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QCEQ 8» 1946.
B. 1. J. STAMM
' 2,408,820
Filed June 19, 1944
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5.1127.‘ 62% N/V
Patented Get. 8, 1946
Benjamin I. J. Stamm, New York, N. Y.
Application June 19, 1944, Serial No. 541,006
10 Claims.
It is an object of this invention to produce a
(Cl. 122—17)
water between the lower and upper chambers.
multiple chambered heater for water.
The ?ues 5 and the companion tubes 8,9 and
It is an object of this invention to produce
ill may ‘be arranged in substantially concentric
a heater which is specially constructed to pro
relation to each other and to aid in maintaining
duce a rapid and forced transfer of heated water
a suitably spaced relation between the ?ues and
as well as water being heated from the heating
the companion tubes spacing elements i3 may be
chamber to a draw-off chamber.
secured to the tubes 8, 9 and Ii! or to the fines 5
It is an object of this invention to produce
or to both, as by welding or other suitable means.
a special construction wherein the water being
The lower portion of the large central chamber
heated is con?ned in spaces representing small 10 is connected to the upper chamber by suitable
volumes of the water content as compared with
sections l4 and 15 of a pipe having its said sec
the whole volume contained in the device.
tions detachably connected by a union it. By
It. is an object of this invention to provide a
using a union the pipe sections Hi and 15 may
water heating tank having a plurality of cham
be screwed into threaded openings formed in the
bers in which water is substantially trapped for 15 wall of the tank or body and then disposed in
controlled heating and transfer from the lowest
alignment and connected with each other. The
chamber to the topmost chamber. Although
upper chamber containing the heated water is
the Water is substantially trapped in each cham
provided with an outlet ll whereby hot water may
ber, all of the chambers are in communication
be drawn off from the heater.
with each other.
The central chamber is provided with a suit
Further objects of the invention and other
able inlet 18 to automatically replace the vol
features of novelty will be revealed as the draw
ume of water drawn oil". Both the upper and
ing is described in detail. The drawing is merely
lower chambers are provided with clean out
illustrative of one embodiment of my invention.
openings l9, 2!) and '2 I, having screw threaded'por
Figure 1 is substantially a vertical longitudinal
25 tions to receive threaded plugs.
centrally located section of my invention.
It is to be noted that all outside connections
Figure 2 is a transverse section on the line 2-—2
and clean out openings are provided with screw
of Figure 1 looking in the direction of the ar
threaded bosses to provide suitably enlarged or
elongated screw threaded connections whereby
In the drawing like reference characters refer 30 the pipes and‘plugs may be securely fastened.
to like parts.
The top 2 and the bottom 3 may be welded to
My water heater comprises a hollow body pro
and thereby sealed within the wall l or secured
vided with an outer wall I, a top wall 2 and a
by other or additional means such as rivets.
bottom wall 3. The outer wall 1 is extended
It is also noted that I have shown three up
below the bottom wall 3 to form a skirt 4 to pro 35 flow conduits H and only one down-?ow tube,
vide a compartment for the heater element H
but it is understood that the number of up-?ow
which is suitably spaced from the bottom wall 3.
conduits and down-?ow tubes is purely a ques
The top and bottom walls are connected by a
tion of a suitable number and suitable size to
plurality of ?ues 5 which may be fastened at
produce rapid heating and efiioient results.
their ends by any suitable means such as welding
It is also to be noted that the down-?ow tube
(not shown).
i2 extends to a lower level than the lower ends
The hollow body is divided into three chambers
by a pair of partitions 6 and ‘l which are respec
tively spaced and secured to de?ne a large cen
of the tubes 8, 9, and Hi. This feature aids in
the circulation of the water between the upper
and lower chambers. The large central chamber
tral storage chamber and smaller chambers at 45 is a storage chamber which is heated much more
the top and bottom of my heater. The pair of
slowly than the smaller chambers.
partitions 6 and l are connected by tubes 8, *9
Let us assume the heater is full of water and
and H! which are arranged to surround the ?ues
the heating element H is turned on and ignited
5 in suitably spaced relation thereto and concen
to start the heating operation. The ?ames aris
tric with their companion ?ues to de?ne transfer
ing from the element set up heated convection
or circulating conduits H for the water being
currents which pass rapidly up the flues 5, heat
heated by the ?nes 5. The partitions 5 and 'l
ing the surrounding water in the conduits H
are also connected by a down-?ow tube l 2 which,
formed by the tubes 8, 9, and I8, and since the
together with conduits ll, form a complete liq
volume of water is small between the dues 5
uid circuit or path for a forced circulation of 55 and tubes 8, 9, and I 0, it is rapidly heated and
is forced to rise rapidly to the upper chamber.
