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Oct. 8, 1946.
2,408,777 j
‘Filed Nov. 12, 1943
a? wm.
nm/ .hm.
Jréwi'on ZZHbZbr-ooh:
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
Newton D. Holbrook, Thomaston, Conn. 7
Application November 12, 1943, Serial No. 510,069
4 Claims. (Cl. 150—1.5)
This invention relates to golf bags, and more
particularly to a tripod skeleton golf bag for use
in carrying golf clubs and balls around the course
and to and from the golf links.
One object of the present invention is to pro
vide a golf bag of the above nature which may
be automatically expanded into the shape of a
tripod when the carrying cords are released so
that the bag may rest in an inclined position
upon the ground with the clubs in a convenient 10
accessible position when the player desires to
make a shot.
A further object is to provide a tripod golf
bag of the above nature which is adapted to be
skeleton golf bag in open position, as it appears
when resting upon the ground.
Fig. 2 is a front view of the same.
Fig. 3 is a front view of the same with the
bag in vertical position, and with the swinging
legs held collapsed by means of the locking strap.
Fig. 4 is a sectional view of the upper part of
the golf bag showing the arcuate club head rest
member and the hinge connections for the swing
ing legs.
Fig. 5 is a detail view of the upper portion of
one of the swinging legs, showing how it is held
away from the main leg by the action of a strong
leaf spring.
collapsed automatically when the carrying cords 15 Fig. 6 is a perspective view of the angle plate
‘for holding the spring at the top of the swinging
are again grasped after the shot has been made
leg and limiting the opening movement thereof.
and it is desired to carry the bag and clubs to the
Fig. 7 is a sectional View of the upper portion
of one of the swinging legs in which a modi?ed
bag of the above nature furnished with a main .20 form of wire spring is provided for forcing the
location for the next shot.
A further’ object is to provide a tripod golf
wide leg having a cylindrical bottom receptacle
for the handles of the inverted clubs and an
arcuate open rest member for the club heads at
swinging leg away from the main leg.
bag of the above nature having a ?exible car
rying cord connected at its center to said open
having secured at the top thereof a pair of small
round swinging legs I! and I2, the bottoms of
such legs having tips l3 as shown.
Referring now to the drawing in which like
reference numerals denote corresponding parts
throughout the several views, the numeral Ill
the upper end of said main leg.
v A further object is to provide a tripod golf 25 indicates a wide main leg of ?at strip shape, and
club head rest, said cord having depending ends
At the bottom of the main leg Ill, provision
joined to the intermediate portions of the swing
ing legs, which with the main leg are ‘adapted 30 is made of a cup-shaped club handle receptacle
l4 made of any suitable material and adapted to
"rest upon theground I5, as shown. The nu
‘A further object is to provide a golf bag of the
.meral l6 indicates an angle plate which is em
above nature having a V-shaped holder for the
ployed for attaching the receptacle M to the
hinge bolts of the’ swinging legs, which holder is
provided with a pair of inclined wings spaced 35 bottom of the main leg I!) as by means of bolts
l1 and [8 on the rear of said cup, and a bolt
apart at an angle.
7 [9 under the bottom of said cup.
A further object is to provide a tripod golf bag
In order to support the playing heads of the
of the above nature in which springs for biasing
the swinging legs outwardly are mounted within 40 clubs in convenient position to be easily grasped
and removed from the bag when the latter is
the Wings of V-shaped holders which limit the
resting upon the ground in the inclined tripod
opening movement of the legs under the action
position shown in Fig. l, provision is made of an
of said springs.
arcuate open rest member 20, preferably con
A further object is to provide a golf bag of
structed of metal, and having a depending rear
the above nature which will be simple in con
wardly offset tongue 2| integral with the central
struction, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to
portion of said rest member. The tongue 2| is
install and manipulate, compact, ornamental in
adapted to be secured to the rear top portion
appearance, and very e?icient‘ and durable in
of the main leg ID by means of a bolt 22.
to form a tripod.
‘ The rest member 2i! is provided with a pair of
With these and other objects in view, there 50 ?ared extremities 23, 24 having eyes 25, 26 for
receiving a round carrying cord 21, preferably
have been illustrated on the accompanying draw
of leather, which is threaded through the eyes
ing, two forms in which the invention may con
25, 26, and has a pair of depending carrying sec
veniently be embodied in practice.
tions 28, 29 passing through a pair of apertures
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 represents a side view of the tripod 55 30, 3| located substantially at the mid-points of
the swinging tripod legs ll, 12. The extremities
of the cord sections 28, 29 are furnished with
knotted ends 32, 33 which serve to prevent the
cord 21 from pulling out of the swinging legs H
and I2.
