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Oct.` 8, 1946._ v
2,408,765 ~
Filed Jan. 29, 1944Y
" s".
John .E_E'rzc/rson.
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
John E. Erickson, Phoenix, Ariz.
Y Application January 29,1944, serial No. 520,281
2 Claims.
This invention relates to air compressors hav
ing four o-r more useful applications.
The object of the' invention is to provide an
air compressor that can run slowly with very little
leakage between its plunger and cylinder walls
or through its valves, with the result that there
is lower power loss.
In the accompanying drawing and the figures
<01. 28o-_18)v
the port '36 so it will have enough water to seal
the valve 38. When the rubber hose Bûb is em
ployed, a thumb screw 60d threaded in a holder
60e connected, through a swivel connection 60;“,
with the outer end portion of the hose for selec
tively adjusting the level thereof with reference
to the water level in the gooseneck 52. 65 is a
screen to keep out insects. Some drops of water
will trickle down through valves 38, 32-32 and
of reference _marked thereon which form a part
50 while air is passing up through them. This will
of this speciñcation, I make use of a storage tank 10 drain condensed water from the compressed air
lil provided with a pressure responsive switch
in the tank I0 down through the valves into the
-I2 electrically connected with a motor I4 for
gooseneck and out to waste, through the opening
starting and stopping the motor in accordance
for the plug 60 which is left open at all times
with predetermined low and high pressure con
ditions, respectively,in the tank. A belt I5 oper
atively connects the motor with a crank wheel
except While starting.
When the plunger moves up from the bottom
of the cylinder it carries some water on its upper
I8. A link 20 connects the crank wheel with a
side, and it pulls some water up through opening
piston rod 22 of a pump 24. The pump 24 com
valve 50 until water level 62 drops to water level
prises a cylinder 26 having a slidable plunger
B4. Air will not go down through the water, but
or piston 28 attached to the piston rod 22. Two 20 at 64 it will slide through on top of water and
ports 30-30 are provided in the piston 28 for
go up through open valve 5l). When the plunger
the passage of air from the lower part of cylinder
comes down the drops of water falling back down
to the space above the piston. ~ The ports 30-30
through Valve 50 before it has time to close
are under control of downwardly seating valves
, will raise water level from> 64 to 62 again, but
32-32 hinged to the piston 28` The head 34 of
no higher when valve 5D is closed, and no air will
the cylinder 26 has a discharge port 36 under
go down into the water when the level is up to
the control of a downwardly seating valve 33
which is housed in al chamber 4B communicating
The amount of water moved back and forth
with the storage tanklß through a pipe 42. A
can be far less than the drawing shows by reduc
Water level indicating window 44 is provided in
ing the diameter of the gooseneck and gauging
the chamber 4t. Located beneath the piston 28
the distance from water line 54 to 62 which may
is a wall 45 attached to the cylinder 26 and pro
be only some thousandths of aninch. '
vided with an intake port 48 under the control
I claim:
of a downwardly seating hinged valve 55 on the
1. An apparatus of the character described
wall 46. To the lower end of the cylinder is con
comprising a U-shaped conduit, an upstanding
nected one end of a gooseneck 52 having its other
supply conduit connected to one end of said
end connected with an upstanding pipe 54 hav
U-shaped conduit and having a valve controlled
ing its inlet end 56 controlled by a valve 58.
inlet port,- an upstanding pump cylinder con
In starting, the water or liquid to be used is
poured in slowly into the pipe 54 vthrough the 40 nected to the other end of said U-shaped conduit
and having an inlet in its bottom end wall, an
Valve 58 while the pump is running. When water
upwardly opening check valve controlling the
appears in the window of gauge glass 44, the
passage of fluid through the pump inlet, a piston
pump is stopped, and the plug 60 isremoved to
mounted to reciprocate in the cylinder having
lower the water in the gooseneck to the level 62.
a _plurality of ports therethrough, downwardly
Further draining of the water through a port
seating check valves mounted on the piston, crank
60a in the gooseneck will lower the water to the
mechanism for actuating the piston, a chamber
level 64 about one half inch below water level 62.
on the top end wall of the cylinder communicat
A rubber hose 60h connected to the gooseneck 52
ing with the latter through an outlet port, said
by a coupling 60e is adapted to be held up or down
chamber having a discharge port connecting
to drain the water and only enough water is 50 with a receiver, and an outwardly opening check
retained to supply a shallow amount of water on
valve controlling the passage of iiuid through said
valve 450 the level of the water on valve 50 being
outlet port, said U-shaped conduit being adapted
designated at 63. The plunger will pick up some
to contain liquid to a level above the inlet port
of that water so it will be sealed and when it
of the pump and at a lower level in the supply
reaches the top it will force some water through
end suitable to draw gaseous ñuid through the
pump inlet and liquid seal the piston and the
valve of the pump.
2. In a pumping system, the combination of
` a storage tank, a vertically disposed pump for
pumping air to the tank, a goose neck liquid con
tainer connected to the lower end of the pump
through an inwardly opening valve, upwardly
opening valves carried by the pump piston, a
liquid indicating chamber in the passage between
the pump and the storage tank and controlled
by an upwardly opening valve, an inwardly swing
ing valve controlling the ñuid inlet to the free
end of the goose neck, and an adjustable pipe
communicating with the lower end of the goose
neck for varying the ñuid level therein.
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