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A. C. C m A G L m
Filed may 18, 1945
2,408,9_ l 3
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
Arthur C. Cimaglia, Chicago, Ill.
Application May 18, 11943, Serial No.-487,469
3 Claims. (Cl. 46--9)
This invention relates to toy guns, and its
principal object is to provide a toy gun having
means whereby to simulate the sound of an ex
downward. A piece of gauze I5 or the like is se
cured across the hollow of the powder chamber
at its inner end, to prevent escape of the powder
at this end and a piece of gauze il or the like is
secured in the barrel adjacent its outer end to
prevent accidental escape of the powder. A small
plosion caused by the ñring of a ñre arm and
simultaneously t0 simulate the puff of smoke
discharged from the nozzle of the gun.
nail or the like I8, which serves as a sight, may
Another object is to provide a toy gun which
be driven into the barrel at its discharge end to
is incapable of injury to children or others.
retain the gauze piece I'I in place.
Another object is to provide a toy gun which
The barrel I2 may have an extension I9 which
can be manufactured from materials at present 10
is removably secured in the powder chamber by
available to the public.
a friction ñt and a ñange 2li on the barrel bears
With these and other objects and advantages in
Iagainst the end of the body and positions the
view this invention consists in the several novel
barrel with respect thereto.
features hereinafter fully set forth and claimed.
Glued or otherwise secured to the front end of
The invention is clearly illustrated in the ac 15
the body between the side walls 8 thereof, is a
companying drawing, in which:
small block 2l , having a kerf in which is glued or
Fig. 1 is a central, vertical, longitudinal sec
otherwise secured a tongue 22, composed of re
tion through a toy gun, illustrating one form of
silient material such as a strip of wood, which
the present invention;
Fig. 2 is a vertical cross section taken on the 20 tongue normally extends across the open end of
the elbow I5, but is adapted to be sprung away
line 2-2 of Fig. 1;
therefrom and permitted to spring back and strike
Fig. 3 is a vertical cross section taken on the
against the end of the elbow to produce a sharp
line 3-3 of Fig. 1; and
sound simulating the sound caused by the ex
Fig, 4 is an end elevation looking in the direc
plosion of gun powder.
tion of the arrow 4 in Fig. 1.
A trigger 23, here shown in the form of a star
Referring to said drawing, which vis merely
wheel, is rotatively mounted on a pin 24 secured in
illustrative of one form of the present invention,
the side walls 8 of the body, and the points 25 of
the reference character 5 designates the body or
the star wheel are arranged to encounter and
stock of the toy gun, which may be of any de
sired form and 6 designates the grip thereof. 30 depress the free end of the tongue 22 when the
trigger is rotated in the direction of the adjacent
Conveniently the body may be formed of card
arrow, thereby retracting the free end of the
board or the like scored lengthwise of itself at
tongue from the end of the elbow I5, and per
two spaced places and folded upon itself to form
mitting it to snap back as the end of the active
a top wall 1, and two side walls 8, which are eX
tended downward along the grip as at 9, between . point of the star wheel passes the free end of
the tongue.
which is a block I0 of suitable composition glued
In use the powder chamber is partially filled
or otherwise secured to the grip extensions 9 to
with a non-explosive powder. In operating the
provide a suitable grip.
toy gun, a person grasps the grip and presses the
The scored and folded parts l, 8, form a hollow
body in which is contained a powder chamber 40 protruding point of the star wheel trigger toward
the grip, thereby bringing the next adjacent point
I I, adapted to contain a quantity o'f non-explosive
of the trigger against the adjacent end of the
non-combustible powder, such for instance as
tongue 22 and deñecting it downwards until the
magnesia or chemicals in powder form which are
end of the point of the trigger slips past the end
capable of producing smoke effects when a small
of the tongue, permitting it to snap back against
quantity is discharged from the muzzle of the
the end of the elbow and produce a sharp sound
toy gun when operated, as will be hereinafter set
simulating the sound produced by the explosion
forth. Extending from the powder chamber is
in a fire arm when discharged. Simultaneously
a barrel I2 having a restricted discharge orifice
the tongue compresses the air in the powder
I3 through which a small quantity of the powder
is discharged simulating the discharge of a puiî 50 chamber and discharges a small quantity of the
powder therefrom through the restricted dis
of smoke when the toy gun is operated.
charge orifice at the muzzle of the barrel, thereby
Desirably the powder chamber is composed of
simulating a puff of smoke discharged from the
a tubular member I4 glued or otherwise secured
muzzle of a gun when fired.
to the body of the toy gun, and having an elbow
’I'he effect produced is very similar to the sound
l5 secured thereto at its inner end and opening 55
and visual result produced in ñring a gun using
explosive powder. The sound of the explosion is
posed adjacent the inner end of the chamber and
one adjacent the outer end of the barrel, a resili
ent tongue secured at one end to the body with
its free end in contact with the inner open end
of the chamber, and a trigger having means to
engage the free end of the tongue when operated,
faithfully simulated as well as the discharge of a
puiî of smoke.
The toy gun is harmless, yet is attractive and
entertaining. It can take the various forms of
ñre arms, is simple, inexpensive and can be made
from materials at present available to the public.
whereby to spring back the tongue, which when
released from the trigger means functions to
spring back against the inner open end of the
I claim as Lnew and desire to secure by Letters
l0 chamber, thereby producing a sound simulating
1. A toy gun comprising a hollow body, a tubu
an explosion, and simultaneously compressing the
lar powder chamber open at both ends secured
air in the chamber and discharging a quantity
therein, said chamber being adapted to contain
of the powder through the discharge end of the
a quantity of non-explosive, non-combustible
barrel, thereby simulating a pun” of smoke.
powder, a barrel removably secured -in one end
3. A toy gun comprising a body having an open
of the chamber and having avrestricted discharge
ended powder chamber therein adapted to con
opening, porous retaining walls extending across
tain a quantity of non-explosive, non-combustible
the hollows of the chamber and barrel for pre
powder, a barrel protruding therefrom, a star
venting accidental escape of the powder, and 'a
wheel trigger rotatively mounted in the body, and
resilient element adapted to strike against the 20 a resilient tongue having one end ñxed to the
open inner end of the chamber whereby -to pro
body with its free end normally engaging «the
duce sound simulating the sound of an explosion
inner Aopen end »of the chamber, said trigger,
and simultaneously to compress air in the cham
when operated, acting to spring back said tongue
ber land thereby discharge a small quantity of
and release the same, whereby when released said
the powder from the barrel whereby to simulate 25 tongue springs back against said inner open end
a puff of smoke.
of the chamber, thereby producing a sound sim
v2. A toy gun comprising a body having an
ulating an explosion and simultaneously com
L-s'haped powder chamber therein, open at both
presses the air in the chamber, thereby discharg
ends, said chamber being adapted to contain a
ing a small quantity of the powder from the muz~
quantity of non-explosive, 'non-combustible pow 30 zle of the barrel, thereby simulating a puff of
der, a barrel protruding from one end of the
chamber, porous powder retaining walls one dis
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