The upward surge or flow in the conduits ii is
compensated or balanced by a rapid down flow
through the tube I2. The heat of radiation from
the element H heats the water in the lower cham
ber and aids in the upward ?ow of heating water
central storage chamber and an upper draw-off
chamber and a lower heating chamber, said top
and bottom walls being connected by water heat
ing ?ues which extend longitudinally through
the top and bottom walls of the said hollow body,
said partitions being connected by tubes extend
ing entirely and longitudinally through the
in the conduits H and consequently, assists in
central storagechamber, said tubes surrounding
the forced downward ?ow in the down-tube l2.
said ?ues and being narrowly spaced therefrom,
The central chamber of water is being slowly
said partitions being also connected by a down
heated by contact with the tubes 8, 9, l0 and
flow tube having its lower end portion extending
i2 and the partitions B and 1. When water
to a lower level than the lower ends of the other
is drawn off through the outlet IT, the drawn
tubes, said central chamber having an inlet por
off water is instantly replaced‘ through the inlet
tion, said upper chamber having an outlet por—
l8 through the central chamber which is in com
tion, said central chamber being connected to the
munication with the upper chamber through the
outlet chamber by connected sections of pipe
pipe sections 14 and I5 and the detachable joint
'7. The water heater speci?ed in claim 6 in
IS. The central chamber serves as a storage res
which the surrounding tubes of the ?ues are ar
ervoir for warm water after intervals of heating.
ranged in substantially spaced relation concen
When su?icient water has been heated for the
trically thereof.
purpose intended, the flow of fluid into the heat 20
8. The water heater speci?ed in claim 6 in
ing element may be turned off.
which the surrounding tubes of the ?ues are
From the foregoing description, the construc
maintained in spaced relation by means located
tion and operation of my improved water heater
between said tubes and said ?ues, said means be
and boiler will be readily understood and it will
ing secured in their located positions by suitable
be seen that I have provided a comparatively
fastening means.
simple, inexpensive and e?icient means for carry
9. In a water heater, a vertically disposed cy
ing out the various objects of the invention.
lindrical tank open at its lower end having a
While I have particularly described the ele
head at its upper end, said tank being of an even
ments best adapted to perform the functions set
diameter throughout its height, a lower head ?t
forth, it is apparent that various changes in
ting snugly in said tank and having sealed en
form, proportion and in the minor details of con
gagement with the wall of the tank in upwardly
struction, may be resorted to, without departing
spaced relation to the lower end of the tank to
from the spirit or sacri?cing any of the principles
provide a heating chamber in the tank under the
of the invention.
lower head, horizontal partitions ?tting snugly in
Having fully disclosed my invention, what I 55 said tank and having sealed engagement with
claim is:
the wall of the tank in spaced relation to the up
l. A water heater comprising an outer wall
per and lower heads and dividing the tank into
and top and bottom walls de?ning a water con
a main chamber and upper and lower chambers,
taining vessel or tank and a skirt portion de?ning
?uxes extending vertically in said tank through
a compartment adapted to receive a heating ele
said chambers and having their ends mounted
ment, said tank having a pair of partitions lo
through the upper and lower heads, tubes about
cated respectively near the top and bottom of
said ?ues in concentric spaced relation thereto
said tank and de?ning a large central chamber
and having their ends mounted through said par
and smaller chambers at the top and bottom of
titions and defining passages about said tubes,
said tank, said top and bottom walls being con
and a tube extending vertically in the tank cen
nected by a plurality of heating ?ues, said parti
trally thereof with its ends mounted through said
tions being connected by water con?ning tubes,
said tubes being arranged in closely spaced rela
tion about companion flues, said partitions be
partitions and its lower end terminating adjacent
the lower head whereby water ?owing down
wardly through the central tube will be dis
ing also connected with a down-flow tube in di
charged therefrom into contact with the lower
rect communication with the upper and lower
chambers and an up-feed pipe supported by said
10. In a water heater, a vertically disposed
cylindrical tank having upper and lower heads
heater making direct communication with the
and a heating chamber under the lower head,
upper chamber and the lower portion of the cen
tral chamber, in combination with a feed water 55 partitions in said tank having sealed engagement
with the wall of the tank and spaced from said
inlet connected to the central chamber and a dis
heads and dividing the tank into a main water
pensing outlet connected with the upper chamber.
chamber and upper and lower water chambers,
2. The water heater as set forth in claim 1 in
a pipe extending vertically through the main
which the up-feed pipe is supported on the out
water chamber with its ends passing through
side of the tank by the outer wall of the tank.
said partitions and its lower end entering the
3. The water heater as set forth in claim 1 in
lower chamber and terminating adjacent the
which the up—feed pipe comprises sections con
lower head for discharge of water against the
nected by a detachable union.
lower head, ?ues extending vertically in said tank
4. The water heater as set forth in claim 1 in
65 and passing through said chamber with their
which the down ?ow tube is centrally located and
ends mounted through the upper and lower heads,
supported by said partitions.
and tubes surrounding said ?ues in spaced rela
5. The water heater as set forth in claim 1 in
tion thereto with their ends mounted through
which the flues and con?ning tubes are substan
tially and concentrically arranged with respect
said partitions and establishing communication
7 6 between the upper and lower water chambers,
to each other.
there being an inlet for the main chamber and
6. A water heater having a hollow body having
an outlet for the upper water chamber.
top and bottom walls, said hollow body contain
ing partitions dividing said body into a large
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