In order to support the swinging legs ll, l2
upon the main leg H] with a spring action, so as
to cause them to swing outwardly when the cord
handle sections 23, 29 are released, provision is
in Fig. 7, coiled wire springs 51 are employed in
stead of the leaf springs 41, 48 of the ?rst form.
The coiled sections of the springs 51 surround the
hinge bolts 38, 31; one end 58 of each wire spring
57 engages the wing 45 of the triangular angle
, plate 42, I13, while the other end 59 of each spring
51 loops around a bevelled section 60 at the top
inner side of the swinging leg H, [2.
The numeral 5| indicates a cylindrical ball
made of a pair of rearwardly inclined ears 34, 10 holding bag located at the top of the main leg
35 On the tongue 2|.
The ears 34, 35 are aper
tured to receive a pair of hinge bolts 36, 31, the
heads 38, 39 of which are mounted in the top
portions of the swinging legs H, IZ-said bolts
being secured in position by means of a pair of
nuts 48, 4!.
Provision is also made of a pair of angle plates
122, 43 having wings 44, 45 disposed at an angle of
i3 and secured thereto in any desired manner.
A slide fastener 62 is provided to permit the
ball bag to be readily opened and closed, as de
While there have been disclosed in this spec
ification two forms in which the invention may
be embodied, it is to be understood that these
forms are shown for the purpose of illustration
about 45 degrees from each other. The upper por
only, and that the invention is not to be limited
tions of the angle plates 42, 43 are provided with 20 to the specific disclosures, but may be modi?ed
apertures 46, 46 to ?t over the bolts 35, 31. Pro
and embodied in various other forms without de
vision is also made of leaf springs 41, 48, each
parting from its spirit. In short, the invention
of which is secured at one end by screws 49, 50
includes all the modi?cations and embodiments
to one side of the top portion of the swinging
coming within the scope of the following claims:
legs ii, iii. The free ends 5|, 52 of the leaf
Having thus fully described the invention, what
springs Ill, 48 are adapted to engage slidably
is claimed as new, and for which it is desired to
against the wings 45 of the angle plates 42, 43.
secure Letters Patent is:
A strap 53, preferably of leather, is furnished
1. In a tripod golf bag, a main leg having a
at an intermediate portion of the main leg It),
cup-shaped club handle receptacle at the lower
being secured thereto in horizontal position by‘
end thereof, a pair of swinging legs pivoted to
a rivet 54, and having a tongue buckle 55 at one
said main leg at the upper portion thereof, spring
end and a series of tongue holes 56 at its other
means pressing said swinging legs outwardly at all
times, and a pair of triangular angle plates ar
ranged in vertical diverging planes secured to said
main leg and having stop wings on their opposite
In operation, assuming the swinging golf bag
edges for con?ning the upper end of said swinging
to be in the position shown in Fig. l of the draw
legs so as to limit the movement of said swing
ing, whenever the golfer desires to carry the bag
ing legs away from said main member.
to a diiferent location, he will grasp the two de
2. In a golf bag, a main leg, a pair of swinging
pending sections 28, 29 of the cord 21, which
cross each other as shown in Fig. 2. He will then 40 legs connected at their upper ends to said main
leg, a golf club receptacle secured to said main
lift the bag from the ground, causing the legs H,
leg, a pair of springs pressing said swinging legs
l2 to swing against the main leg Ill, and will carry
away from said main leg for normally holding
the bag in this position to the place where he is
said swinging legs in an outward position, and
to make his next shot.
means for collapsing said swinging legs against
It will be noticed that when the bag is thus
said main leg consisting of a ?exible cord con
carried, the clubs will be held from falling out
nected to the intermediate points of said swing
by the arcuate rest member 20, and also by the
ing legs, said cord having portions crossing each
fact that the crossed sections of the cord will
other behind said main leg and embracing the
hold the shafts of the clubs securely within the
club handles above said main leg when said golf
bag. When out of use, the strap 53 will be tied
bag is being carried.
around the legs ill, I I, 12 as well as the shafts of
3. The invention as de?ned in claim 2 in which
the golf clubs, so that the bag may be carried
said springs are of the coiled wire type.
away from the golf links or placed in a locker
4. The invention as de?ned in claim 2 in which
until it is desired to use it again.
said springs are the leaf type.
Modi?ed form
In the modi?ed form of the invention shown
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