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t. s, 1946.
Filed Sept. 22, 1943
3 Sheets-Sheet l
\u. \“
“a.” ?gZ?
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“Mam aMy;m”.
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fdW/h fsspn.
fwgg’ 1/, Maw
& ‘$415.
E. EssoN
Filed Sept. 22, 1945
3 Sheets-Shae’; 2
7o 45
\v“ 45
77 v1‘;
‘ fa’wli? Essen.
Oct. 8, 1946.
Filed Sept. 22, 1943
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
Edwin Esson, Kansas City, Mo., assignor to Locke
Stove Company, Kansas City, Mo., :3. corpora
tion of Missouri
Application September 22, 1943, Serial No. 503,348
4 Claims. (Cl. 126-245)
This invention relates to heaters, particularly
those for burning solid fuels, and has for its prin
cipal object to provide a heater structure which
facilitates handling of the ashes that result from
burning of the fuels.
Other objects of the invention are to provide
and rear walls 3-4 and side walls 5-6 that are
?anged inwardly along the lower edges as at 'i
for support on a base 8, a bottom plate 9 being
inserted between flanges In on the base and the
?anges ‘I as best shown in Fig. 3 to form the floor
of an ash compartment ll. Supported by the
walls of the casing in upwardly spaced relation
to the floor 9 is a grate basket 12, carrying a grate
a heater with a readily operable drawer for con
taining the ash receptacle; to provide a heater
with a unitary ash drawer and ash compartment
l3 which forms a top of the ash compartment and
are illustrated in the accompanying drawings
In a heater of this character ash may tend to
settle within the recesses Hi to block the passage
door; to provide a single locking mechanism for 10 the bottom of a fuel magazine It provided in the
upper portion of the casing.
retaining the unit within the ash compartment;
In the illustrated device, the fuel magazine is
to provide for stopping the opening movement of
formed by ?ue tiles l5 positioned within the cor
the drawer; to provide an ash drawer that is sub
ner of the casing and spaced apart by refractory
stantially self-closing; and to provide a drawer
and a track therefor that is kept free of ashes 15 blocks It supported upon the marginal edges of
the grate basket. Formed in the grate basket be
so that there is no interference with movement
low the ?ue ducts I‘? of the tiles are recesses 18
of the drawer to and from the ash compartment
for directing combustion supporting air to the
of a heater.
lower ends of the flue ducts ll that are provided
It is also an object of the invention to provide
a simple light-weight construction wherein the 20 in the flue tiles Hi. The grate i3 is oscillatably
supported in the grate basket and has a plurality
major parts may be readily and inexpensively
of slot-like openings IQ for passing ashes from
formed of cast metal.
the grate basket into the ash compartment and
In accomplishing these and other objects of
combustion supporting air from the ash compart
the present invention, I have provided an im
proved structure, the preferred forms of which 25 ment to the fuel magazine and ducts ll.
to the flue ducts IT, and to avoid this difficulty,
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the lower front
each of the recesses I8 is provided with an agi
portion of a heater equipped with an ash compart
ment and drawer embodying the features of the 30 tator 20 conforming in shape thereto and having
a pivot 2| projecting downwardly from the bot
present invention, the drawer being shown in pro
tom thereof and supported within a slot 22 formed
jected position with the ash receptacle removed
in the bottom of the recesses whereby the agi
tators may be oscillated upon’ operation of the
Fig. 2 is a cross-section through the ash com
partment of the heater taken on the line 2-2 35 grate l3, through pin and slot connections 23.
The front wall 3 of the casing is provided be
of Fig. 4.
low the grate with an opening 24 accommodating
Fig. 3 is a sectional View ShOWing the drawer
a door frame 25 having sides 26 connected by top
in side elevation and in partially projected posi
and bottom rails 21 and 28. The frame also in
Fig. 4 is a section on the line 4—5 of Fig. 2.
40 cludes a marginal ?ange 29 by which the frame
is attached to the casing 2. Supported within the
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the rear support
ash compartment H about midway of the rear
ing bracket for the track members.
wall 4 is bracket 30 which is best illustrated in
Fig. 6 is a horizontal section through the heater
Fig.5. The bracket includes a plate-like body
at a point directly above the grate through which
3| having upper and lower pairs of projections
ashes are discharged into the ash compartment.
or pins 32 and 33 to support a crossbar 34 there
Fig. 7 is a fragmentary section on the line 'i—l
between as later described. The bracket also in
in Fig. 6 showing the agitator for preventing
clogging of the inlets to the gas burning ?ues
of the heater.
cludes a leg 35 terminating in a foot 35 that is
adapted for support on the ?oor I9 directly above
50 the ?anges ‘I and 9. The bracket also includes
Fig. 8 is a perspective view of one of the agi
Fig. 9 is a perspective view of the ash receptacle.
