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Oct. 8, 1946.
Filed March 21, 1945
‘R4189’ H4 fl/f/i’f
Patented Oct. 8, 17946
. 2,408,746
' 'Ralph“W'.'>Evert,.Detroit, Mich; 'as‘s‘ignor to United
' vstates Rubber Company, New York, N: Y.. a cor- ~ v5
; porationof New Jersey
; Application March-2'1, 1945. Mattresses-11.}->_ '
1 Claim. ' (01. 33-178)
size near about '26 to 58 inches "in outside diam-_
This invention ‘relates to ‘an extremely simplev
eter 50f the tread.“ vvA single tire
apparatus for measuring the diameter of the‘ '
present‘ invention 5
the same diameter, for if one of the dual tires is
only half an inch larger in diameter than the
other, it will carry byfar the greater portion of
tires'throughout this, wide‘ range,‘ and such" a
stick"~m'ay 'be-i'l'e‘ss than ‘three feet long». '--The‘»
measuring stick shown in Fig. l of the drawing
may be formed throughout of either metal or
wood, the latter being preferable in many cases
. because it will be light tohandle and inexpensive
to manufacture.
the load upon that wheel, and as a result will
be subjected to excessive wear since it carries
most of the load which should be borne equally
‘The present measuring device as shown com
prises a straight bar or'stick In which is provided
' with a curved laterally extending end or projec
The importance of matching dual tires vas to
size has been stressed heretofore, and it has been
proposed to use a tire diameter caliper adapted
to span the tire and measure its size, but it is
very difficult for one person alone to measure the 20
diameter of a tire with a caliper because of the
length of the same required to span a large tire.
Furthermorethe inner dual tire is more or less
inaccessible, and in the case of buses both tires
and"- constructed4 as’ - shown -1 inv
Fig; 1 may be used to determine the diameter; of
that is two pneumatic tires for each rear wheel.
It is extremely important that the two tires for
the same wheel when properly in?ated shall have
by the two tires.
‘ fstick-i
or‘measurin‘g'device such as contemplated by the
tread of tires in the plane'of the wheel}
The‘ larger trucks and buses now‘travelling the‘
highways are commonly provided with dual tires;
tion II having the head I2 rigidly secured there
to. The stick I!) is conveniently formed of ply
wood and the head [2 is formed of a block of .
hard wood slotted as shown to receive the curved
end ll to which it is secured by glue and pins.
The stick I0 is provided near its other end with
the graduations l3 and has slidably mounted
thereupon the wooden block [4 forming a lateral
projection. This block is provided with a slot l5
adapted slidably to receive the stick l0, and the
may be covered by a fender which prevents the 25 outer end portion of such slot is closed by the
use of such a caliper. It has also been proposed
bearing block l6 which is rigidly secured in place
heretofore to jack up a wheel of the vehicle
by glue and pins. At the bottom of the slot I5
equipped with dual tires and determine the size
is provided a drill hole adapted to receive the
of each tire on that wheel by placing a steel tape
downwardly bent end of the blade spring H. The
around the periphery of the tread of a tire to
body portion of this spring bears yieldingly
measure its circumference, and then similarly
against one edge of the stick l0 and holds the
measure the other tire to determine how closely
block l6 in ?rm contact with the other edge of
they are matched as to size, but this is a difficult
the stick. After the sliding block 14 is mounted
and time consuming measuring operation.
3 upon the stick in as shown with the spring IT
The present invention contemplates an exa O; CA in place, a protruding pin l8 is provided near
tremely simple and practical tire measuring de
the end of the stick so as to prevent the block
vice whereby the diameter of a tire may be de
termined by simply measuring the arc of a por
tion of the circle de?ned by the tire tread.
M from slidingoff the stick. The stick may also
be provided with a hole [9 adapted to receive a
nail when it is desired to hang the measuring
The construction and operation of the present 40 stick upon the wall when it is not in use.
tire measuring device will be more fully under
Fig. 2 shows a truck or bus wheel .20 equipped
stood from the following description when read
with the dual tires 2| and 22. As shown the
in connection with the accompanying drawing
inner tire 2| is slightly larger than the outer
tire 22 and as a result the inner tire is carrying
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a tire measuring
the entire load as the outer tire does not con
device such as contemplated by the .present in
tact the ground G.
Fig. 2 is a, rear view of a right rear‘ truck or
In order to determine the diameter of a tire
in accordance with the present invention all that
bus wheel equipped with dual tires, and showing
is necessary is to place the measuring stick l0
the measuring device of the present invention 50 against the tread of the tire so that it rests
associated with'one of the tires; and
as a tangent on the tire tread as indicated by
Fig. 3 is a side view of the wheel of Fig. 2 hav
I in Fig. 3, and then it is rocked slightly in
ing the present tire measuring device associated
this position. until the block I! at the curved
with the outer tire.
Truck and bus tires in dual use may range in 55 end, of the stick engages the tire tread at 2.
While the stick is in this position the block M
is slid along the stick [0 until it also engages
the tire tread as indicated by 3. When the gauge
until contact is secured at the point 3. The
size of the tire being tested may then be read .
directly from the scale l3 by noting the reading
is so positioned it engages the tire tread at the
at the edge of the block I4. In this way dual
tires upon a Wheel may be easily and quickly
measured to see if they are properly matched as
points I, 12 and 3 which constitutes three points
of an arc of the circle de?ned by the outer tire
The length of the ?xed projection at one end'
to diameter.
of the stick I0 ‘is indicated by a: in Fig. 3 and
the length of the sliding projection I4 is indi
' Having thus described. my invention; what I
claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:
A tire measuring device for determining the
cated by y. That is :v and y are ?xed lateral’ Z'diameter of the tread of a tire in the plane of
distances from the stick I!) and de?ne an arcof
the. wheel, comprising a graduated bar adapted to
a predetermined depth upon the tire tread. "The
rest with one edge tangent to the tire tread
length of this arc is determined by the distance
in. surface contact therewith and having a ?xed
between the contact points '2 and 3. ‘The "di-Cv :lateral projectionrfrom said edge at one end
ameter of the tire having this measured arc
"that is provided with a tire contact point for
is determined by reading the graduations-_l.3v at
the longer edge of the block l4.
’ '
. engaging the tire tread and a movable lateral
It will be seen from the foregoing that-Yin, '
order to use the measuring device or measuring
projection slidably mounted on the bar near its
Coth'er end and having a tire contact point, the
stick'contemplated by the‘ present invention, it
is'necessaryi to have access to only a small. por?
tion of the tire circumference as will ‘be apparent
from Fig. 3, and as soon as the-measuring stick
hasjbeen ‘positioned; vas shown ‘in’ Fig. 3 so as to
secure contact with thetire tread ‘at the ‘points 25
I and 2 the block 14 is slid along the stick l0
slidably mounted projection being adapted to
slide along the- bar vuntil its contact point en
gages‘ the tire tread, whereuponvwhenwthe said
edge and two points engage the tire :the1diameter
of the tire tread can be determined by reading
theposition- of vthe sliding‘projection relative to
said graduations.
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