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ct. 8, 1946.
Filed Aug. 2, 1945
\ Zvmswrog
790M143 14/ Maui-M
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
Thomas W. Mullen, Evansville, Ind.
Application August 2, 1945, Serial No. 608,464
1 Claim. (Cl. 211-—123)
may be inserted through the holes l5 and “5,
This invention relates to towel racks wherein
these screws serving further as means for pre
the primary object is to provide a structure which
venting the outward rocking of the upper end
will aid in preventing towels from sliding off of
portions of these brackets l3 and I4.
the rack. A further primary object of the in
By reason of the curved length of the rod ID,
vention is to provide a mounting bracket simple
a towel hung over that rod is not folded along a
in form and requiring a minimum number of
straight line but instead causes the towel to hang
screws for attachment. These and other objects
in a non-planar manner so that any tendency of
and advantages of the invention will become ap
the towel to slip by one side portion downwardly
parent to those versed in the art in the following
description of one particular form of the inven 10 to leave the bar I 0 is resisted by reason of the re
sistance set up in the towel originally to bending
tion as shown in the accompanying drawing, in
on account of the arcuate fold rather than the
straight line fold. Furthermore, by reason of the
Fig. l is a view in top elevation of a structure
fact that the bar [0 is bowed outwardly by its
embodying the invention;
15 central portion, there is gained this additional
Fig. 2, a view in front elevation; and
space as opposed to a straight bar between the
Fig. 3, a view on an enlarged scale in end ele
legs I I and I2 whereby it becomes easier to hang
the towel over the bar.
Like characters of reference indicate like parts
While I have herein shown and described my
throughout the several views in the drawing,
I form an arcuate bar In the major part of 20 invention in the one particular form, it is obvious
that structural changes may be employed, such
which bows outwardly from the plane of the wall
for example as the cross sectional shape of the
to which the rack may be attached. The major
bar itself, or the con?guration of the mounting
length of this bar It] curves continuously without
brackets, all without departing from the spirit of
any straight portions therein and has each end
thereof bent around rearwardly by the short legs 25 the invention, and I therefore do not desire to be
limited to that precise form beyond the limita
! l and I2 to merge integrally with the mounting
tions as may be imposed by the following claim.
brackets l3 and M, the rear faces of which are
in a common plane.
Each of these brackets I3
I claim:
A towel rack comprising an outwardly bowed
and M is substantially inverted heart-shaped to
have the legs II and I2 joining therein toward 30 bar with a rearwardly extending leg at each end;
an inverted heart-shaped, substantially flat
their lower end portions from their front faces.
bracket ?xed respectively to each of said legs, said
The brackets extend by their major portions
legs joining said brackets above their lower mar
above the level of the bar Hi, this bar If! having
gins below bracket centers to have the major
its top side in a plane substantially at right angles
to the back faces of the respective brackets l3 35 bracket portions above the legs, and said brack
ets each having a screw securing hole there
and I4.
through spaced between the top edge portion of
Through the upper end portions of the brackets
the bracket and above said legs; whereby the
13 and I4 are screw receiving holes l5 and I6 re
single screw will retain its bracket against rock
spectively, that is, there is but one hole through
each bracket, and the hole in each instance is 40 ing outwardly by said top portion under the lever
age action by weight of a towel on the outwardly
located above the rod l0 so that the weight of
bowed bar, and will retain the bracket against
the rod tends to swing the lower end portions of
rocking outwardly by said lower margin upon
the brackets l3 and I4 inwardly against the wall
on which they may be mounted, and the entire 45 upward dragging of a towel from said bowed bar.
weight is carried by the‘screws (not shown) which
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