Referring more in detail to the drawings:
1 designates a heater equipped with my inven
tion and which includes a casing 2 having front 55
a head 3'! adapted to cooperate with the casing
and door frame 25 in supporting the grate as
best shown in Figs. 3 and 4. The bracket is re
tained in position by suitable fastening devices
extended through openings 38 therein and
through registering openings in the rear 'wall 4
of the casing 2.
The crossbar 34 when supported between the
pairs of pins 32 and 33 extends transversely of
to be guided thereby when the drawer is moved
to projected position.
the rear wall of the ash compartment spaced
slightly below the grate basket and the ends
thereof supporting the rear ends of track mem
bers 39 and 4G. The track members 39 and 40
are of substantially channel shape in that they
have inwardly facing webs 4| provided with lat-_
eral ?anges 42 and 43 which provide upper and"
lower guides for drawer supporting rollers 44 and
65 later described. The track members incline
upwardly toward the front wall-3- andvthe for- ‘
ward ends terminate short of the door frame to
provide gaps 46 to accommodate the rollers when
they are to be removed from‘the tracks ‘for pur
poses later described.
In order to provide stops for the rollers the
lower ?anges 43 of the tracks have depressions
41 ‘therein as shown in Fig. 3. The upper ?anges
42 at the forward ends of the tracks terminate
In order to support the front of the drawer
the bottom rail of the door frame 25 carries ears
‘H for journaling rollers 12 that are engaged with
inset faces 73 of the side members of the drawer
as shown in Figs. 3 and 4.
In order to lock the drawer in retracted posi
tion and at the same time secure the door 59, the
respective sides of the door carry shafts ‘I4 and
'l5‘provided'with handles 16 on the outer ends
and lugs 11 on the inner ends which are adapted
to engage keepers l8 projecting from the side
members of the door frame as shown in Fig. 4.
Combustion supporting air is admitted to the ash
pit through an opening 19 provided in the front
panel of the door and which is closed by a shut
ter??pivotally mounted on a cap-screw 8| as
shown in Fig. ll, the shutter being provided with
a knob or lug 32 on the outer side thereof to
facilitate movement thereof to and from open
position. The ash receptacle is best illustrated
in arms 48 that are attached to lugs 49 depend
in Fig. 9 and includes a sheet metal body 83 hav
ing. from the upper rail 27 of the door frame 25v
ing sides 84 and 85 connected by front and rear
as best shown in Figs. 1, 3 and 4, the arms being 25 ends 86 and 87. The sides 84 and 85‘and the
attached to the legs by fastening devices such
front end 86 may extend at right angles with re
as bolts 50. The tracks when in position extend
spect to the bottom‘ but the rear end 81 is inclined‘
fore and aft of the ash compartment on the re
to facilitate insertion and withdrawal of the re
spective sides of the door opening as shown in
ceptacle and to displace any ashes spilled into
Fig. 2 and the mid-portions of the upper flanges‘ 30 the drawer through the opening 66'. The rim of
form wings that have upwardly and outwardly
the pan-like body is preferably reinforced by re
curved portions 42’ to overlap the outer marginal
verseiy bending the upper edges of the walls of
edges of the grate basket so as to prevent ashes
the pan as indicated at 88', Fig. 9. The pan may
on the grate from falling upon the track mem
also be provided with a bail 89 pivotally connected
bers to interfere with operation of the rollers and
to ears 9!) and 9t secured to the sides of the pan
to prevent discharge of ashes beyond the track
substantially midway the length thereof whereby
members into the ash compartment.
the pan is substantially balanced on the carrying
5! designates an ash drawer which includes side
members 52 and 53 preferably formed of relatively
To facilitate removal and replacement of the
?at castings having webs 54 provided with open
pan, the front wall thereof carries a'handle 92'
to lighten the weight thereof. The inner
which may be grasped by one hand while the
other hand is supporting the bail.
lower edges of the side members have lateral
?anges 5B and 51' substantially coextensive with
It is assumed that a heater is constructed and
the length thereof‘ for attaching a sheet metal
assembled as described with the ash receptacle
bottom member 58. Fixed to the forward ends 45 locked in the drawer and the drawer in retracted
position within the ash compartment to receive
of the side members and to the bottom member
58~is a door 59 having a flange 60 extending
ashes that are discharged through the grate
around the marginal edge thereof to seat upon
when the drawer is in this position. The roll
the marginal edge of the door frame 25 when
ers 44‘ and 45'are at the rear ends of the tracks
the drawer is closed. The door is secured to the 50 and support the rear end of the drawer, while
ends of the side members of the drawer by fas
the front end of the drawer is supported upon
tening devices such as bolts 6i extending through
the rollers 12 with the door portion of the ‘drawer
closing the ash pit opening. When the grate is
lugs 62 on the inner face of the door and cars
oscillated by a suitable lever the‘ agitators 20
53 on the ends of the side members as best shown
in Fig. 3. The rear edge of the bottom member Q: Ch shake the ashes collected thereon in the direc
tion of thevgrate so that they fall through' the
58 is ?anged upwardly to provide a back 64 which
openings Iii-thereof and into the ash receptacle.
