the
cord at the underside of the board wound con- 40 face of the board, said binding being stitched to
board‘, the cord covering the heel of the board but 45 the board, and extending to the outer edge of
board, part of the binding being disposed be- 50 disposed between the wound cord and the under
cord contacting the underside of the board and 55 to the board by the stitching which stitches the
and covering all but the central portion of the
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