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Oct. 8, 1946, ; '
12,408,766 1
Filed July 12‘, 1943
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
~ -- ' DUST
Conrad Fatland, Chicago, Ill.
iezisvgseriai No. 494,427
‘Application-July i2,
,6 Claims.
(c1. soc-as) ,
4’-—4 of Figures 1 and 2, looking in‘thedirection
The present invention " relates to dust mops
of the
about the shaft.
‘Figure 5 shows a fragmentary longitudinal sec
6, looking in the
tion on the line 5-5 of Figure
enlarged scale
and the like and has. to do vwith means for join
"ing the head to the handle,'means for rotating
the~ head about a'centrally disposedshaft and
for locking the head in any one of ‘a plu
Trality of positions againstindividual=rotation ‘
direction of the arrows,>being an
as compared to the previous ?gures;_
plan section or view on the
Figure Gshows a 5, looking in thedirection
line 6-6 of Figure
- This application is a continuation in part of
of the arrows; and
Patent ‘No.’ 2,325,598. to the applicant as structures
of similar types of
‘degrees from
view similar toithatof Fig
applicant’s application’ Serial. No. 436,358 v?led 10 Figure '7 shows'a
the handle element turned ninety
‘March ‘26, l942,gfor “Dust mops,” which issued
ure 3, but withthe position of the handle element
shown in Figure 3.
In conventional
Umop's the locking elements, which must be pulled
r r 1
. "In the present form of the invention plate I of
head 21s preferably formed of a single sheet of
apart to unlock, comprises a pair of platesrela
15 metal and includes a collar. 3 projecting vertically
tively rotatable about acommon axis and adapted
from the'face of the plate with its central opening
continuous to the underside of the plate. vA
vmultiplicity ‘of equally spaced apart notches 4
each to engage'the other by means of vertical
apertures and corresponding stops in opposite
plates. Whereas, my structure comprises a ‘short
of the collar in a manner
vertical collar having oppositely disposed notches .20 are formed in the face
oppositely disposed notches
in its face in combination with a? transversely
to‘ provide pairs of
adapted to engage the pivot 5, the‘ axis of each
positionedlpivot adapted to engage the notches
pair of notches passing through the vertical axis
and to be automaticallyv unlocked. Thus; the
combination made possible by the use of > a ver
of the collar 3.
tical collar, including the mounting of the ‘handle
on the collar, provides a‘unique and simpli?ed
structure in compact form.
‘One object of the invention is to provide a new
‘and unique structure for joining the head to the
handle and for easily changing the head from
the transverse to the longitudinal position.
" ‘Another object of the invention is to provide
‘means for automatically disengaging'the lock
ing elements in the'structure.
A tubular shaft 6 having a ?ange ‘I at its lower
end and a transverse opening 8 at its upper end
is mounted in the aforesaid collar 3 with its lower
end extendingv a substantial distance below the
under side of the collar and its upper end extend
the face'of the
30 ing a substantial distance above
is mounted on the
collar, and a coil spring 9
shaft‘ In between flange ‘Land the under side of
the collar. .
H With the tubular shaft 6 in place as hereto
I : -;A further object of theinvention is to'provide 35 fore indicated the handle lU-and head 2 are con
nected by forcing the shaft upward to a position
"aj‘mop having'its head'pivotally connected with
where its transverse opening Band openings
‘the handle means forlimiting the rolling move-é
in plates H register at the top of the collar 3
vment ‘of the vhead about the axis of the pivot.
and inserting pivot 5 through said openings.
) And another object of the invention is to pro
ivide the required structure in a form combining
details and simplicity with utility in‘ a manner to
common vertical axis and that the transverse
axis of pivot 5 and the transverse axis of each
pair of the notches 4 coincide with said common
facilitate the production and assembly of parts.
‘ '> Other objects will be apparent from the draw
ing and speci?cations,
‘ "In the drawing:
‘ :Figure '1 shows a
‘present invention;
handle cut away.
plan view of the device of the ~
with the upper portion of the
Figure2 shows a side elevation of the device,
Figure 3 shows a fragmentary side elevation
similar to the central portion of Figure 2, but
with the handle straightened up into vertical po
sition so as to draw up the central sleeve of the
rotary locking elements;
Figure 4 shows a cross-section on the line
It is to be noted that'collar 3, tubular shaft 6
and the handle If! in vertical position have a
axis. I0 is provided with plates H at its
The‘ handle
loweriendwhich plates ?t over the outside of col
lar 3. Openings“ at the lower end of said plates
are adapted to receive-a pivot 5 and cams l3- at
the lower end of the plates are positioned a sub
stantial distance below the openings 12 and are
adapted to engage the adjacent plate I of the
manner to limit the movement of
head 2 in a
the head about the axis of pivot 5 and said cams
55 are adapted to lift said pivot out of a pair of
the notches 4 when the handle is tilted to a ver
tical position as in Figures 3 and 4.
The cams I 3 which are rotatable about the
pivot 5 comprise a heel M, a toe l5 and a base
plurality of notches in the face of said collar
adapted to engage the pivot and spring means
for normally urging the pivot and notches into
pivot 5 and a pair of the notches 4 are in lock
It in contact with, 15.
a substantial dis
the spring is
somewhat compressed, said pivot being
to engage the aforesaid notches, and a handle
mounted on the pivot.
In order to automatically disengage the look
ing elements I provide the following means:
(a) The depth of
proximately gone-third (1/3) of the
notches into cooperation and a cam ?xed with
reference to the handle end and
pivot, said cam being adapted to engage the adja
pivot 5, that is, the notches are
when {the pivot is urged into locking engagement
with a pair of the notches approximately two
thirds (2/3) of the pivot
the face of collar 3.
4. In a mop, a mop supporting head, a handle
pivotally mounted on the head,
pivot 5 may be lifted from the notches 4 as here
tofore indicated.
I To change the head ‘from
broad to the longitudinal or the transverse or
5. ‘In a mop, a mop supporting head, a circu
in a vertical position to the head,
‘the pivot reg
isters with another pair of the notches 4 and is
urged into locking engagement
Or, tilt the
It is obvious that details of the invention may 60
be varied without departing from the spirit of
the invention.
I claim:
1. In a mop,
supporting head, a circular
collar ?xed in aa mop
vertical position to the central
portion of the head, a handle rotatably mounted
on the collar, a pivot connected with and posi
tioned transversely of the end of the handle, .a
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