cooperates with the front and side members ‘of
When it is desired to empty the receptacle
the drawer to retain an ash receptacle 65 there
the handles on the door latch lift a lug thereon
in. The back (54 is preferably provided with an
out of engagement-with the keeper. The drawer
elongated opening 86 extending longitudinally 60 may
be withdrawn through the door opening‘ ‘24
thereof directly above the rear edge of the bot
until the top rollers drop into or engage the re
tom 58 so that any ashes spilled into the drawer
may be discharged through the opening 55. The
back member of the drawer is preferably inset
from-the rear ends of the side members to attach
suspension members 6'! seating within recesses
88 in the outer faces of the side members and
secured therein by fastening devices 6%, Figs‘. 3
and 4. The upper ends of the suspension mem
bers terminatev adjacent the open sides of the
tracks'and are provided with spindles T0 for rotat
ably mounting the rollers 44 and 45, previously
The rear end of the drawer is thus Y
cesses 47. The ash receptacle may then be read
ily removed from the drawer; emptied of its- con
tents, and replaced in the drawer.
A slight pressure on the door end of the drawer
will cause the drawer to move retractively under
gravity into the compartment to again‘seat the
door on the frame 25.v The door may then be
locked to retain the assembly by rotating the
handles of the latches to again bring the lugs
thereof into engagement with the keepers on the
sides of the door frame.
From the foregoing it is obvious vthat I have
supported by the track members, and is adapted 75 provided a readily operable structure for han
dling the ashes discharged into the ash compart
ment of a heater.
It is also obvious that the
drawer for containing the ash receptacle is of
simple construction, light in weight and sub
stantially rigid to form a serviceable carrier in
facilitating removal and replacement of the ash
gaging said track portions for supporting said
track portions for suspnding the drawer from
said rails, and wings projecting over the track
portions and arranged to direct ashes discharged
through the grate into the drawer.
3. In a stove having an ash compartment pro
vided with a door opening, rails on opposite sides
of the ash compartment and having track por
tions, a drawer movable through the door open
What I claim and desire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
ing into the ash compartment, suspension mem
1. In a stove having an ash compartment and 10
bers ?xed to and extending upwardly from the
a grate above the ash compartment, said ash
rear of the drawer, rollers on said suspension
compartment having a door opening in a side
members engaging with the track portions of said
thereof, a frame for the door opening, a trans
rails, and rollers in the ash compartment and
verse member at a side of the ash compartment
engaging a bottom portion of the drawer for
opposite the door opening, rails connecting the
cooperating with the suspension members and
transverse member with the door frame, a bracket
the rollers that are carried thereby to facilitate
supporting the transverse member from the
movement of the drawer, said track portions
bottom of the ash compartment, a drawer mov
terminating short of the door opening to pass
able into the ash compartment below said rails,
?anges on said rails having roller engaging por
tions, suspension members projecting upwardly
from the rear of the drawer, rollers on the sus
pension members engaging said roller engaging
portions of said ?anges, wings on said rails ex
20 the rollers carried by the suspension members
for removing the drawer and having depressions
in said termini of the track portions in position
to be engaged by the rollers carried by the sus
pension members.
4. In a stove having an ash compartment pro
tending over the roller engaging portions and 25 vided with a bottom and having a door opening,
under marginal edges of the grate to prevent
rails on opposite sides of the ash compartment
ashes from falling upon the roller engaging por
and inclining downwardly and rearwardly from
tions of the ?anges, and roller means supporting
the door opening toward the rear of the ash com
the bottom of the drawer adjacent the door
partment, a drawer movable through the door
30 opening into the ash compartment, suspension
2. In a stove having a grate discharging into
members at the rear of the drawer, rollers on
an ash compartment below the grate and
the suspension members engaging the rails for .
provided with a door opening registering with
supporting the rear of the drawer spaced above
said bottom, and rollers in the ash compartment
the ash compartment and having roller engaging
adjacent the door opening and below the bottom
the ash compartment, rails on opposite sides of
track portions, a drawer movable through the
door opening into the ash compartment, sus
pension members on the rear of the drawer, roll
ers carried by the suspension members and en
portion of the drawer to space the front of the
drawer above said bottom.
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