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Oct. 8,1946._
Filed March 27, 1945
’ [ow/Ls"
(brmier '
Patented Oct. 8, 1Q46
, 2,408,737 ,
vvA'roHoAsE TOOL '
5, Louis A. Cormier, West Hempstead, N.'Y., assignor
to Hammel, Riglander & 'Co. Inc., New York,
N. Y., a corporation o_£;New York
Application March 27, 1945,‘ Serial No. 585,057
2 Claims.
This invention relates to watch case tools, and
more particularly to tools of the character
adapted for removing thread-on backs of the
watch cases.
Watch case backs of the so-called “thread-on”
type, widely employed at the present time upon
(o1. s1-6)
The improved tool generally resembles a pair
of pliers and is thus provided with the two handle
parts I and 2 of similar shape. That part indi
cated at l is provided with the enlarged hub por
tion 4, while the handle part 2 is formed with
the hub part 3, the parts 3 and 4 ?tting together
in the manner common to plier construction, and
waterproof wrist watches, are often di?icult to
pivotally joined by the conventional pivot
remove, While recesses are provided in the backs
pin 5.
of watch cases of this type for engagement by
Extending from the hub portion 4 is a jaw 6
a suitable implement, or tool to enable the back 10 which gradually tapers toward its free end or
to be unthreaded, the backs are often so ?rmly
extremity and adjacent to its extremity its op
screwed home that it is di?icult to secure suffi
posite side faces 1 are flattened and converge
cient purchase on the back of the case to impart
toward the tip 8 which is ?attened and substan
an unthreading movement of enough force to
tially square in outline. The inside surface of
loosen the back of the case and start it upon its 15 the end portion of the jaw is curved or concaved
unthreading movement. Moreover, the use of
slightly to form a relatively slight hook as indi
makeshift tools or implements with which to en
cated at 9 in Figs. 1 and 2, this conformation of
gage the recesses in the back of the case, often
‘ the end portions of the jaws helping to maintain
7 results in slippage of such tools from the recesses
the ends of the same in positive engagement with
and in defacements and scratches across the back
the recesses or notches provided in the watch
of the watch case.
The present invention therefore contemplates
. case back. A slight notch or groove, as indicated
at l3 in Fig. 4, might also be provided at the end
the provision of a simple and efficient tool, re
of the jaw, to facilitate engagement of the jaw
sembling a pair of pliers in appearance, by which
with certain types of recesses provided in the
a plurality of spaced apertures, recesses or 25
back of the watch case.
notches formed in a watch case back, may be
The hub 3 has a jaw 6a similar to that de
securely engaged, and by rotation of the tool about
its longitudinal axis, the most ?rmly attached
watch case back may be loosened and quickly
An object of the invention is to provide a tool
of this character having a pair of pivotally con
nected handle parts formed with jaws so dis
posed and shaped that the extremities of the
scribed and carried by the hub 4. In Fig. 5 is
shown a watch case l0 having a so-called “thread
30 on” back II. The back H is shown as provided
with three spaced recesses [2, provided for the
purpose of facilitating the unthreading movement
of the back. To remove the back by the use of
the improved tool, the watch case is placed ?at
wisely upon a suitable surface, or in a suitable
same will engage with a pair of recesses or notches 35 vise or gripping means, and the ends 8 of the
formed in the back of the watch case, and rota
jaws of the tool are inserted in any two of the
tion of the tool will loosen the watch case back
recesses, as shownv in Fig. 2. The shape of the
and Permit it to be unthreaded.
ends or extremities 8 of the jaws is such that the
Another object of the invention is to provide
same ?rmly engage with the recesses l2. The
a tool of this kind so designed that it will be 40 handles 1 and 2 are held in the hand and the
adapted for use on watch case backs of various
tool is rotated about its longitudinal axis in a
kinds and designs, thus constituting a handy and
direction to unthread the watch case back. The
useful tool for the watch repair man.
most ?rmly attached back will be loosened and
In the accompanying drawing, wherein an
unthreaded without difficulty.
illustrative embodiment of the invention is dis 45
In some watch cases, the recesses in the back
closed, Fig. 1 is a face view of the improved tool
are of different form from those shown at [2.
in slightly open position; Fig. 2 is a similar, slight
The shape and arrangement of the ends of the
ly enlarged view, of the jaw portion of the tool,
jaws of the tools are however, of such form that
showing how the same engages the recesses in
these ends readily engage any of the different
the back of a watch case; Fig. 3 is an edge View 50 types of recesses, notches and other depressions
of the jaw portion of the tool; Fig. 4 is a perspec
provided in the backs of watches of various styles
tive view of one of the tips or extremities of the
and types. Since the jaws of the toolare piv
jaws, and Fig. 5 shows the back of a wrist watch
otally connected and can be brought together or
case, showing the apertures orv recesses engaged
55 spread apart to any extent within the limits of
by the tool.
the tool, the tool can be readily adapted for use
with watches of various sizes and will speedily
loosen and unthread the most tightly attached
2. A tool for removing the backs of thread-on
type from watch cases, comprising a pair of pliers
having tapered jaws, the ends of said jaws being
shaped to ?t into recesses provided in the watch
watch case back.
What I claim is:
1. A tool for removing thread-on backs of
case back, said ends being curved inwardly in a
direction toward one another to thereby present
slightly hooked terminals into the recesses in the
watch casesv comprising, a pair of pliers having
jaws tapered "and inturned toward'one another
watch case back and engage the walls of said
recesses, the parts of the ends of the jaws entrant
and shaped at their ends to enable the same to
be engaged in a pair of spaced recesses in the
into the recesses being of substantially rectangu
back'of a watch case and the tool rotated to
thereby unthread the back of the Watch case,
the ends of the jaws being of rectangular form
and being notched in the sides which face toward
lar form.
one another.
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